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  1. adojrts

    A chaz pup heading to Worlds!!!

    In 2009 members of Chaz helped me welcome a litter of wee Ado Jrt pups into this world. Now one of those pups is has been selected to represent Canada on our AAC World Team in the Netherlands :) Here is the team video, watch for Des :) So very proud as a tiny breeder to have bred this dog...
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    The Punk's first camping trip

    Punky loves canoeing. The Navigator Early morning walk Rock face handstand while hiking A little campsite IYC with some good ol Canadian Bacon. Punky spies her first groundhog in the logs, her prey drive and instincts kicked in hard and fast.
  3. adojrts

    Camping with dog/s

    We are going camping and I am taking Punky with me. Granted we are going in our camper on the truck and not roughing it. I have traveled and trialed a lot with my dogs and have a good idea of what is needed. Also planning on taking 3 x pens and tent pegs to secure the x pens down. Any...
  4. adojrts

    Opinions on this? Thoughts? Had it happen?
  5. adojrts

    Life vests

    It was recommended that for Punky's first time dock diving that I get a life vest for her. She does swim at this point and loves the water. We are also going camping & canoeing in a couple of weeks. Punky is going with me, vest or not for her while canoeing? What do you recommend? Brands...
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    My girlie

    It has been a while, Punky is growing up. At 5 1/2 months of age she is 11 inches tall and not likely to mature over 12 inches which is what I am hoping for. 'Ah, that is how you do agility, ok got it' Handstand Free stack Doing 'ribbet' her frog trick
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    Major vibes for Laura-Leigh

    Laura has just texted me and asked me to post this. They have lost all their pets tonight in a house fire. Mindy, Di, Foster, all their cats and the parrot. They were not home at the time but at a friends for the evening. Needless to say, they are very upset and in shock at this very tragic...
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    Sharing Puppy Socializing & Desensitizing Experiences/Ideas

    This thread is to help and give ideas to anyone getting a new puppy, breeding a litter or already have a new addition to their home. Many of us know that one of the keys to having a well adjusted, stable minded enjoyable dog is to safely expose them to as many experiences, people, safe...
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    Hall of Fame Chaz Dogs.

    Instead of just a rainbow bridge thread, can we start this and sticky it? There are dogs on Chaz that feel like family and it hurts when they are gone, even to those of us that never knew them in real life. So lets honor them please.
  10. adojrts

    The Punk

    It has been a while, Punky is still a wee little thing with lots of 'tude'. But her training is coming along nicely. All photos copyrighted :) Doing some pivot work. She was trying to do 'frog' but didn't have enough room on the chair :) And this pic of the pups...
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    A lot of firsts and 1 second today :)

    No we were not competing :D However it was the first time I took the pups to a new dog location, first time at an agility fun match, first time sitting ringside on strangers laps watching agility, first time watching agility, first time seeing strange dogs, first time finding out that dogs...
  12. adojrts

    Long overdue but here they are at 10 wks

    Only 5 in the photos, Marty left yesterday for his new home and one of the girls goes tomorrow and so on until they have all gone but for Punky. All photos are copyrighted to Ado Jack Russell Terriers. Ado Revlon (Revie) Ado Ridge Ado Heroine (Punky) The Wholigans minus one
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    Punky IYC/Puppy Zen vid almost 6 wks old

    I must say all the pups are doing wonderful with their training and development. I was really sick for the past week and only was well enough a couple of times to work with them. This is Punky's 3rd session :)
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    Xmas Puppies

    I need a new camera and my appreciation for anyone getting great pics of wee puppies just went WAY up lol. Boy Girl Girl Girl Girl Boy
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    Puppies: 3 sets of twins 4wks

    Here they are on their 4th wk birthday :) Girl/Boy Girl/Girl Girl/Boy
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    52 Weeks of Socializing & Training the Pups of 2012 - 2013.

    My litter of pups is just coming up on 4 wks of age (this weekend). I don't know which girl I am keeping yet. Here is a list of what I have done to date with the wee ones to help with their development. Day 3-16: ENS ( plus lots and lots of...
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    Puppies 18 Days old

    Sorry just a couple of pics, more later.
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    Not surprising, but so sad.
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    Puppies 4 days old

    So many people have commented and like the one little girl, so here is a pic of the Wholigans (thanks Renee for the name :) and one of our cover girl with her make up on. 4 Days old 2 Days old
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    As promised.