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    Canidae's new formula....

    Just an FYI - Canidae is coming out with a new HYPOALERGENIC kibble formula, Lamb and Rice,which should hit the shelves in the next few months. :)
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    Adopted dog is biting.

    As some of you may know, we adopted a 1 year old Bichon about 2 months ago. We were told at the time of adoption that he may be fearfull of MALES from his previous experience. When we met him, he was sweet and loving and thought we shouldn't have a problem helping/training him to overcome this...
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    Just got some good treats, wanted to share.

    I just wanted to share a bag of treats I just picked up, It's from a company called Plato.... their Salmon formula treat: We all know that salmon is good for us so it’s not surprising to hear that it’s good for our furry friends also. Plato’s Smart Dog Treats are more than 90% salmon and is...
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    small breeds + RAW questions.

    I'm debating on taking the plunge in to RAW. I think I will start it as an occasional treat but was wondering what I should start with. I currently have a 4lb Poodle Mix and 10lb Bichon...... what do you small breed people use? Any detailed advise would be appreciated :)
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    What's with the TROLLS?

    Why haven't they been banned yet?
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    2 dog households - I have questions

    So.. as you know, we rescued a 10 month Bichon this past weekend. He weights 11lbs. We have our existing dog, an 8 month old Poodle Mix that weights 4lbs. When they are munching on their bones (both identical), there are times the Bichon feels like taking the Poodles boone from her.... and he...
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    I finally got my rescue dog :)

    Yup I did - He is a 10 month old Bichon, was neglected and severely matted before rescued. He was supposedly neglected by a male which resulted in him being "shy or unsure" of men. He and I bonded really quick.... especially since I'm the one giving him the treats... but he really adores my wife...
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    Anybody do the Frontline trick to save money?

    I was curious if anybody else did the Frontline trick.. I know a few other members on different boards and a few friends do it.
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    Adopting a new pup question....

    I'll be adopting a new puppy next weekend to be an addition to our family and a companion to our current 8 month old pup. We currently have a 4lb poodle mix and the pup we are adopting is a 6 month old Havanese. Now for my question: The adoption place is an hour away (san diego), I wanted to...
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    Fleas and steam cleaning?

    Anybody know if steam cleaning your carpet will get rid of fleas? I can't imagine fleas and their eggs surviving a steam cleaning.... not the heat alone but with the chemicals as well?
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    Mange and adopting....

    My family and I have been looking in to adopting this particular dog which currently has mange. The adoption place told us he wouldn't be ready until his treatment is over which would be another 2 weeks from today....... I'm curious if anybody has dealt with mange here? Is this something to...
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    urine test?

    Is there an over the counter urine test I can buy to check the PH level in my dogs urine? OR is this something I need to take to the Vet?
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    Designer Dog Owners

    I know sometimes you may feel timid posting or acknowledging you have a "desginer dog" but lets see some pictures... I haven't seen a thread yet showing some of these dogs: Here is a pic of my 7 month poodle mix... resting on her bean bag as she was just spayed recently: I'd like to...
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    Anybody have a Havanese?

    I'm looking in to adopting one in the near future. I have read the profile for this particular breed and was wondering if any forum members can elaborate more on their experience or knowledge of the breed. He/She will be a companion to our existing 7 month poodle mix.:) My other...
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    ... getting spayed today! So nervous..

    After all my thoughts on breeding, waiting to get her fixed, and mixed opinions on getting her spayed, I have finally taken the leap and am having my dog spayed today. I just dropped her off and she won't be available until after 6pm. I wish I can be there to watch the procedure but the Vet said...
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    Do spay scarings dissapear?

    I'm curious about my moms Pekingese who was adopted when she was 3 months old and had already been spayed at such a young age. She recently applied for another dog to adopt which required all current dogs in the household be spayed or neutered. When they did the home visit, the lady said it...
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    Anything positive in NOT spaying your dog?

    I continue to read and hear the pro's on spaying/neutering your dog but have also heard of some good reasons why you shouldn't. Can anybody elaborate on why we shouldn't or why they haven't done so? Thanks!
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    Anybody feed sushi?

    I occassionaly do... and she loves it. I give her the "regular" tuna roll.... seaweed,rice, and tuna (raw of course).... do you see anything wrong with it? Breaking down the ingredients seems pretty good... rice (could be brown though), sea weed (rich in omega-3 and has many vitam/minerals) and...
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    ..... Pit Bull pack mauls 2 dogs in OC

    I'm tired of hearing these mauling stories..... I think those who own pitts/rotts/etc... should have some kind of license or something showing they are capable of handling/training this breed. These stories are a direct result of irresponsible owners who don't extinguish the problem at...
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    Thinking about breeding my "mutt"

    I'm thinking about breeding my "mix" in the future. I have more than plenty of homes for them ... most are friends and relatives and I plan on keeping one. I'm already in the process of ordering books. I plan on getting "test" done for them. I'm capable of paying any "out of the ordinary"...