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  1. Tahla9999

    So..... What do you think of Off Grid?

    I... enjoy watching people live off the grid on tv, if that counts. As for me, nooooooo. I'm planning to enter into freelance illustration as well as try to be an artist for the animation industry so just not viable to me. Also, I'm a lover of convenience and like to have the things I may...
  2. Tahla9999

    Ferguson, MO

    Um, where in any of my post am I defending ANYONE who calls for violence. I want a fair trial to occur. I want all the facts of the case out before I make a stand on whether or not he is guilty.
  3. Tahla9999

    Ferguson, MO

    Compared to what was thought that would have occurred if Zimmerman was acquitted, which was a wide spread violence from that segment of the community who would riot in the streets and create havoc, yes that is very small. Not to dismiss what happen as it should not have happen, but those are...
  4. Tahla9999

    Ferguson, MO

    Yes, remember when Zimmerman went to jail just because people wanted to appease a certain segment of the population who threaten World War 3 if that didn't happen! Imagine if he was acquitted, we would have had a complete disaster on our hands!
  5. Tahla9999

    Ferguson, MO

    Keep in mind I'm saying "if". If he did do it then yes, he needs to be punished no matter what occurred before the end result. Keep in mind there are other witness who claimed almost the exact same thing the key witness stated. When the news came to interview the residence, a women describe...
  6. Tahla9999

    Ferguson, MO

    Okay, lets pretend that the story of the events did begin the way Darren Wilson claimed. That this guy tried to grab for his gun and fought him for it, but ended the way the eye witness accounts claimed it ended. That Michael Brown ran off and while he was running away, the police officer kept...
  7. Tahla9999

    Ferguson, MO

    It has nothing to do with not wanting the police around and everything to do with calling out the police when they abuse their power and making sure that when they do abuse it, for those individuals to be punished. I have heard anti police rhetoric from ALL people of all colors. That is to be...
  8. Tahla9999

    Unprovoked Dog Attack

    I have been following dog attacks/fatalities for quite some time now. I follow them because for one, I have a breed that tends to be number 1 in serious attacks and I've always wanted to know why. I use to think that dog attacks were mostly provoked, but in my time keeping up with them, I find...
  9. Tahla9999

    Do you like where you live?

    I live in Birmingham, Alabama and the biggest plus here is that half my family lives here( the other half leaves in Florida). Other than that, Alabama is just "meh." There is a very noticeable divide of poor and rich. Alabama is still very segregated, and there are some stores in the richer...
  10. Tahla9999

    The Winter Semester Thread!

    Just finished my first week and it was tough! I have taken all of my required classes that had nothing to do with my major and now it is all art classes from here on out, but don't let anyone fool you that art classes are easy. I'm taking 2d design, Computer graphics and layout, Renaissance art...
  11. Tahla9999

    What is your ideal pack?

    My plan is two dogs, either sport/sighthound combo or sport/herding dog combo. This is way in the future for me though. Like, many many years in the future since I'm still in college and I want to be able to start my career and have a steady income before I even think of getting another dog. Kai...
  12. Tahla9999

    Ever own a breed of dog you didn't like?

    Interesting enough, while many APBTs I meet are either a hit or miss, every single American Bully that came along, even those who were given to the shelter, I ended up falling in love with them. I even considered owning one in the future. That personality they have... I ended up with a chow...
  13. Tahla9999

    Update in depth..

    What a horrible year! I really hope things start looking good for you.
  14. Tahla9999

    The Outlaw

    He so is! Love him!
  15. Tahla9999

    Annoying dogs...

    I don't find them annoying, I just find them tiring, especially the crazy ones. When I was volunteering at my animal shelter every week, I am so excited to go there, but at the end I couldn't wait to leave. One of the reasons I change my major from pre-vet. Dealing with stress out dogs all day...
  16. Tahla9999

    Desperate help for stray

    Good news. I found a place that would take her and if she proves adoptable, they will do a spray abort and put her up for adoption. She is such great dog temperament wise so she should past it, but she also has to past a health test and I so hope that she does. I'm going to be keeping an eye on...
  17. Tahla9999

    Desperate help for stray

    Thanks, I'll send them a message.
  18. Tahla9999

    Desperate help for stray

    Yes, they were full too. The thing is, Birmingham is a pit bull city. Pit bulls are the most popular dogs here so the pit bull rescues here tend to be already overflowing with dogs.
  19. Tahla9999

    Desperate help for stray

    A Place to Bark just responded and said they were full and don't do out of state( understandable). Still waiting for the other to respond.
  20. Tahla9999

    Desperate help for stray

    I've just sent a message to both places. The Peaceful Pit Bull Humane Society in Alabama just told me they shared her story on facebook, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If anyone needs my actual address, it is 1624 30th St. Ensley in Birmingham, Alabama. I might be able to convince my...