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    in the thread on what breeds you don't want to own, there seemed to be quite a few people who didn't care for beagles. I haven't known any beagles very well, but they are a breed I might be interested in, so I was wondering what it is that makes so many people say they wouldn't want one...
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    vibes for Eli?

    Eli has been limping for about 2 weeks. At first it was very subtle and it came and went. We figured he had strained something but it is getting worse instead of better. It seems to be his right front leg. In the past couple days, it looks terrible, but he doesn't seem to be slowing down any...
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    couple pics from tonight

    just a couple shots from tonight of Eli, Chowder, and our part time dog Tito. He's my partner's little brother's dog but we watch him a lot so he's basically part of the family. A few seconds before this shot they were all posing very nicely. Of course as soon as we grabbed the cell phone...
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    Chowder says thanks for the good vibes

    "I not feelz so good right now." "Pleez tell my mama that dis haircut lookz stoopid." "And that if I can haz treets it make me feel much better." "thankz you hoomans iz the best."
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    Chowder was just attacked

    my older dog, Chowder, was just attacked down the street from our house. The neighbor's huge american bulldog burst out of his front door (I guess the storm door wasn't latched) and attacked him. The owners ran out and pulled him off but he got loose and grabbed Chowder again. Chowder is...
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    corgi question

    I've been wondering, what is the difference between Cardigans and Pembrokes? Aside from the obvious that one has a tail and one doesn't. Are they generally similar? How do their personalities, energy level, etc compare?
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    Eli's first hike!

    today was our first outing with a group I found online, Hiking Dogs of Central Maryland. I just took Eli since I thought it might be too much for Chowder. We had a blast, but I may not be able to move tomorrow. He loved running around off leash with the other dogs. Halfway through though, I...
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    supplies for diabetic cats?

    one of my cats was just diagnosed with diabetes. Poor little guy, also known as Satan with Fur. We knew he wasn't feeling well when he let the vet examine him without needing either sedation or arm length leather gloves (no joke, last time he was at the vet they couldn't even weigh him, much...
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    my boys, being sweet

    it's not the best picture because it was taken with a cell phone, but I thought they looked cute. :)
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    trouble with barking

    I need some help with getting control of the puppy's barking. He is the type of dog that likes to bark at everything - friends coming in the door, the mailman, a squirrel out the window, etc. I don't mind him being a "watchdog" and alerting us to dangerous menaces like the neighbors and...
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    Christmas Dogs

    Reindeer Chowder! "Hey big brother, you look silly. I'm glad the humans don't do things like that to me." "Why mommy, why?"
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    why can't I put a signature pic?

    every time I try it just says "unable to save image." the pic is within the size line. Does it just not like me? :confused:
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    Jack Russell in need - Ohio

    from Terrierman's blog: - Terrierman's Daily Dose - per the comments, there is someone in the area who could pull the dog if he had a home to take him in.
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    guess the mystery mutt

    ok, here is the puppy we recently adopted: any thoughts on what might be in the mix? So far the guesses have included lab, some kind of hound, GSD (his coloring) and shar pei (he's pretty wrinkly). here's his mama. She was pregnant when the rescue pulled her from a kill...
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    I originally posted here a couple of times, 5 years ago, because I had found a chow mix running in my neighborhood and taken him in, and no way could I keep him because of the 2 dogs I already had, and was hoping to find a rescue that could take him. well, 5 years have passed, my other 2...
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    how to get pee out of couch cushion?

    the title says it all. our rescued stray/problem child has let loose all over the couch. will Nature's Miracle get the smell out? any suggestions? we have a belly band but it isn't working - his waist is narrower back by his hind legs than it is up where the tip of his penis is, so no...
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    marking in the house

    please help - we're having a problem with our new dog marking in the house. We think he's about a year old, he was a stray that we found running in our neighborhood. Our best guess is that he's a chow/golden retriever mix and he's a very sweet dog. He's housebroken, but every now and then...
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    any way to donate Derramaxx?

    my beautiful Samoyed, Max, had to be put to sleep today. We have almost a whole bottle of Derramaxx that was his for his arthritis. I hate to throw it away, it's so expensive and I know that somewhere there must be a dog owner who could use it. does anyone have any ideas of how I could find...