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  1. Cinnamon00

    Miss my old friends, miss Messina

    sorry for your loss
  2. Cinnamon00

    Chihuahua Puppy Purebred?

    She does look purebred but she's a cutie.
  3. Cinnamon00

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    Here's pics of my little man. he's 2.5 months gonna be 3 months in 2 weeks and he's a miniature pinscher mix.
  4. Cinnamon00

    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Presenting my new Puppy. Him and Luna are still getting acquainted.
  5. Cinnamon00

    Your Dog/s Bedtime/Wakeup Time

    Luna goes to sleep around 10:30, she'll go into my arms to let me know it's time to put her in her bed, or she'll go to it herself. She wakes up around the same time I do 7:45-8am.
  6. Cinnamon00

    Your family + your pets

    I'm the dog person at home. I do the training, walking, feeding, etc. My family helps out when they can and when I have school hrs. But it's mostly me. Luna loves all my family tho <3.
  7. Cinnamon00

    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    1. Sweet 2. Smart 3. Lazy
  8. Cinnamon00

    Snapshot from your day

    Luna at the Dog Park
  9. Cinnamon00

    What would have you named your dog?

    I wanted to name Luna------> Bella but got out voted by my sibs :rofl1:
  10. Cinnamon00

    Favourite Dog Movies!

    Homeward Bound 1&2 Beethoven 1&2 Marley & Me-Never fails to make me cry Lazzie-All movies Eight Below
  11. Cinnamon00

    You scold your dog. How does he/she react?

    I don't scold her that much but Luna usually stops what she's doing and listens. When it's my dad doing it though she gets terrified. I don't blame her though, he can be way scary when he's angry :lol-sign:. Once I tell her "good girl" cuz she listens, she'll get happy.
  12. Cinnamon00

    If your dogs could talk, what voice would they be?

    Luna has a high pitched little girl voice LOL. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who does this with her dog :rofl1:.
  13. Cinnamon00

    What is something you wish you had done (or done differently) with your dog(s)?

    With Cinnamon I wish I would have done all the things I did right with Luna. But I learned from the mistakes I made in the past and am trying to do right by Luna now.
  14. Cinnamon00

    If one of your dogs could live forever...

    ****, I can't choose. I thought I could but I can't.
  15. Cinnamon00

    Dog Gone Mad

    People like that SHOULD not have a dog. Poor Bear though, my heart breaks for him. If he's not given back to them, and I hope he's not.... I pray that he finds a better home out there. He deserves a chance. P.s You did the right thing, at least, hopefully, he'll be safer without those owners.
  16. Cinnamon00

    The most favorite picture of your dog EVER

    These are my fave pics of my Luna:
  17. Cinnamon00

    Snapshot from your day

    Luna relaxing on her favorite chair outside.
  18. Cinnamon00

    Vibes? -Uncle's dog

    Vibes your way and I'm sorry for your loss :(.
  19. Cinnamon00

    Licking the Plate?

    Nope :)