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    Puppy toe amputation (post-surgery)

    Awww poor puppy. I wish i could help you out with some suggestions but i have none. But i will wish Dimity a speedy recovery.
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    Greetings from Atlanta

    Hi wendy I'm Flo mom to Odo and Nanna to Odie. We live just up the road from you also. Watkinsville just out of Athens. Welcome to Chazhound!! Your pic did not work for me.
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    What are your favorite Christmas songs?

    Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire Oh Holy Night Little Drummer Boy Winter Wonderland...:D Those are my favorites but i do really like them all.
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    Can you raed tihs?

    Yep seen this before...But spelling is still important, you still have to know what letters are in the But i thought it was really neat.
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    Cleaning teeth

    :confused: :( .What issues? Do you mean like breaking their teeth??
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    Cleaning teeth

    In the food forum there is a sticky that was posted about freezing before ever giving it to your dog. This is the link.... Then there are many other links in there to follow concerning the neosporosis canineum parasite. :eek: I think...
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    Cleaning teeth

    Ok thanks i will have my daughter pick up some bones from the butcher. Thanks for the info.
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    Cleaning teeth

    Ok the advice in here on raw bones is very good. But one more question. Assuming you take one out of the freezer and give to the dog. How long will it remain good before you should throw it out. Will it spoil over night? Should you refrigerate it over night,and give back to them the next day?
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    Cleaning teeth

    Thanks saje i will try the neck bones.
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    Cleaning teeth

    Just a couple of questions here on the raw bones... 1: are you supposed to freeze the bones before using them... 2: what size or how much for a small dog, (10 to 20 lb's) Odo has had raw bones but he would throw up afterwards, does this mean i should not give them to him?? Edit: quigley's...
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    Potty -- one word or two?

    LOL...I use the PeePee one to. But i use three. If i am asking if they want to go out to potty. So if i am just letting them out to stay a while i don't say anything else, just let them go...Now if it is cold and i want them to hurry i say go peepee, poopoo and i tell them hurry, then i waite on...
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    illustrated gundog tales

    I really liked your stories, and i love your art. Thanks for sharing.:D
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    Home alone with Daddy’s Girl

    Awwwww poor girl. Sorry she misses daddy so much. Guess mommy is going to have her hands full. Hope the weeks go by quickly. Maybe try giving her one of his shirts that hasen't been washed.
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    Mucky pup!

    LOL that is just to cute. Bonnie is thinking : Hey if you wash me i will just do it again, every time i make myself all pretty you go and wash me .... Awwwwwwww DRAT!!!!!:D
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    Ignore List

    I agree with Meggie. If i don't like what another person to say i just read through a thread and when i see there name i either pass it up and go to the next post, or read it and shake my head and roll eyes:rolleyes: and ignore them any way. And if a tree falls in the forest and no one is...
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    Mordy...or anyone who........

    Thank you so much for the link Mordy. That is the one i was talking about. It is a real big help to have pic's with the instructions. Very good info on that site. Now to get started introducing them to the dremel. I will try The positions that you have suggested, and if i have any questions i...
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    Mordy...or anyone who........

    might be able to help. Mordy i read your post where you use a dremel to do your dogs nails. I got a dremel tool today and i wondered if you might be able to give me some pointers on how to go about doing Odo and Odie's nails. ...Like what angle to hold the dremel ...what position to put...
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    Signature Pics

    Sorry but there is no Avatar or signature showing on posts,Try again.
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    Pack of Dogs Kill Croc In Florida

    Yep I'd say that crock was out numbered. What tough vicious dogs you have. :p They are precious
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    Here you go link to Christian Photo