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  1. YodelDogs

    Non-shedding or longhaired breeds

    I'm sorry for the delayed response. I don't visit here as often as I used to. In the past, it was common for Basenjis to be aloof, independent, and sharp tempered but breeders have done an excellent job in turning this around. A well-bred, well-socialized Basenji is eager to meet everyone. Many...
  2. YodelDogs

    Non-shedding or longhaired breeds

    Have you considered a Basenji? There is almost no grooming involved, they have no odor, and shedding is barely noticable. You will never be able to go to the bathroom alone again. Basenjis are energizer bunnies. Well socialized Basenjis are very friendly to people but many grow up to...
  3. YodelDogs

    Anybody heard of this breeder? (Lab)

    Actually, their dogs are underweight for the AKC show ring. Today's show Labs are seriously obese and their dogs are better conditioned. That right there is enough for them to do poorly at AKC shows. (To be honest, I prefer the more moderate type on this site than the dogs in the show ring.)...
  4. YodelDogs

    Free e-book exposing truth about sheltering and Animal Rights groups

    Thank you. I downloaded it and will read when I have the time.
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    Grooming for a senior dog? Also medical question

    I loved my Pomeranian's beautiful coat but when she reached her teens, she progressively grew difficult about brushing. Her skin seemed more sensitive and she no longer enjoyed it. I took a pair of scissors and cut her coat down to about an inch long. It wasn't pretty but she loved it. I could...
  6. YodelDogs

    So much whining!!!!

    Each girl is an individual. When those hormones are surging they will often exhibit unusual behaviors. When my two girls were in season this last time, they were excessively whiny and nervous. This was very unusual as it is usually the boys who are noisy and obnoxious.
  7. YodelDogs

    New Addition... "Toy Aussie"

    If you can find out the name of the pet store you can report them. They are breaking the law for selling puppies under 8 weeks of age and if the state has a lemon law they may be breaking that law also. If enough people report pet stores breaking laws then they will go out of business or at...
  8. YodelDogs

    Single coated breeds...

    Basenji - self-grooming, no odor, and viryually no shedding
  9. YodelDogs

    Quick question about puppy litters

    They are small enough and young enough to litter box train. It isn't hard to do but it does require a good deal of patience and repetition. With that many pups, I would use a plastic container like you use to store things under the bed. It's low enough that they can get in but high enough to...
  10. YodelDogs

    Quick question about puppy litters

    How old are the puppies right now? What breed or approximate size?
  11. YodelDogs

    Is it stupid to be set on a color for your dog?

    I don't mind if prospective homes have a color and gender preference but I draw the line at marking preferences. I have so few puppies available and since I don't make my final selection until they are 8 weeks, I tell (pre-screened) prospective homes that if they are open to color and gender I...
  12. YodelDogs

    Breed Guess

    It is not unusual for homesteaders to cross different breeds of livestock guardians together. Some do it because they believe in "hybrid vigor". Others do it because they can't find another of that breed near enough. And still others cross breeds because working ability is more important to them...
  13. YodelDogs

    Watch A Litter Of Puppies Grow

    I am not sure if this is the appropriate section or even if it is appropriate for me to put this on here at all so if I have erred, please let me know and I will remove it. I decided to document the birth and growth of my current litters of Basenji puppies on Facebook. I started with a...
  14. YodelDogs

    Breeder Questionnaires

    This assumes that the breeder has no further contact other than a questionnaire with a potential buyer. I would not consider a breeder like that to be responsible. I have always done my screening over the phone. I have a conversation with the potential buyer, interjecting questions as part...
  15. YodelDogs

    Breeder Questionnaires

    Thank you to everyone who responded. I have never used questionnaires with my litters as I have always felt that people are more likely to be dishonest with their answers when they have time to think about an answer than if speaking directly to them on the phone and they have to answer right...
  16. YodelDogs

    Breeder Questionnaires

    How do you feel about breeders using questionnaires? Do you prefer them as a means of first communication or do you have a different preference? What kind of questions do you like seeing on a questionnaire? What kind of questions do you feel uncomfortable answering? Is there anything about a...
  17. YodelDogs

    Ivermectin for Dogs?

    Same here. I buy Ivomec injectable. As OutlineACDs said, you give 1/10 of a ml/cc per 10 pounds orally, once per month. I use one of those really small syringes to measure. A 50 ml bottle is normally under $40 and does my entire household for about 2 years or so. A huge savings over buying...
  18. YodelDogs

    Pregnant neapolitan

    A pregnant or nursing female will require considerably more food than any other time. She needs a good quality puppy food or a well-balanced raw food diet. If she does not get the right balance of nutrition, she could have problems like eclampsia or the pups could be deformed or unhealthy.
  19. YodelDogs

    Seven week neo after mating

    Any sounds you would hear would just be the mother's stomach rumbling or gas. You may be able to feel them move soon though. When the mother (dam) is relaxed and laying on her side, gently rest your palm on her side. It will feel like a flutter. If it is a very small litter you probably won't...
  20. YodelDogs

    Curious . . . 'Doodles and 'Poos

    Some people are trying to cash in on the success of *real* Australian Labradoodles and are using the name incorrectly. Two breeders in Australia with the kennel names Rutland Manor and Tegan Park have been developing a new breed for decades. They started with Lab x Poodle crosses and bred...