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    Secret Santa Came! Thanks Katie!!

    Sorry it took me so long, I've been super busy! Erm, they just aren't very good at opening wrapping paper. And Fiona was side eyeing the other dogs and just.. I had to help them mostly but they loved everything! What's in here? I loved the goat horns, and they do too! What a cool...
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    There seems to be a lot of rumblings lately about the education system..well, there has been forever but I'm sure social media is propelling it further. Videos and articles disavowing conventional education. What are your thoughts? What would you do if you could poof a magic wand and change...
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    How did you get into dogs?

    I'm assuming most of us can be considered "serious"ish dog people, so how did you get into dogs? How did you get into dog sports, training, showing? Was there a dog that started it all? (Pictures welcome!)
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    Real Working Dogs

    In your opinion, does a breeder need to prove their dogs can perform their breeds' intended purpose? Should a dog that can't do their intended job be excluded from being bred? Would you purchase a puppy whose parents were strictly pet or show dogs? For companion dogs/dogs without purpose, do...
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    Facebook Groups

    So, what dog/animal related groups do you participate in on Facebook? Any you recommend (or don't!)? Tricks & Training: A++ Would recommend. Only the best people of course. Canine Breeder Evaluations: A for interesting, D for drama :p. Chaz Addicts: A++ Would recommend ;) Dog Food Nerds...
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    Would you get a breed sight unseen?

    I was perusing some different breeds, just because, and it got me thinking. Would you ever purchase a puppy from a breed you have never met, say a rareish breed that you have little chance of meeting the breed beforehand? Just based on internet research and discussion? :) Why/why not? For...
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    Does your dog like strangers?

    Do they like strangers, at home or out and about? What happens if someone walks in your house or yard unannounced? I have people walking in my house unannounced all the time now... all four of my dogs are perfectly fine. Fiona is usually crated if I'm out of the house but anyone can come in...
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    Good Deals Thread

    Now that I'm not working in a petstore and I'm in the middle of nowhere :p I'm going to be doing a lot more ordering stuff. Soo, how about a thread for good deals you find on pet stuff around on the interwebs, share valid coupon codes, etc? I remember last year I think the Go! dog food had a...
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    Do you like to travel with your dogs?

    Is it only a real vacation if you get away from everything (including the pets!) or do you like to take them with you? I like to take mine with me if possible, if I can be in a place where they can be left for a bit (cabin or beach house). I wouldn't really like to bring them to something...
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    Favorite Cereal?

    What's your favorites? I'm on a cereal kick lately :p. My favorites have not changed since becoming an adult hahah. Cap'n Crunch/Crunch Berries is one of my favorites. Rice Krispies Treat cereal. Smacks/Golden Crisp. Oh's. Honey Bunches of Oats and Chex.
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    Are you assertive?

    I'm bored, sorry in advance. :o I always like this topic... are you assertive, or are you non-confrontational? I'm definitely non-confrontational, I absolutely hate having to broach touchy subjects or tell people off. I'm a manager and it is really tough for me to walk up to someone and...
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    Dock Dogs [Pics]

    The store I work at hosted a Dock Dogs this weekend. I didn't jump anyone, but I got some pictures today! Romeo worked the event with me Friday and Saturday, but I didn't have my camera with me. Fiona would like you to try Taste of the Wild dog food! Fi and Bindi And onto the...
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    Will your vet see you during an emergency?

    I'm just curious, I've been mulling this over. Will your normal vet see your dog during an emergency, or do they refer you to an emergency vet? Do you expect them to see you? Either during an extreme emergency, or as a very urgent need to be seen sometime today emergency. How many vets work...
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    Sterilization/Tethering Law Passed

    Scary stuff. Lee County FL. This is the actual ordinance. Anyone breeding an animal must apply for a certification. Breeders must turn over a list of names and...
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    Rest Well Fez :(

    Well I guess sitting and staring at this blank posting isn't going to make it any easier. Fez perked up a little yesterday but was slipping back downhill. We ran some more tests, and repeated bloodwork. He was diagnosed with lyme nephritis where the lyme organism compromises the kidneys. The...
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    Major Vibes for Fez

    :( I took Fez into the vet today because he hasn't seemed to be feeling well the past few days, not eating well, vomiting, and has been a bit shaky and lethargic. We did bloodwork and well, he's in complete renal failure. :( The prognosis isn't very good. Vet is leaning towards it being...
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    Herding Trial! Corgis. And HIT.

    I didn't get very many photos due to the ring set up, and some douchey lady that walked over and stood directly in front of me while watching the trials. There was an event photographer so maybe I will get some photos of Fiona in the ring. Fiona passed her first instinct test! We have to do...
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    What does your family think of "dog sports"?

    Parents, extended family, significant other, kids.... what do they think of it? Will they come and watch/support you? I don't think anyone in my family really gets it :p. I know they know I do classes and stuff, and go to random activities, but they only have a passing interest. My...
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    Breeder Vs Breeding

    Here's a good one. I know myself, I have certain expectations from a breeder, but I also don't expect all of those points to be met. But I know that if I wanted to breed dogs, I would probably drive myself crazy to meet my own standard of breeding quality. So, is what you expect from a...
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    Shelby, Fez, Soldier, & Ritzy

    It's been a little while! Shelby Easter Egg hunting. Pensive little dog. She's getting so grey! Ze boys Fez is doing well lately Collies haz mind control Which includes other dogs. That's all, it was getting dark. Enjoy!