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  1. Puckstop31

    From the mouth of babes....

    So I had a haircut this morning. I get it cut pretty short, you know military "high and tight". So Tanya is fixing to leave to take Hannah to the park while I get ready for my interview today. Hannah says to me... "Daddy, you look so handsome." I say thank you and then tell her to feel...
  2. Puckstop31

    IT Security advice / rant

    I do IT security stuff for a living. So, "Client X" im not kidding when I say you should have a complex password. No, I don't care that its sucks to have to change it all the time or its hard to remember. Yes, even on top of the fancy firewall you bought. Why? Because you want to use...
  3. Puckstop31

    Our Disney Trip Thread

    Just wanted to pop in and let you know we are having a MAGICAL time here! I wanted to post some pics, but I don't know Tanya's photobucket account password. She and Hannah are coming back from a special Mommy and Daughter experience. :) Be warned... There will be a LOT of pics. We are...
  4. Puckstop31

    Once in a lifetime....

    Sure, I have gotten much, much better with my bow. But the following is just pure luck. LOL Eat your heart out William Tell! I could not believe it when I saw it. I could not do it again if I wanted to. Last shot of the set and it sounded weird. Figured it brushed the...
  5. Puckstop31

    "Cocktail Attire"

    So I have to do something Friday I don't like to do very much.... I have to go to a 'dog and pony show' fundraising event for this charity we donate our time too. You know, everbody all dressed up and kissing ass.... Anyway, the tickets say "cocktail" attire. What, exactly, is that for a...
  6. Puckstop31

    Self-Inflicted Wounds and Lessons Learned

    As I sit here at one of my favorite clients, on the downside of unscrewing a self inflicted wound.... Bored out of my mind, watching an Exchange 2010 server move a MASSIVE database from one volume to another, I got to thinking about the lessons I learned today because of this. The lesson(s)...
  7. Puckstop31


    Anyone here into archery, in any form? I've posted some stuff on Bowhunting forums and have gotten some typical responces. I have some technical questions and was looking to see if anyone here is in the know. I am semi-new to being a serious archer. I know the terminology and the basics...
  8. Puckstop31

    Happy birthday baby!

    :D Tanya has a significant birthday today. :) Please start wildly speculating as to the contents of her gift........ NOW! :yikes:
  9. Puckstop31

    I need vibes

    Our Helpdesk dude is out this week, so I have to drive that part of our business. I SUCK at this part of the Job. I am a "do it now" kind of guy, not one who delegates stuff. (If you have ever taken a DISC profile, I am SUPER HIGH "D". Shocker, I know.) Anyway, this means I have to...
  10. Puckstop31

    I *like* Mark Zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg's new challenge: Eating only what he kills (and yes, we do mean literally...) - Postcards Very cool thing he is doing here. I hope some day to have the room to do this myself. I think nothing but good things can come from a person wanting to be more invovled in the process...
  11. Puckstop31

    I love my town

    "You know you live in Lancaster County when the fan fills the air with the odor of a freshly 'seasoned' cornfield and you think to yourself.... 'I love spring'." :D Good Lord willing, I will get to milk cows for a living someday. LOL
  12. Puckstop31


    My mother is coming today. :eek: Love her very, very much (of course), but the rest of the family does not call her "Hurricane Peggy" for nothing. LOL So vibes for safe travel for momma and vibes for an insanity free week here with us. :)
  13. Puckstop31


    Who saw THIS coming? :rolleyes: IMF bombshell: Age of America nears end Brett Arends' ROI - MarketWatch News Headlines BUT, on a good note... / Commodities - Gold and silver continue to surge Don't shoot the messenger. Economics works by natural laws. Its...
  14. Puckstop31

    Pressure Cooker / Chicken Bones

    I saw a thread on my bowhunting site... This guy keeps all the bones from when they eat chicken. When they get enough, he puts them in a pressure cooker to soften them up, then grinds them and feeds them to his dogs. Anybody here every hear of that? Try it? What thinketh ye?
  15. Puckstop31

    Email is FOREVER

    Just a friendly FYI. :) A soon to be very unhappy "business relationship" is about to get educated on this. So, before you fire off that flaming email, full of lies... Remember that a email, once sent, is forever. /rant
  16. Puckstop31

    Another difference between Canada and The United States

    We can buy these here.... :D Early birthday present to myself. Bushmaster A1-M4 Carbine. It was on sale for $650 and I just could not pass it up.
  17. Puckstop31

    And the winner is.... the category of 'being brutally honest'... Your very own Sparks19!!! She earned this award for her 2011 rendition of this timeless classic... Her acceptance speech to follow, after these words from our sponsors....
  18. Puckstop31

    Ever get a WIN, but feel bad about it?

    We gained a new client today. But how we got this one was a bit uncomfortable. One of our 'competitors' is a small, one man show. I've met him and he is a righteous dude. He asked for our help with selling Microsoft's new online services. The client wanted hosted online Exchange. (Mail...
  19. Puckstop31

    NHL People?

    Anybody happen to watch the Canadiens - Bruins game last night. If you did, you know what I am talking about. I have no horse in this particular race, but if the NHL does not suspend Chara for at least 10 games.... The following link contains video of a very violent hit. You will see...
  20. Puckstop31

    Dinner tonight.

    This event is a once in a decade (it seems ) for us. We have NEVER indulged like this since we have been togther.... But, when in Rome... First, the pics. Then the story. We shared an amazing meal, ALONE, at the Fulton Crab House in the Downtown Disney area at Walt Disney World...