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  1. Taqroy

    Friday Five! Its all about you edition.

    1. What is your favorite movie? 2. What is your favorite TV show? 3. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 4. What is a quote you live by or a quote that you like? 5. What is your favorite singer/band?
  2. Taqroy

    Friday Five

    Because I'm bored! Answer the questions. Bonus points if you answer with funny pictures. 1. What makes you feel good? 2. What color is your hair? 3. What do you have planned for the weekend? 4. What’s your favorite vegetable? 5. What three albums would you take with you if you...
  3. Taqroy

    The backyardigans

    Murphy was thinking deep thoughts. <a href="[email protected]/14061551009" title="Backyardigans-4595 by taqroy, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="333" alt="Backyardigans-4595"></a> Mu was...
  4. Taqroy

    Is this? No! It can't be.

    Oh yes, it is. An entire thread of Tipper hiking pictures just for you guys. Don't wanna picture, want to gooooooooooo. <a href="[email protected]/13905355440" title="Tipper5.2.2014-4325 by taqroy, on Flickr"><img...
  5. Taqroy

    My dog is a monster.

    I mean you all already knew that. But she's being a particular monster about shedding - a not nice monster. I was scritching her down the other day and pulled out a few tufts of fur from her butt and she snarked, flipped around, and landed on Murphy (who was laying on the floor minding his own...
  6. Taqroy

    Puppy raising resources

    Sadly, not for me. But I have a friend with a 10 week old bulldog that bites their two year old. She's mostly clueless but is asking for help and I told her I'd get some stuff together. They live in Montana and there are no trainers near them so web resources would be awesome. I need bite...
  7. Taqroy

    Help me find a car!

    Inspired by the other car searches in the venting thread and the fact that my current car (no matter how much I love it) is a money pit. Requirements - Under $12,000 - 18+ mpg in the city - Reasonably sized back seat. I would prefer that the passenger seat not have to be crammed all...
  8. Taqroy

    Veterinary behaviorist Q

    There is not a single one in Colorado. There's not even one in the surrounding states. Is there a way I can consult with one without them actually seeing my dogs? I'm considering medication for Mu. I'm torn because if she didn't live with Tipper I would have no reason for meds. But I'm...
  9. Taqroy

    CCL tear and laser therapy?

    My Mom just emailed me to tell me that their Airedale has a partial CCL tear and the vet recommended laser treatments and a month of crate rest. Everything that I'm seeing online says that surgery is better for larger dogs (he's probably 60 pounds or so) and that one month of rest will probably...
  10. Taqroy

    I'll have a...Mu on the rocks

    A Perturbed Mu on the rocks. MuPalmerPark11.1.2013-2199 by taqroy, on Flickr MuPalmerPark11.1.2013-2205 by taqroy, on Flickr Mu, can you not have deranged ears this time? Wait, now your eyes Carry on. MuPalmerPark11.1.2013-2211 by taqroy, on Flickr Oh...
  11. Taqroy

    Your favorite youtube trainer EVAR

    Aaaaand go!
  12. Taqroy

    NEW LENS!!! Dog and baby pics

    I finally stopped angsting and bought this brand new awesome lens. I got it today and I already love it. Please forgive the graininess, this was all done in indoor lighting, I can't wait to see how it does outside. <3 <a href="[email protected]/10091730673/"...
  13. Taqroy

    Elimination diet q's

    I think Mu is allergic to...something. I have no idea what it could be as nothing in our environment/food has changed. But she's been shedding like mad for a couple months now and just recently she has been insanely itchy. We did a blood panel when I first noticed the shedding and itchery and it...
  14. Taqroy

    More Tipper plus Shadow and Maximus

    We went up to Buena Vista over the weekend where much playing and barking and romping were had. Still no pics of Mu and Murph - they got to stay home and be spoiled rotten by our awesome pet sitter. Shadow is the picture of dignified dog. DogsBV-1310 by taqroy, on Flickr DogsBV-1308...
  15. Taqroy

    Monster sighting!

    It is surprisingly hard to take pictures of short dogs when you have a baby strapped to you. But we went to the park today and I brought my camera along just in case and sport mode + crouching = surprisingly okay pictures of my darling orange monster. There was wet stuff...
  16. Taqroy

    Balance Pods

    Just thought I'd let people know that REI has Balance Pods on sale. They're actually 30% off of the listed price too (but I had to call to get it applied, hopefully they've fixed it by now), so $10. I've been wanting these for the dogs forever but couldn't bring myself to buy them. Maybe I'll...
  17. Taqroy

    Fire Dogs

    They're not actually on fire. But they've been evacuated from the shelter to the rescue that I work with so that the shelter has room for dogs from the Black Forest Fire. The rescue actually has some evacuees too but I didn't get any pictures of those. This girl was my favorite. When they...
  18. Taqroy


    Not that you can really tell because the backyard is aaaaalllll dirt. But it finally decided to be warm and sunny and beautiful so I could take pictures of the monsters. Tipper nose. <a href="[email protected]/8683498367/" title="Tipper-0260 by taqroy, on...
  19. Taqroy

    Surprise baby!!

    MattAndFalon by taqroy, on Flickr Falon Avery decided to show up a couple weeks early but she's doing awesome (and so are we!). :)
  20. Taqroy

    Lyme disease and the vaccination

    My sister's dog tested positive for Lyme disease about a month ago. She's on doxy and they are going to retest her after the round of antibiotics are done. The vet said that they should give the Lyme vaccination at the next appointment anyway though - Meg wasn't very clear on why and I don't...