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  1. ravennr

    Anyone up? Looking for a distraction.

    I was gone a while, again. And at the moment it is 5:09am and I cannot sleep because a stone is currently scraping its way along my ureter. So that's happening. Can't even go to the doctor ugh. So what's new in the lives of you lovely chazzers?
  2. ravennr

    anyone going to Woofstock in TO next weekend?

    my boyfriend and i are going so we can mingle with some breeds he's never met before (and hopefully meet some new ones for me too!). he really wants to meet a Toller. and i'm sure he'd love to see some Corgis since he's very locked-on to them. just wondering if i can expect to spot the dogs...
  3. ravennr

    can you relate?

  4. ravennr

    what can be done about this ridiculous phenomenon among moderate dog people?

    a friend watched a single video made by some nobody, talking about pit bull breeds and BSL. the video started pushing MSN laws, and so did she in her comments following the video, so I just mentioned that the laws don't work, and why they don't work. obviously, I wouldn't just post "these...
  5. ravennr

    is it abuse, or just bad handling, and do you say something?

    a girl was walking a dog in the parking lot earlier, an American Bulldog that lives in the building that I have personally fallen in love with (he's gorgeous but I have yet to creepily sneak a photo). the girl walking him, I've never seen her before, but the owners of the dog let another couple...
  6. ravennr

    so, I downloaded a new ipod app...

    this morning, my roommate accidentally stepped on Rock's paw and Rock booked it for me. this followed. :cool:
  7. ravennr


    I never thought I'd find myself looking into Goldens (for the future, not for my next dog), but here I am, swooning over working Goldens. anyone have much experience with both sides and can give more of a personal insight into the differences, big and small?
  8. ravennr

    How is everyone?!

    I haven't been on much lately (except to post a controversial thread, and read any other ones, hehe). I just got a new Kindle for free; my roommate gave it to me because he doesn't use it anymore. Also, on the roommate front, things have been great! I'm actually looking forward to the next...
  9. ravennr

    Because THIS is just what the pit bull world needs, right? Chris Brown also posted this link to his Twitter account as well, to verify. Maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions, but I have yet to see a celebrity involved in pit bull breeding that is doing anything good for the breed, or the dogs themselves, so I obviously...
  10. ravennr

    Been watching a lot of TEDTalks lately: this one moved me the most. The stories he tells, and his own emotional response to the things he is passionate about, elicited an intense response from me.
  11. ravennr

    So, what's the real truth behind pet overpopulation?

    Seems to be it depends entirely on who you're talking to as to whether or not the issue is as bad as people like PeTA and HSUS and ASPCA would like you to believe. Me, personally, while I believe there is a problem, I do not believe it is serious enough that it warrants things like PeTA's...
  12. ravennr

    "I bought my dog from an FDA approved breeder!"

    This is a new one for me. I've heard all kinds of excuses to justify buying dogs in pet stores, from liberating them to "well what's it matter?" but I finally got my first one that actually left me speechless for a little while. She actually said, seriously now, that the breeder that...
  13. ravennr

    When did crating your dog become a crime? These laws are so.....*rage* irritating. They're a great example, or rather horrifying one, of animal rights bleeding way too far into pet ownership. Get out of my home and yard, please (is what people should be saying).
  14. ravennr

    Neat ideas for re-use? Got an old metal rake?

    This might be a new favourite, I LOVE that shabby style in a kitchen. Which is strange, since I like a goth/roccoco style elsewhere. Got any you love?
  15. ravennr

    I thought we had progressed farther than this, at least.

    At the VERY least. Scroll through the comments, you'll know when you've hit the sea of bullcrap. There are veterinarians in this thread insinuating we are killing our animals... And this is not just down to raw, either, Oh no...
  16. ravennr

    Had a heart to heart with my roommate just now.

    We have to empty the kitchen and bathrooms, someone in the building complained about roaches. :( So every cabinet had to be emptied and appliances pulled out or removed if possible, and only he and I were home to do it. We discussed the birds in great detail. He doesn't even want them, and is...
  17. ravennr

    If watching crime shows has taught me anything

    it's that mannaquins aren't just laying around out in fields and rivers and ditches. Like, ever. I'm always amazed at how many people think they're seeing a mannequin if they find a body. I am now convinced if I ever find a mannequin anywhere it shouldn't be, I'll call the police before...
  18. ravennr

    I'm scared to fall asleep, ever again. I don't know what to do, what's wrong...

    I'm sorry this will be long. I'm shaking, I'm terrified, and I have nowhere else to turn. I can't keep waking Ryan up with this. Throughout the night, I've been suffering the worst episodes of sleep paralysis, accompanied by the most realistic, horrifying nightmares I have ever had, which is...
  19. ravennr

    Ugh, status symbol dogs.

    My friend just went and paid for a puppy that is claimed to be 50% Husky, 50% Timber Wolf. The dog, for one thing, is just a small black spitz looking mix. For another thing, she keeps gloating about its supposed wolf content. I asked her how they proved the dog is 50% timber wolf. I...
  20. ravennr

    We've decided against a dog for now - instead

    We are going for a ferret. :) I feel this will be just as well for me as a psych dog. I'm really excited about this, just intimidated about where to go. Naturally, I would like a kit, but I cannot in good conscience pay for a marshall kit and don't know where else to go. I'm already on...