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    Blue Buffalo Wilderness?

    So what you're saying is: If Natura decided to sell at Petsmart, you would no longer buy/recommend their food?:confused:
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    Any Bichon Frise owners?

    I have a Bichon... imagine your dog tethered to you all day and night. That's how it is for us living with our Bichon.. .he clings to you worst than the anti static dryer towels on your clothes. :)
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    Are there benefits to feeding canned dog food?

    Broccoli contains a toxic ingredient called isothiocyanate, which can be fatal in large quantities.... especially if the diet consist more than 10% broccoli. It can also lead to upset stomachs in dogs. It's something you would rather not have then have.
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    Are there benefits to feeding canned dog food?

    I just purchased some cans yesterday to mix in with my kibble. 2 cans of Eagle Pack Chicken fomula, 2 cans of Innova Evo, and 2 cans of Natural Balance Liver formula..... this will last me about a month..... as you can see, I change the flavor around quite a bit which has resulted in "iron"...
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    Type of oil

    Fish oil, with vitamin E supplement. All the products from, and the Grizzly Salmon Oil are among the best.
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    Are there benefits to feeding canned dog food?

    It's highly recommended when feeding kibble, that 25% of their meal is canned.
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    Canidae's new formula....

    Just an FYI - Canidae is coming out with a new HYPOALERGENIC kibble formula, Lamb and Rice,which should hit the shelves in the next few months. :)
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    Puppy first, then mum?

    Why not just keep mom and pup together an extra 4 weeks and take them both at the same time :)
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    Why red meat (ie beef) used so seldom?

    NO - It's Mmillennia Beef & Barley with protein in the 22 percentile.
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    Adopted dog is biting.

    I agree with you all and will start crating her... but what else can I do to build her trust besides crate her in the presence of company? My brother is willing to help even though he's been bit before. We were thinking of tethering him and trying to recreate the moment again and continue to...
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    Adopted dog is biting.

    As some of you may know, we adopted a 1 year old Bichon about 2 months ago. We were told at the time of adoption that he may be fearfull of MALES from his previous experience. When we met him, he was sweet and loving and thought we shouldn't have a problem helping/training him to overcome this...
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    Neutering question

    IMO - I would neuter at 12 months of age... or even 18 months if you can prevent "accidents" from happening.
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    Good food for sensitive stomachs?

    You may want to consider Canidae Chicken and Rice formula. It's a singe protein source and has limited "other" ingredients compared to other brands out there. P.S. Are you sure it's just a sensitive stomach? A liver shunt comes to mind for me. Any other symptoms?
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    mixing food question

    No problem at all. I actually like to mix the cans up every 2 weeks to rotate between different flavors. :)
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    grocery store dog food?

    Just go to the meat department and buy a bunch of RAW meats :)
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    need help finding a dog

    Sounds like she needs a large dog in a small body = Mini Pin :)
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    New Maltese Person Here!

    Welcome to the forum! Very nice Maltese's you have there.
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    English Bulldog Stud

    Looks like the show ended... I like happy endings :) But before we dismiss the theatre, we need pictures!
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    English Bulldog Stud

    I'm ready for the show :)
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    Innova vs. Royal Canin

    Innova is much better ingredient wise and company wise. They manufacture their own foods unlike most companies that send them out to be manufactured.