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  1. AmandaNola

    Nola at the beach and new lens

    Finally got the 35mm f/1.8 lens I've been lusting after, so Miss Nola and I took a trip to the beach this early afternoon to take some pictures. I'm still getting used to the focus, and re-learning to shoot in manual (that was what was broken on my old camera), and I'm too tired to edit tonight...
  2. AmandaNola

    The Duo

    Pike turned 15 weeks old yesterday, and I've had him a month tomorrow. Love this little guy, and so does Nola! He is the sweetest dog. He's absolutely shot up in hight this week. They bring out the idiot in each other. Or, as a friend said: "she looks high and he looks like he's on meth...
  3. AmandaNola

    Nola and Pike

    Well, little BoyPuppy is a few hours shy of 14 weeks old, and has been home 3 weeks on Sunday. Nola has been incredible with him. They get along better than I could've ever hoped for. I'm so glad Pike shares Nola's play style (aka "I'm not actually a Dachshund I'm a tasmanian devil). :p...
  4. AmandaNola

    Neutering: 12, 18 or 24 months?

    I want to start this off by saying I'm not looking to start an argument. :) I'm just looking for advice, since all the info I've read is making my head spin and I could use some input. Pike (currently 13 weeks) will be neutered. I don't want to deal with an intact dog long term, BUT I don't...
  5. AmandaNola

    Belly Piercing?

    Since yoga has finally given me the flat and toned belly I've been wanting, I'm considering getting my navel pierced. Anyone on here have theirs done? What was it like? How was the pain? How long was the healing time? Does it come out a lot? I have my ears (lobes) and nose (left side)...
  6. AmandaNola

    Using back ups?

    Does anyone else back up their dog's collar/harness? If so, what do you use? I just ordered the Liberty's Attachment for Nola.
  7. AmandaNola

    What's the rarest dog breed you've met?

    I've met: Komondor Coton De Tulur (no clue on spelling) Swedish Vallhund And I saw a dog that looked like a PyrShep, but didn't talk to the owners.
  8. AmandaNola

    NextDog has been decided!

    I've finally made a decision on what NextDog will be! I'll be getting it in 1-2 years, and it will be...... Drumroll...... A black or silver standard poodle!!!! Goes against everything I've said about wanting minimal grooming, but they fit me so well otherwise I'm willing...
  9. AmandaNola

    Canon or Nikon

    I know this can become a very heated debate (at least, it can on photography forms), but I am in no ways looking to start an argument. I'm only wanting to hear your preference and your reasons behind it. :) Long story short, my beloved Nikon D3100 is on it's last leg. The lens (18-55mm...
  10. AmandaNola

    Sighthounds with Small Dogs?

    In 2-5 years I'll be in the position to add another dog to the family. One of my dream breeds is a Saluki, and I would love to have one. Only probably is I worry about how they'd be with Nola, the 10.5lb lightening quick Dachshund. With their chasing tendencies, would they be a bad match for a...
  11. AmandaNola

    I'm an indecisive addict (or, help me choose a new Paco)

    Miss Nola will be getting another Paco after Christmas, and I need some help deciding on the design. And, sadly, I can only pick one. Okay, here's Nola: I'm considering: Mini Riesy in black, silver hardware, aqua or purple stones XDog Mini in black, silver hardware, with...
  12. AmandaNola

    Nola's Christmas Photo Shoot

    I needed Christmas card, blog header, blog profile, FB header, FB profile, forum avatars...anyway, I needed a lot of Christmas pics, and Miss Nola was more than happy to oblige! I swear, she is the biggest attention *****-er, camera ham, ever. :p More in a second
  13. AmandaNola

    Colors for Nola

    It's time to treat myself to another collar (or collars), and while I'm still undecided between leather or fabric, I need suggestions for colors for Nola. Most of her stuff is aqua, teal or purples (and black for leather), since they look striking against her coat, but I'd like to branch out...
  14. AmandaNola

    I need some advice, opinions and studies on vaccines

    I hope I'm not opening a huge can of worms with this topic, but I could really use some advice and opinions on this topic. If you have any helpful articles or studies to share, please do! I take Nola in for her yearly exam Friday morning, and for the past week I've been debating over whether...
  15. AmandaNola

    Does your dog look like it's gender?

    Just what the title says. :) I think Nola looks very girly and feminine. She's very muscular and strong looking, but there's a fineness to her features that screams female. She also has a very dainty, foxy head and large, soft eyes. Even though she's almost always decked out in blue, 98% of...
  16. AmandaNola

    Nola goes to the beach

    I took Miss Nola to the beach on Sunday, and what a beautiful day! Not that I'm taunting you northerners with a beach trip in November, or anything like that. :lol-sign: She had such a blast, as always. As soon as we turn onto the road leaning to the beach she's up against the window...
  17. AmandaNola

    Nola turns 3!

    I can't believe little Nola is 3 years old!! It really does feel like just yesterday she was a 2lb terror, and now she's a 10lb Tasmanian Devil. :p 8 weeks: 5ish months: 1 year: 2 years: Today, 3 years:
  18. AmandaNola

    What are you listening to?

    I need some new music, and was curious as to what y'all have on your playlists! My last played songs on iTunes were: Ordinary World - Duran Duran She is the sunlight - Trading Yesterday Love she can't live without - Clint Black Come undone - Duran Duran Forever and always - Parachute...
  19. AmandaNola

    Beach day

    I took Nola to the beach today, and holy crap it was hot! 98-102, oy. Thank god for ocean breezes and the beautiful water! We took a 4 mile walk and several swims, and then came home where she ran around the yard and wanted some training. Girl just goes goes goes! She has a flawless recall...
  20. AmandaNola

    Pick a breed from each group

    Inspired by the "breed or group" thread; pick a breed (or a few) from each group. You can choose on looks or personality alone, or pick a breed you'd actually own (if you choose that, please say!). Go! Hounds: Miniature Dachshund (own and would own again) Saluki (would own) Whippet (would...