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  1. Keechak

    Lark's next litter

    Think pregnant thoughts! Lark was bred last week to the stud of choice!
  2. Keechak

    Intact males + females

    For days 1-10 she is allowed out with the boys with her diaper on, crated when we are not there. On days 10-14 she is kept exclusively separated from them, on different floors of the house behind multiple doors when we are gone and EVERYONE is crated when we are not home. After day 14, and...
  3. Keechak

    Lark's next litter

    We have decided that if it's ok with the stud dog owner we may move the breeding up to her next heat cycle which should be around February-March.
  4. Keechak


    I built a gaming PC and play lots of games.
  5. Keechak

    Human Remains Detection

    Solo is doing well with his HRD training. Took him out today and hid some HR in the wood pile. Showed him his toy, and told him to "Seek" and he got right to work looking around, zero'ed in on the wood pile that was about 10 feet away from him and started sniffing around it. his nose made...
  6. Keechak

    Tell me about forced air dryers

    I too own and love my Metro Air Force Commander
  7. Keechak

    Father and Son

    Solo is 55 pounds now, he weighs more than Hawk!
  8. Keechak

    Father and Son

    Solo is 9 months old already, he is looking part adult and part puppy and all in all a little fluffier.
  9. Keechak

    Lark's next litter

    Planing has started for Lark's next litter. At this time this is the top pick for the stud dog. Ch Diamond Aire Total Eclipse OTDdsc DNA-VP "Clipper" He has produced a few litters already with both related and outside bitches, All puppies he has produced have have good bites as well...
  10. Keechak

    LH Whippet vs Silken vs Borderwhippet

    Forgive me my possible ignorance, but what always struck me as odd is the fact that long haired whippets and Silken Windhounds both have abnormally high percentage of their populations with the MDR1 mutation gene. A gene not known to occur in Whippets or Borzoi. I had always thought the...
  11. Keechak

    Keechak Puppies are 6 months old!

    Then here is Nyx, her litter name was Raven. When she was 5 weeks old. And now "Keechak's Rise of the Phoenix" And of course my keeper boy which I share enough photos of so you can check my other threads. Here is Solo, his litter name was Martin. At 5 weeks old. and now...
  12. Keechak

    Keechak Puppies are 6 months old!

    Time for an update on how all the puppies are looking! First here is Bess, her litter name was Wren. When she was 5 weeks old. And now "Keechak's Singing Wren" Any Here is Tyllie, her litter name was Owl. When she was 5 weeks old. And now "Keechak's Night Owl"
  13. Keechak

    Photo update, Solo's big!

    When did my little boy get so big?
  14. Keechak

    Team Keechak, Jolly Tournament!

    She really needed a black and white striped one to be the referee.
  15. Keechak

    Dog pants. Pants for dogs.

    Anything cloth and velcro and cheap. I bought a $30 pair from a specialty shop and they never fit her right, then I went and bought a $5 pair from a discount bin at a dog show and they fit perfect.
  16. Keechak

    Team Keechak, Jolly Tournament!

    I picked up some super cheap Ruffwear Track Jackets ($3.99 each!) and when they came in the mail I, of course, put them on all of the dogs. I then stated that it looked like they were a sports team, we also bought a 14" hard jolly ball so the Photoshoot was destined!
  17. Keechak

    Just a quick Solo Update

    4.5 months old and starting to look pretty awkward
  18. Keechak

    Stacked Dogs

    Breed: Australian Shepherd Age: 7 Sex: Male Weight: 48 pounds Height: around 20" Breed: Australian Shepherd Age: 3 Sex: Female Weight: 37 pounds Height: neavered measured but my guess is around 19" Breed: Australian Shepherd Age: 13 Sex: Female Weight: 38 pounds Height...
  19. Keechak

    Solo and Sister

    Nyx and Tyllie's owners have sent me new pictures this week! Here is Nyx (aka Raven) And here is Tyllie (aka Owl)
  20. Keechak

    Menstrual cups

    Do the cups lessen cramps just for tampon users or do those who used to only use pads notice easier cramps as well? cause I have heard several people talk about cramps being better.