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  1. oakash

    How long would your dog survive a zombie apocalypse?

    If we're talking about a zombie apocalypse, Suzie would probably manage to survive on her own. Although she does bark. But she is the ultimate scavenger, so you wouldn't have to worry about feeding her. And she is good off leash and likes to listen to me. Jack is kinda an idiot, and he's...
  2. oakash

    Let's Be Controversial

    I don't care about chubby dogs because I've got one. I'm telling you, she has been on a diet forever now. But she'll eat acorns. She cracks them open and eats them. She ate the clay legs off of a small deer sculpture I made. She tried to eat a huge envelope before I stopped her. She also eats...
  3. oakash

    Ridiculous things your dog has done

    Suzie has always been a little fatter than I would like, and that is because she is the biggest food hound ever. She literally starts eating acorns when she feels as though we haven't been feeding her enough. She'll find paper with any hint of food on it and just eat it. The dog is impossible.
  4. oakash

    What made you get into dogs?

    We'd always had dogs, but they were outside dogs when I was growing up. All of us kids hated that and eventually we were able to change their mind. Anyways, maybe 8 years ago we found Suzie wandering in the streets, and we couldn't find her original owners so we kept her. I decided that I...
  5. oakash

    People aggression

    He'll go with hackles raised and bark at random people at the dog park too. At first it was just anyone holding a stick or a leash, but now it seems as though he picks random people. So he doesn't go there anymore unless there is no one else there because we don't want it to escalate any...
  6. oakash

    People aggression

    So my sister's dog has apparently become more and more aggressive towards people lately. He's staying at my house for a couple of weeks so I was hoping I could try and work through his problems. He will try and nip at people reaching their hand through the fence, and we have little kids in the...
  7. oakash

    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    Dude! I totally want to watch you do IPO! I doubt I can do anything with it for awhile, but it'd be awesome to get a feel for everything. I've been doing stuff and things. I'm back at home for awhile though so I'll be able to get back into dog things!
  8. oakash

    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    1. GSP - They're so goofy and athletic, I always want one around the house. 2. Brittany Spaniel - Because they're cute. Also I've liked every one I've met. 3. Someday I want a GSD or a Mal once I've gotten myself some more experience with breeds like them. I'd ideally like to get into IPO.
  9. oakash

    How many chazzers have you met?

    I met Jess. And then I fell off the face of chaz.
  10. oakash

    Do you like where you live?

    I'm currently in Colorado, and I love it here. For being a snowy place, it really doesn't snow all that much, or at least it doesn't stick to the roads much. And I'm from Fl, so its not like I'm used to wintery conditions. I haven't been here through the summer, but I bet I'd love it just...
  11. oakash

    Does your dog lie on the bare floor?

    Jack the weird pointer dog is a primadonna. He ONLY lies on the floor when he's crazy hot, and he lives in Fl where it is hot all the time. But I rarely see him on the floor. He seems to think it's beneath him. We were redoing our floors so one of our rooms was completely empty to let the...
  12. oakash

    Pizza Toppings

    I like pepperoni best. And I'm not a fan of pineapple/ham on pizza, but I don't like sweetish things for dinner. I'll still eat it, but I'd prefer anything else.
  13. oakash

    Do you actually call your dog by it's name?

    Jack is Jack Jack, or dummy, stupid, jerkface, and meanie. His full name is Captain Jack, but we never call him that. Or I call him buddy or puppy. And then Suzie is Suzie girl, or suz, or just girly. I often say Hey Suz when I see her and it sounds just like Jesus in spanish. Fun fact of...
  14. oakash

    How Long Could You Go?

    at one point I would have been completely fine with it, but now... I could go a couple weeks. I have to see family though. I'm a family person, and I have to either be around people who are basically family, or actual family.
  15. oakash

    The musing thread

    I hope it goes well! Job searching is a pain.
  16. oakash

    So, where's everyone from?

    I was born and raised in Florida. Not my favorite place, I don't like the heat, the humidity, or the beach. I'm a pretty pathetic Florida girl. Right now I live in Colorado though, it isn't permanent, just an adventure :)
  17. oakash

    Back from the dead.. and living in CO

    I'm gonna try to stay! I don't have any dogs where I am, and I'm already wanting to kidnap every dog I see walking down the road. It's bad. I'm gonna have to volunteer at a rescue to get my fix. I'm probs gonna end up with a toyota, because they last forever, but Honda's were my next brand to...
  18. oakash

    Back from the dead.. and living in CO

    I know that since I didn't post a crazy amount that a lot of you won't know who I am... but I'm back anyways. I haven't even had time to lurk these boards this past year, so I've kept up with some of ya'll via fb. By kept up I mean I saw your posts. I'm not very active on fb either. Anyways, I'm...
  19. oakash

    It's all for the dogs and cats. Auction resutls

    I just wanted to tell you that your work is amazing! I love pottery and its fun to see someone else's style :) You are such a hard worker too
  20. oakash

    A list of breeds you'd like to own at some point?

    -German Shorthaired Pointer ( I love pointers forever and always now. Their temperament is my favorite) -Flat coat Retriever - Brittany Spaniel -Belgian Malinois (probably never gonna happen) -English Shepherd - Koolie - Welsh Springer Spaniel - Rottweiler - Doberman -Rhodesian...