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    Wireless Fencing - does it work?

    We have a wirless fence. You don't have ANY wires. So, you don't have to worry about wires around the driveway. We have two dogs, a Hungarian Vizsla who is 30lbs and an Alaskan Malamutemix that is 50lbs. It has worked great! We've had it for about a year and a half now and have had NO problems...
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    Coke or Pepsi

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    I just drink regular Lipton sweet tea...and I love it.
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    outer banks, North Carolina

    I have been there and loved it. We have never brought the dogs, but I am sure you could if you got a pet or dog friendly hotel. We usually stay in a hotel (all different ones) or rent a beach house (we only did one time and loved it). It is really nice and pretty! Good luck!
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    Advice with the girl I babysit ...Kind've grose

    Hey, That is a great idea to keep a journal like some of you said which I will do. Also, I am going to write up a paper stating "IF something should happen while you child is here, Please sign that we have permission to take them to the doctor or ER, it'll depend whether it is something...
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    More pics of my jewellry creations

    WOW, I too like making jewelry, but I have NEVER made stuff that pretty and good! They look like store bought and expensive...I would try selling them somewhere-maybe eBay or something like that!
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    Advice with the girl I babysit ...Kind've grose

    Ok, she left an hour ago. When she came in she had just went in her diaper and her mom changed it (she said, oh, i'll change it, so I didn't get to see if there was blood in it). Then she went again and there was blood in it then went again in her diaper and there was not any. Her mom is...
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    Skinny dog

    I have the same problem with my Hungarian Vizla/retriever mix. Because of the Hungarian Vizsla in him he is kind've like Greyhouds-they just are naturally skinny. He has been seen by the vet numerous times and he is fine. We give him worm stuff when we're suppose to. So, when I take him on a...
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    Going for surgery

    My mom had her gall bladder removed and she did fine and has had no problems since. Good luck! Hope it goes well.
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    my one Chance is gone.

    RIP Chance. I am SO sorry.
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    Hello! Good to be here!

    Hey, Welcome to Chazhound! Ozzy is beautiful!
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    Advice with the girl I babysit ...Kind've grose

    Hey all, Thanks for the advice. She should be here anytime now. So, I will see how she is feeling today and if there is anymore blood. Yes, there are more than just her in the family, they have two other kids that are older. I don't think DSS would do anything about it if they were contacted...
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    In Memory of my Daddy.

    I am so sorry for your loss. The tribute looks great!
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    Advice with the girl I babysit ...Kind've grose

    Ok, I will definatly let you all know what happens. I will report them if they don't take her to the doctor and there is still blood. Thanks for the advice!
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    Advice with the girl I babysit ...Kind've grose

    Hey, I need some advice. I babysit a three and a half girl a lot and today I was babysitting her and she kept asking to go to the bathroom, well I would take her (every 5 minutes atleast) and she couldn't go and would say it was burning and her stomach was burning. Well, she still isn't...
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    iPod Shuffles?

    Hello, I am thinking about purchasing the new iPod Shuffle (a pink one). I know the Shuffles have been out for awhile, but since the color ones have just come out, does anybody have one or know anything about them? I am just wonering if they are good or not. I saw the review on the Circuit...
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    How long would it take you...

    Usually when we do four loads it takes about an hour a load, so atleast four hours. We wash,dry then put away immediately too.
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    Anybody think they know what this is?

    they think it may be a virus and my allergies just acting up. Yes, I am feeling better. They said the bloodwork could be abnormal from a virus.
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    Anybody think they know what this is?

    Got the bloodwork back, it is normal except the bladder. I can't remember what they called it, it was something like the reuben? But, they are checking it again in a month.
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    Anybody think they know what this is?

    I went to the doctor on Friday, they did bloodwork and it was a new doctor, so they did a physical and found out by checking my pulse that I have a skipped heart beat between 4 and 5 and sometimes between 3 and 4, so that can cause some minor problems. The doctor didn't work on the weekend and...