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  1. Labyrinth

    iPhone app help

    I'm hoping to find some kind of locking folder that I can keep apps in. My toddler loves to play with my phone. She's got plenty of games on there to play with, but of course she loves to go into my games too. The problem is that she'll mess up my games (unintentionally of course, she's only...
  2. Labyrinth

    Can it be saved?

    Yay! I don't have to bother with it. My husbands work is going to replace it for no charge :)
  3. Labyrinth

    Can it be saved?

    The cat decided to pee on my husbands laptop carrier. Fortunately for the cat, the laptop wasn't damaged. The case is made of that rough canvas type material and was soaking in it for a few hours before I found it. Any ideas for cleaning it, or is it a lost cause?
  4. Labyrinth

    Are we gonna have a boy, or another girl??

    I say girl :)
  5. Labyrinth

    WoW Players?

    I just reinstated my account after having it inactive for a few months. I used to be one of those hardcore raiders, but now I am just a casual player. I won't even do a 5 man instance anymore. I mostly just quest to level characters.
  6. Labyrinth

    Dear Harley...

    How on earth can he escape from a FN? :confused: I can't imagine a ferret being able to squeeze between the bars. :eek:
  7. Labyrinth

    Ferret people

    Thanks Lizzy, but I think we're gonna be okay. I was very frustrated when I posted because the entire house is a mess at the moment and the ferret area just plain stinks. We were all sick for a couple of weeks (RSV) and I ended up just letting everything slide to take care of my girls (and you...
  8. Labyrinth

    Ferret people

    Probably not. My poor ferrets have not been taken care of very well lately because I've been so busy with my daughters. Cage and playroom aren't cleaned as often as they should be, and they are getting very little human interaction. I keep telling myself it's going to get better for them...
  9. Labyrinth

    Ferret people

    Are any of our ferret people near the San Antonio area in Texas?
  10. Labyrinth

    I hope nobody has a telemarketer job here, but here goes nothin'...

    I always politely tell them no thank you, I'm not interested. If they persist I get rude. I've actually had a few telemarketers hang up on me ;)
  11. Labyrinth

    How Young is Too Young?

    Sounds like they couldn't get a babysitter. I haven't seen the movie yet but recently read the books. Definitely not something I'd take my small kids to. I'm kind of surprised it's required reading in schools. It seems too violent to be forced on kids.
  12. Labyrinth

    [poll] Is it wrong

    Oh yeah, I'd take pills from someone I know and trust for a legit need as long as they can spare them without hurting themselves.
  13. Labyrinth

    [poll] Is it wrong

    This. I wouldn't trust any drugs not obtained directly from the pharmacy myself. If it's something you had a prescription for and just need a refill and they can't get a hold of the doctor I think most pharmacies will give you a few days worth of pills (maybe depending on the prescription...
  14. Labyrinth

    I'm taking a pregnancy test tomorrow

    If you're that late, you should be able to test now <.< Good luck and lots of baby dust!
  15. Labyrinth

    Nilly's updates on the big battle to Cancer

    I haven't posted, but I've been following your updates. You have been and will continue to be in my thoughts.
  16. Labyrinth

    Just wanted to share :)

    Thanks everyone :) I loved that little hat, and it probably would have come home from the hospital with us if it hadn't disappeared on one of her trips to the nursery for testing. The popularity of the name was the one downside to it for me (it ranked number 15 in popularity in 2010), but...
  17. Labyrinth

    Just wanted to share :)

    Samantha was born on 2/3/12 at 10:44am via csection. She weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces, and measured 20.5 inches long. She has a bit of jaundice but is otherwise doing well, and things are finally starting to settle down around here (this is the first time I've been able to sit at my computer...
  18. Labyrinth

    "Baby Brain" is destroying me!

    Have you started leaving things in odd places yet? I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter I found myself putting the milk away in the pantry and the cleaning spray away in the refrigerator once or twice :p
  19. Labyrinth

    So,I'm going on holiday...noone will look after my dog...guess I'll just sell it!

    So she's selling a mutt for 300 (I think that symbol means pounds). Not even sure what that translates into in american currency. I love how she keeps calling her "it" as well.
  20. Labyrinth

    Well, I'm officially a watermelon!

    haha, I'm right there with you. Except I'd prefer a one year old instead :D