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    Advice with the girl I babysit ...Kind've grose

    Hey, I need some advice. I babysit a three and a half girl a lot and today I was babysitting her and she kept asking to go to the bathroom, well I would take her (every 5 minutes atleast) and she couldn't go and would say it was burning and her stomach was burning. Well, she still isn't...
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    iPod Shuffles?

    Hello, I am thinking about purchasing the new iPod Shuffle (a pink one). I know the Shuffles have been out for awhile, but since the color ones have just come out, does anybody have one or know anything about them? I am just wonering if they are good or not. I saw the review on the Circuit...
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    Anybody think they know what this is?

    Hello, I keep getting headaches in one spot on my head towards the back on the right upper side, nausea, I could not eat the whole day and never get hungry, I have lost 10lbs., I cannot think sometimes, I forget things really easily, sometimes if I am looking at people or anything I can't see...
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    How long after flea med to bathe dog?

    We put K9 Advantix flea med on our 50lb. alaskan malamute-she was allergic to fleas. How long do we have to wait to bathe her? We put it on her Monday. Thanks!
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    Possible Mange, What To Do?

    Hey all, We had both of our dogs boarded at a kennel and when we picked them up one of ours a alaskan malamute/lab mix came back itching herself like she had fleas so we didn't think of it as anything big and just treated her for fleas she still kept itching and she was treating a second time...
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    Hello, My mom is selling AVON now, so if anyone is interested in buying it, let me know and we can send a catalog and a samlpe. All who order now get 20% off their total order, only on your first order. Avon sells makeup,nail polish,hair products,childrens room decor and more children stuff...
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    Any good mysterious or scary movies??

    Me and my friend love sary,mysterious,action movies. Does anyone know of some good ones? I think we've seen almost every movie in the movie store. Thanks! Mandy
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    Anybody know what this could be?

    Hello, I have had a red rash on my face for over 3 weeks now, it is very swollen in spots,causing pain, and very dry. It is not spreading. I went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist said it most likely was poison oak, so we bought this poison oak soap (burts bees) and it got better a little...
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    Inguinal surgery?

    Has anyone had a inguinal hernia removed befor? My mom had a hernia removied that was inguinal (a week ago tommorow). She is in a lot of pain still, feels burning at the surgery site and also has a fever. She went back to the doctor and they said the surgery site looked normal and gave her a...
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    Poison Oak:O

    I got poison oak while I was camping:( Does anybodyhave any good ideas for curing it? All ideas are greatly appreciated! Mandy PS: I have allready tried the wate,vinegar, and baking soda thing it didn't help! I've also done the Domeboror rinse I think it helped a little. Now I got the Cala...
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    St. Pattys

    Happy St. Patricks Day!:D
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    RIP IMARIO <3 you!

    My Parakeet name-Imario, past away a couple of weeks ago. I loved her so much. She would talk to me when I got up in the morning. Her girlfriend (Anna) is so lonely now. But, continues to talk to me. Jan. 26 2004-Feb. 25 2006. He lived two years. He was beautiful. I love and miss you. Your...
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    Anyone know where I can advertise??

    Hello, Anyone know of a place (website) where I can post my business? Thanks!
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    MP3 players

    I am buying a MP3 player. Does anyone reccomend a certain one or brand? I am mostl likely geting a Samsung that has 512mb. Has voice recording. Plays for 13 hours. Samsung I've allways heard is top*of*the*line brand. Anyone know about that MP3 player? I am very excited! I am mainly using...
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    EVERYBODY- Please look at my website! It is Also make your own Myspace website. It's free and very cool. Never ahd probs with having a website with them! If you make a website let everybody here know about it and we can leave comments for each other. TRUST ME its...
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    Another Birthday announcmet today...

    Happy 14th Birthday Schatze!
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    Birthday today announcment

    Happy 18th Birthday Newjoyzgrl!
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    Christmas wish lists!

    Hello, Is everyone excited about Christmas?! I am...! Only 2 weeks and 4 days till its finally here!!! What's on everyones wish list? What is everyone geting for people for Christmas? I am asking for girly things like jewelery those kind've things. I got a fleece balnket for one of my...
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    RIP Tickles

    My hamster tickles was found dead by me on Oct. 4,05 he was 3 years old. He never bit people. He was very sweet and cuddly. I've him ever since he was a baby. He will allways be in my heart. I will at once be with him in heaven! Thinking about it makes me smile! I love him and will allways...
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    We had to put down are very sweet.....:(

    This tragic story in my family happend 3 years ago. I did not know about chazhound during that time. That is why i am jsut now writing about it. We had a pure bred Sheltie whom we got when he was a puppy! He was raised in are family we walked him everyday, took him on car rides,went camping...