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  1. Chewbecca

    Some of Ophie and Luke

    Mostly just some outtakes as I attempted some outside portraits of them the other evening. Ophie is much better at posing nicely (but she's a true foodie) for photos. Life is too interesting to Luke for him to stop. Oh, Luke's got a minor rub sore on his face from chewing on bones. He takes...
  2. Chewbecca

    Lightroom use through wine?

    Allie? Blue? Anyone know if you can use lightroom for linux via wine? I know this was spoken about here before, but I cannot remember where? Help?
  3. Chewbecca

    The Official Chazzer Dog Product Maker Photo Thread

    I figured that since there are a LOT of us Chazzers that make dog product-related items, that it would be nice for us to have a thread all of our own to post up photos of new products. This means if you make collars, leads, tags, dog boots, art, coats, tshirts-ANYTHING dog-related, post up...
  4. Chewbecca

    Grinderman might have an hemangioma. :(

    We thought it was an abscess, so we took him to the vet and they put him on antibiotics. They didn't work, though. It kept growing. Everything we read said that sometimes abscesses have to get WAY WORSE before they will break and drain and then the healing can take place. So, we kept...
  5. Chewbecca

    Ophie's new Nose Work gear.

    I had to. Funny stuff.
  6. Chewbecca

    "One only understands the things that one tames,"

    said the fox. He HAD TO have a fox collar. HAD TO. The Little Prince is my most favorite book ever. And one of Ophie because this face says EXACTLY what she thinks when she's doing what is asked and waiting for her reward, but teh silly hooman is too busy trying to get the...
  7. Chewbecca

    Did you forget about me?

    Ophie thinks she's forgotten sometimes. And sometimes she doesn't care.:lol-sign: In the end, I guess if you reappear with food, all is good again.:lol-sign: She remains in a sit a even though she is very distracted. Between my son knocking on the other side of the fence, the neighbor's...
  8. Chewbecca

    Yoo-hoo, Dr. Who fans.

    Look what Collar Mania has...: Yes, that is a Dr. Who fabric. don't for get the sale is still going on...:D
  9. Chewbecca

    Facebook contest with Dekka. :)

    We're running a facebook contest where you have to caption a photo of Dekka. :lol-sign: If you're interested, read and enter here: Must be Contest Time!
  10. Chewbecca

    Just so you all know (Collar Mania Sale!)...

    Collar Mania is having a 5 year anniversary SALE until Saturday. It's for 20% off. Code is: 5yearsale She's got ALL KINDS of new fabrics including (this is one I have to get for Ophie), stain resistant crypton suede fabric and waterproof laminated fabrics. Not to mention some really CUTE...
  11. Chewbecca

    Nose work

    We has it. Next Wednesday. My trainer called me today, and whenever she calls I know that it's either she has a class she wants me to join, or a product idea.:lol-sign: So, she was telling me all about nose work, and how she loveslovesLOVES IT because it's sooooo much fun. And by the...
  12. Chewbecca

    Taste the rainbow (had to share)

    For my brother's girlfriend's OTHER cat whose name is "Skittles". I had her come over today so I could make this for her. A year ago today she lost the love of her life, her boyfriend, to rectal cancer. He passed in their home, in her arms, so she's having a really difficult day. They had...
  13. Chewbecca

    Need Cat Testers, plz.

    Hey, guys. I posted up on my facebook that I need two cat testers for collars: If interested, please sign your cat up. :D The collars will be embroidered leather collars. Click on the link for details. :D Thanks!
  14. Chewbecca

    AC/DC Cat in Black

    This is my brother's girlfriend's cat. She's just under a year old. We went to my brother's girlfriend's house for dinner tonight, and I dropped off her collar to her. My interactions with her cats was limited to snapping photos of them and making sure they didn't touch me (I'm really...
  15. Chewbecca

    I miss

    Kerri and Laura. :( This sucks. I want my Canadians back kthnx.
  16. Chewbecca

    I has a...

    Kerri, Laura, Dekka, Kat, and Smudge. The Soul-Sucking begins. Leave it to Luke.: Luke was in heaven, so was Ophie, but she was content just being on the same couch as everyone else. He is a TOTAL people slut: AWWW. DEKKA. <3 SMUDGE. <3 (aka: "Hippie"...
  17. Chewbecca

    Anyone feed Lotus foods?

    I'm thinking about switching to a grain-free food for the pups. And while out at my dog food store the other day, I found this food. I'm using it as training treats for now, but the dogs (as usual with most things) INHALE it and LOVE it. It's the grain-free duck formula. I noticed this...
  18. Chewbecca

    Luke's perfect "Watch Me".

    Yeah. Just kidding. This dog did ANYTHING but look in my direction when asked to last night. I blame it on the weather. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, so when we went outside, he had energy to BURN. It's been so awfully hot here lately. Me: "Here, Luke." Luke: "FREEDOM." Me...
  19. Chewbecca

    Half-Breed Prince

    It already sold, but we made this today, and I'm a little proud of it. It's cute, clever, and handsome, I think. :D And before anyone (because someone did on FB) says it, I am well aware that the Harry Potter version is "Half-Blood Prince". I've got the book, and I've seen the movie. This...
  20. Chewbecca

    I want

    a new wedding ring/band. Mine is toooo thick and uncomfortable, and I never wear it because of this. It is beautiful, but so uncomfortable. I want an Art Deco styled band, simplistic and thinner, but they want SOOO MUCH MONEY FOR ONE. Good lord, over $1,000 for a simple wedding band...