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    What is your favorite thing to do with your dog?

    my dog is a big ol' couch potatoe, and so am i, with 4 kids and my pei family, i like being on my resting board
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    Emma is wierd

    i have 1 sharpei that loves water. turn the shower on warm and he will just there for you to bath him. love the wrinkley fellows though.
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    Need help please!!!

    i agree, if he is not treating the animal properly, i would report them, abuse is how a breed get a bad rap, an d w as humans create it.
  4. IMG_0141jungle


    Theirs a new man in the house. Qu-Mings Welcome to the Jungle. He's crazy, loves to run, and loves Himself.
  5. Qu-Mings Master of Puppets

    Qu-Mings Master of Puppets

    Enjoying Nature
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    Important question- need all your opinions!

    i think crate taining is the best option, as pups they don't like it, as adults i leave the crates open, when i come home or at night, they sometimes are it. dogs are den animals, cover the crate, it makes like a cave, which goes back to the natural habitat. i see no problem with it.
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    New & saying Hello :)

    hello and welcome. mango sound beautiful, sometimes shy isn't so bad, keep taking her places and a lot of reward. i would have to say that comes from age 3-6 weeks, thats when dogs learn the most. good luck.
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    AAARRRHH she chewed open a battery!

    i have one, where trouble finds her, i have a thousand dog toys, and yet she chews everything but. my 4 yr old son doesn't help though, he constantly leaves stuff lying around, although he plays with the dog toys more then she does.
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    Multible sires possible?

    throughtout the females heat season, she drops eggs each day. so yes, she could get pregnant by more then one one male.
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    welcome, to the forum, i have found a lot of info on things here, any the group is very generous with helping. have fun
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    Little Question

    it must be lonely in the garage, all my guys have the comfort of my couch,chair and floor if they decide. they sleep in my childrens beds, at night, i never have any chewing or mess, my dogs actually look forward to bedtime. if we are late to get some shut eye, the dogs site by the stairs and...
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    My puppy won't eat!

    i agree sardines and tuna fish even, mixed in with his food, never seen a dog reject it.
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    looking for a breed

    Sharpies are a wonderful breed, bred for loyality, trains easy, very smart and funny too. meduim size dog, i have 6 and each one has a different personality.
  14. Qu-Mings Master of Puppets

    Qu-Mings Master of Puppets

    As Pretty as a picture
  15. Qu-Mings Master of Puppets

    Qu-Mings Master of Puppets

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    Comment by 'Qu-Ming Dances With W' in media 'jiggy_looking'

    i love these wrinkly little guys, however one day i went into a deep depression, they say people look like their pets, i cried to my husband for hours over this.
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