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  1. MH<3dogs

    Can marrow bones kill the appetite?

    Did you check her teeth? I don't feed marrow bones anymore they are just too hard and have been known to break dogs teeth. I give Hannah ribs as a chew toy and while they don't last long like a marrow bone its just not worth the risk to me.
  2. MH<3dogs

    This is...

    She is gorgeous!
  3. MH<3dogs

    Lukey is a stud and Ophie is a ninja foodie princess.

    Those collars are amazing! I've ordered 3 collarmania collars this month. Love them!
  4. MH<3dogs


    She was such a pretty girl. Hugs... :(
  5. MH<3dogs

    Maddy with the buns *cute pics*

    That is just too adorable! I just lost my 9 year old rabbit Toby last month. I miss her so much so your pictures made me smile. She had free roam of my house and was more like a dog than a rabbit.
  6. MH<3dogs

    So... who's had enough of winter?

    Yes, winter can leave NOW!
  7. MH<3dogs

    Good thoughts for Luce, please.

    Good thoughts for Miss Luce and hugs to you!
  8. MH<3dogs

    4/52 : Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

    Oh! The Places You'll Go. by roxanncaputo, on Flickr Mom can we go some where, any where! NOW! Do you think she wants to go for a car ride? :rofl1:
  9. MH<3dogs

    5/52: Colours!

    Love Raja! and tell her daddy thank you! I still have to post my picture from last week. I took it but just have not had the time to post it. And I think I finally have an idea for this week.
  10. MH<3dogs

    First Day of Raw..

    Welcome to raw! :)
  11. MH<3dogs

    What do you feed your pets?

    Hannah- PMRaw Chessie and Jinx (cats)- crap! Been trying to switch them to raw but I've given up. I am going to be switching them to better food though. I think I'm going to go with GO! Toby (rabbit)- Oxbow Bunny Basics T pellets, timothy hay and veggies. Fruit for treats. She passed away...
  12. MH<3dogs

    3/52 : The eyes are the mirror of the soul.

    Do we have to post the photo to the threads as well? I've just putting mine here and in the group pool. :dunno:
  13. MH<3dogs

    My Hoss-Man. *Very long and picture heavy.*

    Beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog.
  14. MH<3dogs

    Traveler Screaming

    Glad to know Hannah is not the only one who does this! :rofl1:
  15. MH<3dogs

    Guess what.....

    Lucky dogs! Great photos. I want to get Hannah one of those "Bitch" collars but I'm not sure what color I want! :D
  16. MH<3dogs

    Nationally ranked Luce!

    Woohoo! Congrats! Way to go ladies! :hail:
  17. MH<3dogs

    2/52 : Everything is Black and White

    Everything is Black and White by roxanncaputo, on Flickr
  18. MH<3dogs

    I Am Dog Fighter

    Professional fighters make that decision on their own to fight. They are not forced to do it. Plus they probably make a living doing it. Pitbulls don't make that decision on their own they are forced to do so. And while the winners might be treated well eventually they won't be able to fight...
  19. MH<3dogs

    How many sexual partners have you had?

    My BF was my first but I'm getting bored. Is that terrible? In my defense he's done it with 8 other girls.