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  1. ravennr

    Pit Boss

    Thank you for that explanation! Aside from my extreme dizzy spells I often get where I'll have to quickly get myself in a safe position so I don't blackout and hurt myself (mostly unrelated to my anxiety unless it happens as a result of a panic attack) I don't really need any real tasks...
  2. ravennr

    Where are your dogs from? Where do you plan to get your future dogs?

    Still dogless but in the past, most were strays/ferals. A few came from breeders (those were bought when I was very young so I don't know the caliber of breeder). A few from people just getting rid of them. My next dog will most likely be from a shelter, unless we choose one of the breeds we...
  3. ravennr

    Pit Boss

    Are psych dogs considered service dogs? I have been told to possibly consider a pet I can take out with me for my anxiety and agoraphobia. I really doubt I would qualify for a specially trained dog, but I wasn't aware until now that they can be trained by the handler and not just a special...
  4. ravennr

    Anyone up? Looking for a distraction.

    I was gone a while, again. And at the moment it is 5:09am and I cannot sleep because a stone is currently scraping its way along my ureter. So that's happening. Can't even go to the doctor ugh. So what's new in the lives of you lovely chazzers?
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    Pit Boss

    Not even that they shouldn't have one. Just that they shouldn't be allowed to be considered as the standard, or in any way typical. We say the same thing about Millan and the way he portrays pit bull dogs as if they are meant to be shut down, introverted walking ottomans and how it does the...
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    Pit Boss

    thank you
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    The Venting Thread

    Can I just vent about my health for a second? It needs to stop deciding out of nowhere, and at the worst time financially possible, to be shitty. My kidney is very sore and my urine is bloody so I assume it's either a kidney stone or a UTI. And I have this new little mole on my back that has...
  8. ravennr

    The Good News thread

    I am about to send off my final paperwork to hopefully becoming a permanent resident in Canada! I cannot wait. The stress from this has caused breakouts, grey hairs even. I am so glad it's almost over.
  9. ravennr

    Guess the Breed!

    I think she looks like a shepherd/husky mix, shepherd/lab mix? Possibly all three.
  10. ravennr

    Pit Boss

    This is an issue I end up having with so many shows like this involving these breeds. Millan is guilty of it too with portraying APBTs as these calm, introverted Clumber Spaniel-type dogs that are so misunderstood but really should never give you problems. I see what they're trying to do, but...
  11. ravennr


    Arguably my favourite group. I love the extreme appearance and exaggerated features of some of them. Ibizans are one I have been obsessed with for most of my life. Also a big fan of the Azawakh and Sloughi, Basenji, and Scottish Deerhound. Those are my favourite sighthounds.
  12. ravennr

    Free e-book exposing truth about sheltering and Animal Rights groups

    The most ridiculous rule I've seen is refusing to adopt to anyone with an intact dog or cat, even if they're adopting the opposite of what they already have. What does it matter if my dog isn't neutered for you to allow me to adopt a cat that is already fixed? That makes literally none of the...
  13. ravennr

    "No-poo"/Sulfate free shampoo people.

    If you want it to smell nice, you can mix some honey with hot water to thin it out and put in a few drops of essential oils. The honey will be good for your scalp and the hair (you can also take coconut oil separately and place it on the ends of your hair for a few minutes). The essential oils...
  14. ravennr

    Free e-book exposing truth about sheltering and Animal Rights groups

    I think the point is to show that there is a lot wrong with the way things are handled now. Nitpicking reasons for turning people away. He has been talking about how poorly shelters communicate with one another for years now. Based on how many shelters import from other countries, I'd have to...
  15. ravennr

    "No-poo"/Sulfate free shampoo people.

    I just don't use any shampoo. I only use conditioner. Unless I'm stripping out hair dye with cheap, harsh shampoos like Herbal Essences and Suave. If I have to use shampoo, I prefer to use Fekkai. ETA: I only wash my hair maybe once a week. I use cold water, as cold as I can stand anyway, and...
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    Free e-book exposing truth about sheltering and Animal Rights groups

    I personally agree with his view on the myths regarding overpopulation. It isn't just "pet overpopulation is a myth the end". What he's saying is that overpopulation is a regional issue as opposed to the extreme nationwide crisis that commercials and some rescue workers make people believe. I...
  17. ravennr

    Baby/Child Immunization

    My issue is that most parents that I've seen are homeopathy people. I can't stand this practice either. Nothing but sugar pills and dangerous non-treatments. Ugh. I have a very visceral reaction to it. Edit: Most parents that I've seen that vaccinate are homeopathy people**
  18. ravennr

    Does anyone else not really plan ahead?

    I am generally spontaneous. I do plan quite a few things but they are the things that are normal to plan. Sometimes it is very stressful and very scary, other times I feel grateful to myself for being this way because the people I know that plan everything are always so intense and flustered...
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    Well what does the AKC have to do with it, really? There are hundreds of breeds they don't recognize; if the deer-head did split away from the apple-head, it's not up to the AKC to acknowledge that before the two variations are seen as separate breeds by everyone else.
  20. ravennr

    New Addition... "Toy Aussie"

    Pretty baby! Those tiny ones are definitely crossed down with small toy breeds with domed heads. They can try perpetuating that shite all they want but it is obvious to anyone involved in dogs that these little dogs are NOT purebred Aussies.