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  1. stafinois

    Stanna Banana

    Another part fell off the lawnmower this year. Sadly this is his last as we got a new one. Stan looking like he's at a middle school dance. "I haz a mummy!" Toad as hat... Just cuz he's cute...
  2. stafinois

    Grant one of Six Lives to Remember

    I'm trying so hard not to cry at work.
  3. stafinois


    Has anyone here used Artscow? From the looks of it, a lot of items on Etsy are made with their stuff. I just made some Christmas stuff for the folks. The stuff is cheap but shipping is a bitch. I think they are in HK. I may have made something for myself as well. They have these messenger bags...
  4. stafinois

    Water Banana

    Today was the Doggie Dip at the public pool! Stan had a good time playing with Doggie friends. I'm enjoying having a worn-out Stan.
  5. stafinois

    Grant the Library Dog, AKA Hartagold Flagrant Foul CD CGC HIC TDI

    5/11/01 – 7/1/13 Goodbye to the best dog that ever was. The local paper published something better than I could ever put together at this point. I'll unfairly compare every future dog to him. Rest in Peace, my friend. You done good.
  6. stafinois

    Pictures of people who mock me

    Read this article today... I thought it was very powerful. Thoughts?
  7. stafinois

    Training books for newbies

    I need some dog training books for the library. What would you like to see available for novices to check out? We are submitting a book order at 2pm central. Thanks for your recommendations!
  8. stafinois

    Malinois & AmStaf, anyone?

    I just realized that I've not posted pics in months. Grant is an old man, but IMO he doesn't look like he's almost 12. He still plays with Idiot Boy, aka Stannis. Thing 1 & Thing 2 Stan is dignified. Or not. Stan is savage! Or not. Stan serves a diabolical...
  9. stafinois

    Invalid owner + adolescent Malinois =

    So, I've gone and screwed up my knee badly. Suspect that it will require surgery. This plus adolescent Malinois is bad news. I need some awesome ideas to keep Stan occupied in the coming months. I might have to figure out how to get him to be more helpful around the house.
  10. stafinois

    Free Malinois

    Eats Paco Collars. While wearing them.
  11. stafinois

    Self image in young children

    My niece (who turned 5 last month) is already crying about being worried that she is fat. This makes me very, VERY uncomfortable not only for her own well being but for potential influence over Sydney (5 next month). I have no idea who is telling her this, but if I find out, I may punch them in...
  12. stafinois

    Halloween Costumes

    Do your dogs have theirs yet?
  13. stafinois

    Stan at 10mo/Grant meets Sheldon

    What's easier than getting stacked pics of Stannis? The answer is: anything other than getting stacked pics of Stannis. It's a little big, but he can fit into Harry's collar now Stan and his girl... With the old man... And one of Grant at work. He's promoting...
  14. stafinois

    Malinois are Annoying

    Stan pestering Grant in the yard today... He loves to annoy other dogs into chasing him. Usually he nips at their butts. Today was the first time I've seen him pull a tail. Speaking of being chased, I never posted his...
  15. stafinois

    RIP Cassie

    Cassie was my in-laws' English Shepherd. She turned a year old in May. My FIL was out walking with her this morning on the dead end country road they live on when she was hit by a car driven by their only neighbor's father. She didn't normally chase cars, but she went after it today. Of course...
  16. stafinois

    Anybody familiar with Boxers?

    In discussions in a Facebook group last night, somebody revealed where they got their pet Boxer from. Both of the pup's parents were tested for degenerative myelopathy. But, the sire was genetically afflicted, and the mother a carrier. The one pup that is in the OFA database so far is...
  17. stafinois

    New CGC

    Stannis passed the CGC last night on his 8 Month birthday An attempted pic of him with his BFF, Zeke, didn't go well. And just because it's funny... "ERMAHGERD! Muh ball!" And, because he's cute...
  18. stafinois

    A Bobcat!

    Just got into a ridiculous argument with a bunch of idiots on a local Pets For Sale group on Facebook. They are convinced that this is a Bobcat, or a Bobcat/Domestic cross. I need to stop and remember that this is coming from the same pool of people that were quite sure that Stan is a fox.
  19. stafinois

    Stannis isn't so little anymore

    In fact, he's got a good two inches on Grant now.
  20. stafinois

    Grant in the News

    The picture of me is horrible. The article makes me sound like an idiot. I guess it's good press in a state with so much BSL.