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    Where do you donate/volunteer?

    What organizations/charities/etc do you donate to or volunteer at(through out the year, not just Christmas)? I would love to get more involved in some kind of organization to volunteer at, but I am not really sure what kind of thing I can get involved in when I have 3 little kids at home...
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    On the subject of gun control...

    For every public tragedy that happens (in "gun free" zones especially), how many were prevented and no one even knows about them?
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    Laundry bags (sewing)

    I needed some gifts for some graduating seniors and really wanted to make them something. Was given the idea for laundry bags, so here the ones I made:
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    Business name?

    I am thinking about trying to advertise my services as a party planner for children's birthday parties. I LOVE planning my kids parties, and have experience creating invites/thank you cars/birthday banners/etc. I would like to make a website where I could put up pictures of parties I have done...
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    Marriage shouldn't be allowed before 25

    Has anyone seen this article? Why I Believe Marriage Shouldn't Be Allowed Before Age 25 by Jennifer Nagy Really, YOUR stats make you come to the conclusion that NO ONE should marry before 25? Because you...
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    Hosting a giveaway

    I am going to be hosting a giveaway when my facebook page reaches 100 likes. I will be giving away a crayon roll after 100 likes, there is an option for boy or girl. After 500 likes I will probably giveaway something worth a little more:
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    Pillowcase Dresses

    I just made a couple pillowcase dresses for my friend's daughter's birthdays, thought I would share:
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    dress for Hannah

    Since sparks has gotten the dress I figured I would share a couple pics of the dress I made for Hannah. Maybe Sparks will add some modeling pics later :)
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    Latest sewing project

    I have been wanting a tote bag to use for a diaper bag that was shaped differently than my current diaper bag because it is really wide and hard to fit under the stroller. So I just kind of made up some measurements and winged this. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it will work much better...
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    Lilla Rose Party

    I don't know if any of you have heard of Lilla Rose, but they have some great hair clips called the Flexi Clip. I am normally very anti-party things like Tupperware, Mary Kay, etc...most of it is too expensive for me, but I had seen these a while back and finally decided to try them before...
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    Custom Stocking

    My friend has hired me to make stockings, I just finished the first one tonight. Just thought I would share:
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    Adopting an Angel?

    I know there has been some of you who have done the adopt and angel program in the past. I just signed up to adopt an angel, but they didn't really send me any instructions, just a list of the kid's sizes/wants. When I take the stuff to drop it off, do I wrap it, or just put it all in a box...
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    My new shop

    I made a facebook page for my shop, and an Etsy store, but haven't started listing stuff on Etsy yet. I am still working on the facebook page too trying to get info and prices and such listed, but I thought I would go ahead and share anyway :) Here is my page...
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    Mason and Shay pics

    Mason has gone from wanting nothing to do with Shaylynn to being a proud big brother! PS....aren't those the cutest little pants?!
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    Shaylynn pictures

    Sorry it has taken so long, but I finally got some pictures of Shaylynn on the computer and resized. First time meeting baby sister: Finally deciding he kind of likes his baby sister once we got home: The first time he gave baby sissy a kiss: And a picture...
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    Baby Shaylynn is here!

    She was born Wednesday Sept 14 (her daddy's b-day) at 5:42 via c-section. She weighed 6lbs 7oz and 20.5 inches long. 9 and 9 apgars. She did have to receive a little bit of oxygen after birth so I was disappointed I didn't get to nurse in recovery, but she has been doing well ever since...
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    Latest baby projects

    So this weekend I have been trying to keep busy with baby projects! Just thought I would share: Car seat cover: carseatcover1a by Kalee2004, on Flickr Tutu for baby's first Halloween! She is going to be a bumble bee! bumblebeetutu by Kalee2004, on Flickr Travel wipes case that I...
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    I finally sewed again!

    I made this boppy cover: boppycover1 by Kalee2004, on Flickr I am planning to make another boppy cover, and a car seat canopy also.
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    Streaming TV?

    Our dish contract is up this month I believe, and I am trying to look into options for cheaper TV. I know a lot of people use only Netflix and for those of you who do that...I have some questions... What do you use to stream to your TV? We don't have a Wii or PS3 or...
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    Pregnancy update

    Well I had a routine ultrasound today. Baby looked great! She measured right on schedule and weighs approximately 4lb 2oz. She had her hands and her cord in front of her face, so we didn't get to see her face too well, but she is certainly very active. I can see her feet kick me and move across...