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  1. Lolas Dad

    Lola's Mealtime Ritual

    This is what I taught Lola to do before she eats. This was taught to her a few years ago but I have only recently been able to get it on video. Lola Dinner - YouTube
  2. Lolas Dad

    Looking for something to do with your dog or thinking about adopting a dog?

    I have been attending this event the past 3 years and will be going this year as well. If your in the NJ area it might be something that you might want to do and all the proceeds go to a great cause. If your also thinking about adopting a dog this is the place to be. Even if your not thinking...
  3. Lolas Dad

    Big guys and small dogs.

    I seen this on Victoria Stillwell's site. I'm glad I am not the only one who feels this way. It’s OK for Big Guys to Have Small Dogs|Victoria Stilwell Positively
  4. Lolas Dad

    I seen this on a "The Pet Stop" on Channel 12 news

    Perhaps people can keep this organization in the back of their minds if they ever have a need. Save U.S. Pets Foundation: Funding Lifesaving Care for Pets
  5. Lolas Dad

    Dog Park Proposal/Petition

    I'm looking to have an off leash dog park created across the street from me that is already a park but not being used for anything other than it being a big open field with trees. Hardly anyone uses it and when they do use it they are usually their with their dog on leash. This park was created...
  6. Lolas Dad

    A CL ad with an interesting twist

    Single Female seeks companionship At least it brought attention to a shelter :D
  7. Lolas Dad

    Can a cat teach a dog?

    I have a black DSH cat named Harley. He is one and a half years old. I also have Lola who just recently turned four years old. Harley will force you to pet him and how he does this is he will reach his paw out to your hand such as when your sitting at the table and draw your hand close to him...
  8. Lolas Dad

    Very funny commercial

    YouTube - Tommy Hilfiger 2010 Commercial :rofl1:
  9. Lolas Dad

    What would you do if you had to choose...

    Between a girlfriend or boyfriend that was allergic to dogs and your dogs. Would you keep the dogs and get another BF or GF or would you rehome your dogs. For me I would choose the dog :)
  10. Lolas Dad

    This dog is better than some of the dancers on "Dancing with the stars"

    Check this out. Have you ever seen anything like it before? :lol-sign: YouTube - Dancing Merengue Dog
  11. Lolas Dad

    Pug attacked by Coyote

    Last night this was on the news and the link is a follow up story. Last night as I was watching the news they had a broadcast of this woman in the video on the phone talking to the news anchors. This woman let her dog outside with no fence by itself and she said the dog never leaves the yard...
  12. Lolas Dad

    Anyone Interested?

    Here is a Papillon for adoption with a video. A Dog At A Time Rescue - Robbinsville, NJ
  13. Lolas Dad

    Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula

    What is your opinion on this food. I bought a bag last night that was $24.99 for the 15 pound bag. Lola did have some of the food from a free sample bag and she seemed to really like it but then again she would eat anything :) The ingredients are: Bison, lamb meal, chicken meal, egg...
  14. Lolas Dad

    I find it hard to believe

    That their are right now hundreds on this site viewing the different groups. For example it says that their are 920 people viewing the general dog forum as of this moment.
  15. Lolas Dad

    Out of the mouth's of small kids

    Over the weekend I was at a block party that my brother and his wife were hosting. I brought Lola along and their were a lot of kids their from 2-10 years old. My nieces like when I bring Lola over as they play with her more than the dog's my brother has. At one point I had Lola on her long...
  16. Lolas Dad

    Why Graycen Has A Cause

    The following was found at: Graycen's Cause * Eliminating Puppy Mills through outreach and education WHY GRAYCEN HAS A CAUSE There appears to be a great division when it comes to pets. A great many people cherish their pets and treat them with love and respect. There are others who feel...
  17. Lolas Dad

    I hope they prosecute this guy

    To the maximum penalty allowed by law. Dog dies after being left in hot van | Then maybe he will think twice about attending a barbecue and swimming while leaving a dog in a vehicle.
  18. Lolas Dad

    Dog escapes plane cargo hold

    Then jumps in the bay Dog escapes plane at LGA, jumps in Flushing Bay |
  19. Lolas Dad

    Lola found a baby raccoon

    Last night my neighbor knocks on the door asking me if I knew anyone that would pick up a baby raccoon that they found. I went outside and seen it laying on the sidewalk and told her I did not know of anyone but that animal control should be called and they would probably know what to do...
  20. Lolas Dad

    Chris Grant gets 3 months.

    Back in January I posted a story about a guy in NYC named Chris Grant who kicked a dog in an elevator and was caught on tape. He pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. Glad the judge seen the scum for what it really is. Man Caught on Tape Kicking Dog Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty -