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    BF/GF expenses 50/50 or?

    For any of you that are in a serious relationship and/or married, do you pay 50/50? How do you split the expenses? For my situation, usually he pays all the food bills when we go out to eat together, once in a while I will offer to pay for a nice meal to be nice and as a thank you. I pay...
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    Planting herbs tips?

    I've been contemplating growing my own fresh herbs at home as I use quite a variety very very frequently in my cooking. Usually I pay $3 for a tiny bunch in stores and I find myself buying these from week to week which really adds up! Anyone have tips for growing at home? I've never grown...
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    Your one favorite dish

    I'm trying to inspire myself to cook more and try more recipes so... Just like the title says, what is your one favourite dish? It can be anything from salad, to entree to dessert. Also if you have it and are willing to share, please post the recipe so others can try it too!
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    For all you coffee drinkers

    I'm looking to buy some fancy specialty coffee for some people for Christmas. Unfortunately we are in a family that has no coffee drinkers. In fact I'm slightly intolerant/allergic to caffeine so I need all your help! I'm looking for specialty/artisan coffee of very high quality, beans or...
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    Staying with SO's parents for Christmas, what gift to bring??

    We've just decided that I'm going to be staying with my boyfriend's mom's family for a week around Christmas. They live 5000 km away and I've never met them yet! They're very kindly having me over for a week, what kind of gifts can I bring to thank them for having me?? I did buy...
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    Where do you throw out dog poop?

    The poop eating dog thread got me thinking. Where do you guys throw out dog poop that you pick up?? For us, we don't have a yard so poop is always picked up in bags. If we're at the park, it goes in the park trash but just walks around the neighbourhood leaves us nowhere to dispose of the...
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    Recommend me an artist to commission?

    I'm thinking about getting my 15 year old cousin a commissioned artwork of either a painted horse, or more preferably a horse and herself for Christmas. I think a lot of you know great artists on etsy or otherwise. Could you guys recommend me some people to check out? I'm looking for a...
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    Roaming Dog to Reliable Recall

    There's a young dog at the shelter that we've decided to visit this week. He's supposed to be a Lab/BC mix that was living on a reserve. The thing is, he's always roamed as he pleases and the shelter says he's prone to roam around and doesn't really care about following a specific...
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    Suddenly Ongoing Loose Stools?

    I thought I'd ask you guys for some opinions. Nia is a dog that can eat anything, switch to any brand of dog food and eat any kind of treats/tablescraps/raw/kibble with no problems at all. She's has an iron stomach, well that is until about 3 weeks ago. She was put under for a...
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    Buying Meat in Bulk (quarters and sides)

    I know some of you guys are eating Paleo and I was wondering if anyone has tried to buy a quarter grass-fed or side of grass-fed cow? I've recently discovered there are quite a lot of farms around my area that sell either grass-fed, grain finished or grass-fed, grass finished beef in bulk...
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    Loose Front Tooth?

    Do you guys have any advice for a loose front tooth? Nia has pretty good teeth until she started living part time with my mother this year. My mom feeds her a lot of people food like steak, salmon, ground beef, etc, but doesn't brush her teeth and now Nia has some tartar build up. My...
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    Russian vs North American Borzoi?

    I don't know much (if anything) about Borzois but is there a significant difference in structure/temperament/size/coat/whatever else that is different between North American Borzois and Russian Borzois? Other than that, tell me more about 'zois.
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    Portrait/Prints of Your Dog (helping friend raise money for vet care)

    A close friend of mine recently got laid off from her job because their store closed. However, 2 days ago, her dog was hit by a car because his collar broke when he took off after a squirrel. He's hit pretty badly with a fractured hip, one broken leg and various degrees of internal damage...
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    Single Malt Scotch Drinkers Help!

    Any single malt scotch drinkers? What's your favourite scotch? I'm looking to buy a nice bottle for someone but I don't drink scotch and don't know anything about it. Any suggestions? Price range between 70-130. I think so far, I'm thinking between Ardbeg Uigeadail Caol Ila...
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    Would you work 75-90 hours a week in exchange for wealth

    I find this topic very interesting. Much of my own family are bankers and hedge fund managers so I see personally how much they work... However, the current standard for new recruits in these types of careers literally have new grads working 75-90+ hours a week. Family members have worked 3...
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    Dog Nails Help!!

    Our Cavalier is terrible with her nails. She absolutely will not let us do them. She lets us hold her foot and touch her nails but the moment we have a clipper in the room and she knows it's there she won't even take treats and hides. Also if we hold her paw and forcefully tries to do it...
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    Christmas stockings

    Do you guys give/get Christmas stockings? What have you gotten in previous years? I'm trying to get ideas to stuff stockings for people!
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    Breed that's a Border Collie without the Reactivity/Sound Issues?

    Guys, help me out. I can't for the life of me decide on a breed no matter how much I try. I keep thinking I want a BC, I want a BC but then I keep seeing how reactive and/or sensitive they are to things like noise, storm, etc. and I really don't want to deal with that. Other than Koolies...
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    Happy 5th Nia! Balloons, hats and cake!

    Nia turned 5 today! Happy birthday little one, here's to 15 more! I bought her a liver cake and some carob truffles. The I tortured the dog a bit... To the bestest dog ever. Happy birthday <3
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    Help! Cleaning leather

    How does one clean a leather belt? What do I buy and how do I do it?? I have a white leather belt and a white wallet that I love but because of wearing jeans all the time it's turning a disgusting shade of bluish grey. I don't want to toss them out because they were expensive and the...