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  1. Georgygirl

    Joey and his sun spot

    If you can't find Joey, the best bet is to go look for a sun spot and he's most likely there. Since he dislikes getting his picture taken, this makes it easier for me to snap of few pics him. Found you! Take no notice of the clicking sound....... Spotted.......he is not...
  2. Georgygirl

    Going car shopping...suggestions appreciated!

    I have a 2008 Subaru Impreza sedan currently which I LOVE, but it just doesn't have enough space to cart around the three dogs, two humans, and luggage. We travel back home to visit family frequently which can be a 5-9 hour drive depending on who we're visiting. I'd really like to have a...
  3. Georgygirl

    Two classes on one night?

    Has anyone taken multiple classes with their dogs on the same night? I have an opportunity to take an Intro to Nosework class with Walter, but the class falls on the same night as our agility class. The Nosework class would start at 5:30 and the agility class starts at 8:15 so there would be a...
  4. Georgygirl

    The Snow Herder

    Walter happens to be a big fan of snow and we've finally gotten some accumulation of it this winter so he is a very happy puppy right now. He likes to "catch" it when we shovel off the deck. He can really jump high when he wants to "What?....Do I have...
  5. Georgygirl

    Feeling frustrated - bad reaction from other dogs

    Sorry for the long post. Just need to talk something out. Walter and I have been taking an agility class for the past few months and it's really been a lot of fun. He LOVES class and we both look forward to it every week. Last week there was an incident with another male dog in class...
  6. Georgygirl

    Training treat suggestions?

    I need to get a little more creative with Walter's treats for training and I was hoping to get some suggestions from you guys. I need some more options for treats while we're working with distractions. It takes a really stellar treat for this because he's not terribly food motivated. Right...
  7. Georgygirl

    Two boston terriers and an Aussie in a Santa hat...

    I tried to get some holiday pics of my crew tonight which didn't go exactly to plan, but we had some fun! "Ummmm.....I don't think this is working" "Wait....who am I supposed to look at?" "Bah Humbug" Success!! And then some non-holiday pics...
  8. Georgygirl

    The old man plays!

    Joey hardly ever plays with Walter. We finally have proof that the old man still plays! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> *pardon the mess in the background. We were cleaning and collecting cardboard for...
  9. Georgygirl

    Two bostons and an Aussie

    I don't think I've posted pictures of my crew lately, so I thought I'd remedy that. Lucy says, "Throw the toy!" Hiya Walter! "I gotz the toy! You wants?" Walter's serious face Joey says, "No pictures please" Walter hams it up
  10. Georgygirl

    Walter passed the CGC!

    I forgot to post this last week, but Walter took the test again and this time he passed! I'm very proud of him. You could tell it took everything in him to contain his excitement when we met the neutral dog, but he did it!
  11. Georgygirl

    Happy 1st birthday Walter!

    We took him to his favorite place, the pond at the dog park. He had a ton of fun running and swimming with all the other dogs. It's hard to believe he's 1 year old already! more....
  12. Georgygirl

    Playtime in the yard

    Well, it seems like Spring has finally arrived here in Illinois! While SO and I were cleaning up the yard, the dogs had some fun chasing each other around the yard.
  13. Georgygirl

    So Walter took his CGC exam today

    And he failed it...pretty epically. There were a couple parts that I thought he might have trouble with, but I thought it was worth a try. Walter's problem areas are that he loves people and other dogs, so I really need his focus to get him to ignore them. When we got in the ring he noticed...
  14. Georgygirl

    Walter Fuzzy Butt

    As I affectionately call him....because he's just so fuzzy right now! He has officially taken over the basement by spreading his toys all over. And of course de-stuffing a couple in the process. "Hi Mommy!!!" "Shoot...think I blinked" "Treat? I'm cute!" Trying...
  15. Georgygirl

    My silly fuzzy boy

    Walter has been bummed about being stuck in the house. He doesn't understand why I don't want to go play in the cold....the very very cold backyard. "I'm bored....." "Still bored..." "What about now? Come play outside now?"
  16. Georgygirl

    Need harness suggestions

    We recently lost Walter's harness while traveling so we're looking to buy a new one. Walter hates wearing a harness only slightly less than walking with a leash attached to his collar. In his perfect world, he'd be naked all the time. I'm hoping to find a harness that is easy for him to...
  17. Georgygirl

    Relaxing with Walter and Lucy

    While watching some Fringe episodes. Walter and Lucy like to play blankie monster. Walter makes the best monster... Joey is not impressed
  18. Georgygirl

    Walter's big day

    Walter had a big day yesterday! First we went to class. He was such a good boy that we stopped for an ice cream cone on the way home which he loved! Then we had some fun in the back yard with the hose and his pool. <iframe width="420" height="315"...
  19. Georgygirl

    Walter and the bostons

    Walter and the bostons were outside today enjoying the cool weather. Walter is starting to lose his puppy floof and it's making me kinda sad! He's supposed to stay my fluffy little puppy forever! more....
  20. Georgygirl

    Wally, Wally, Walter

    I just love this puppy so much! He's never phased by anything. Loud noises, new places, it doesn't matter. If I'm cool with it, he's cool with it. And he's such a happy boy! Apparently I like breeds with no tails.... Thanks for looking!