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  1. Sweet72947

    Can my parents have major vibes for Rocky?

    My parents' little black terrier mix, Rocky, is very sick right now. He had a bout of diarrhea and vomiting that seemed to clear up, but he wouldn't eat. And he developed a couple bumps under his skin. My mom went home to check on the dogs at lunch and Rocky's side was all bloody like he'd...
  2. Sweet72947

    Law Proposed to Let Police Enter Without a Warrant and Kill Your Dog (Missouri)

    Article: Proposed Bill: Questionable Parts of Bill: Cops already shoot dogs way too much, I dread the...
  3. Sweet72947

    Suddenly fearful of the bed

    So I've had Norris about a year and six months now. He is probably 6 or 7 years old. We've worked through most of his fear issues with random objects. A lot of it was just giving him time to adjust to living in a house when he'd never really been in one before. But now he's developed a strange...
  4. Sweet72947

    Virginia Anti-Gay Bill

    Help keep it from passing! Petition: Bill from the Commonwealth's website:
  5. Sweet72947

    23 Dogs Rescued from Meat Farm in South Korea arriving in VA They are arriving today and tomorrow at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, which will only keep them for three days, and then they will...
  6. Sweet72947

    Does this scare the crap out of anyone else??

    PeTA brought a lawsuit in Buenos Aires and the court "freed" an orangutan from a zoo, and it was sent to a sanctuary, because the court recognized the orangutan as a non-human person and granted it the right of freedom...
  7. Sweet72947

    Need Advice

    So there's a guy at work. We're pretty good friends now. I've been there for him through some bad times. Over a year ago, I left him a note in his backpack asking him out, and he didn't say anything about it for several days, but ended up telling me that he was "done with relationships" (he had...
  8. Sweet72947

    Pet friendly rental available NoVA

    I have a finished basement with a full bathroom (no tub, has a shower) that I need a renter to inhabit in the beginning of January. Pets are welcome, except for birds because birds hate me. Rent is $700 a month plus utilities and comcast. Know anyone who is interested? Email me at...
  9. Sweet72947

    Help find Sasha the Husky!

    I'm sharing this for a friend of a friend. Here is the facebook page: They think she may have been picked up by someone as there have been no sightings reported of this dog at all.
  10. Sweet72947

    Play behavior at the dog park

    So Norris is obnoxious when he plays. He barks and makes growly rooorrrrooorrr sounds and generally makes an annoyance of himself. I always have to explain to people who are looking at me askance that I PROMISE my dog isn't being aggressive, he just talks when he plays! None of the other dogs...
  11. Sweet72947

    Meet Pig! The dog with "Baboon Dog Syndrome"

    I never knew this condition existed. It can manifest in other canids (like wolves and foxes) and horses as well. You learn something new every day! Link about the syndrome...
  12. Sweet72947

    Why I shouldn't go on Craigslist

    Because bear-coat shar pei! I've never really been into shar peis, but teh fluffy! And of course, all the pit bull puppies. So many pit bulls.
  13. Sweet72947

    33 Dogs with unusual coats

    Some are just normal aussies and stuff, but others, lol.
  14. Sweet72947

    To the boarding dogs I once knew...

    To Muffin the westie, Rusty the cocker spaniel, Ari the dane mix, Otis the bull terrier, and Snowball the shih tzu, may you run free over the rainbow bridge. You each had your individual challenges, but I will miss you all.
  15. Sweet72947

    What is wrong with my dog???

    Norris is being really weird tonight. He is drinking large amounts of water, and then of course two hours later I take him outside and he urinates copiously (no blood in the urine, just very watered down of course). I have a metal bowl that probably holds about two gallons of water, and he has...
  16. Sweet72947

    22 Pound Cat Traps Family

    This almost reads like something from The Onion. It would be funny if it wasn't so depressing. We can make this a game. How many red flags can YOU spot?
  17. Sweet72947

    "Attitudes, laws against pit bulls soften"

    I can't decide if this article is in support or against the changing attitudes about BSL. :confused:
  18. Sweet72947

    So I had the worst day today.

    I stayed home from work today and was planning on a nice relaxing day with my dog, reading and maybe playing a video game. I threw some stuff in the wash (my washer and dryer on the second floor next to my room) about 3:30 and about 20 minutes later my smoke detectors start going off. I walk...
  19. Sweet72947

    Anxiety Diarrhea

    So, for a dog who has diarrhea when something happens to make him anxious (i.e. a vet trip, Skittledoo's friend coming over to do a training session, basically anything new), is there anything you can give them? Like, is there anything you can give a dog before going into a situation you know...
  20. Sweet72947

    What to do with the dog that eats EVERYTHING

    I know I've posted about Norris' issue with eating garbage before. But now he's decided poop is yummy, and there is a lot of it because a lot of people don't pick up after their dogs. So now with poop, garbage and dirty ice on the menu, I am constantly jerking Norris away from anything he sniffs...