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    Boo would like it to go away. but she sure is cute in the snow
  2. GoingNowhere

    Boo and an aussie friend

    ...well perhaps not a friend, but an acquaintance... Boo couldn't help but give her a snark or two, but largely they got along just fine. :) Maggie is my old roommate's dog and we had a nice chance to catch up the other day with our two old girls. Boo is probably a bit over 11 now and Maggie...
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    Help - Betta fish

    Hi all! I got myself a betta fish about 2.5 months ago and I think that I've accidentally put him into some sort of shock. He is in a 10 gallon heated aquarium and was doing marvelously until I did a water change not quite a week ago. I think I changed out too much water and now he's acting...
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    Batdog Boo

    That's all for now :)
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    Neat dog rescue site

    My apologies if this has already been shared - I haven't been on here much lately. But I think that something like this could really take off - it's like petfinder, but with more detail and it allows a sort of "match" type function. Cool idea! I've had fun scrolling through my "matches" :D...
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    Let's see those greetings!

    ...because the unconditional love is one of the best things about having a dog. Boo doesn't get too excited when we leave for just a few hours, but she does this when I come home after an extended time away. It just melts my heart. TuoFJO7vrDc...
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    Boo made a new friend

    Well not quite a friend, perhaps, but an aquaintance! He belongs to a family friend and joined us on our trip to the lake the other day. He wasn't sold on Boo, who after an initial "what are you doing here" growl, decided he was an interactive play thing. However, he was easygoing enough that...
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    Sleeping Bag Question

    For those of you who hike/camp - I have a question. I am going on a week long trip down a river. I have been told that the nights could get as low as the mid-thirties, but could be warmer. I have a 30 degree bag, but it is down and I'd rather not bring it on the river lest I risk getting it...
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    Hike with puppy - and my appaloosa girl

    My good friend and I took his 3.5 month old puppy on a hike the other day and had a blast. I thought I'd share. Much of the hike was spent like this: such a cutie! busy day at the peak and Allie, the appy girl. I'm leasing her and she's a real sweetheart...
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    Fluffy Dog

    ... got a grooming. Isn't she the cutest?
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    Opinions: Another Lab Breeder

    My sister and her husband are thinking about getting a dog. The breeder that they are looking at is below: Any thoughts/has anyone heard of them? They are looking for a dog that will go hiking, running, and hunting with them, but also will be a good...
  12. GoingNowhere

    Good Puppy Raising Weblinks

    My sister might be getting a puppy soon and asked for information! I told her I'd send her weblinks, but I don't have any offhand. Do you have any bookmarked that you tend to send people to? Personally, I would prefer to send her positive training type links, but the forum tends to lean...
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    Some snapshots of my Boo frolicking...

    ...which is an occasion not too frequently caught on film. I suck at action shots and she's not a very frolicky dog, so we end up with a lot of poses. But the other day I caught some slightly crappy photos of Boo in action! We went on a three hour walk and she had a ball...
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    Besides the chow, what do you see?

    This is about seven years late in coming, but I've just been pondering about Boo's breed mix and wanted to hear some input! I would love to do a DNA test at some point (accuracy aside, I think that it would be really interesting). I am assuming that there is chow in her mix, but I suppose...
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    Is a massage an okay present for a guy?

    He keeps saying he just wants a massage for Christmas. He means from me and he's just trying to be sweet so I'll shut up with my fretting about Christmas gifts, but I thought we could go get a massage together. Is that odd? I would accompany him (just selflessly wanting him to have company of...
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    A bit late on the holiday festivities, but...

    There is half a turkey sitting on your counter while you and your family sit down in the other room for Thanksgiving dinner. Your dogs are loose. What ensues? ...And go. My answer is pretty boring. Half a turkey on the counter at the start of dinner equals half a turkey on the...
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    Closest Breed to a Cavalier

    Just as the title says... If you wanted a cavalier in temperament, but without the heart/head issues that are such a detriment to the breed as a whole, what breed would you pick? Not looking to get a dog. Just curious. My coworker has brought his cavalier into work today and she is just...
  18. GoingNowhere

    Petsitting Rules Regarding "Field trips"

    I watched my roommates dogs the other day and she asked that I not take them anywhere. I was pretty bummed because I was planning to take them on a fun hike and I was stuck to neighborhood walks. She was worried that if they got loose on a hike that they wouldn't come back to me. That's fair...
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    Just two of Boo (and a pony!)

    These were both from last weekend. She's doing wonderfully for about ten years old :) And I started leasing a pony for just about a day a week. I'm still working on how to get her to be more forward, but she's a very sweet girl.
  20. GoingNowhere

    working airedale terrier?? Redline Airedale?

    I saw a dog yesterday and was fascinated by the look of it and am now wondering if anyone knows anything about working airedale terriers? The dog had the structure of an airedale, but much much less "fluff." It had a wiry coat with a very slight curl, but the coat was much shorter than what I...