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    Mordy...or anyone who........

    might be able to help. Mordy i read your post where you use a dremel to do your dogs nails. I got a dremel tool today and i wondered if you might be able to give me some pointers on how to go about doing Odo and Odie's nails. ...Like what angle to hold the dremel ...what position to put...
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    Shiver Me

    The weather has gotten a little cool...It feels good to me and i keep my windows open all day and night. Well Odo and Odie are about to shake out of their skin....Poor babies. I have had to break out the winter blankies so they can huddle up in them. I just know they are saying MOM!!!!Please...
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    If anyone knows.......

    I really would appreciate an answer... Our dogs have suffered from a lot of dry skin this year. Someone told me to put Avon's, skin-so-soft on them and it would help it. I am afraid to do it because i don't want to poison them...Has any one ever done this????, and is it safe????
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    Live 8 Concert

    Anyone watching...I mean it is over on tv but it is being rebroadcast on the net. I clicked on the london one it has paul McCartney and Madona, Elton John,. You can watch it or listen to it while you are in the froums.. It aired...
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    Odo and the BIG bone

    I gave Odo a big ham bone today. I decided to put him on the back porch with the bone, it still had some meat on it. The first thing he did was grab it and take off into the yard with it. The bone was almost as big as he Then he tore into that bone like he had not eat in a week... After...
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    Odo was tramatized

    Over the week end we had a funeral to attend. We had to leave the dog's alone for about 8 Hr's on Monday. My sister was here from TN. with her little dashhound. None of them are used to being left alone. So we put My sisters dog in my room...he did good. Odie in his own room...He did good. And...
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    I am so sad today

    I have been gone most of the day and have just returned at 12:30 Am. My poor cousin is in the hospital. It seems he passed out yesterday and is now believed to be brain dead. He was not breathing for about 15 min. before they finely got him back. But sadly it is probable to late. They were...
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    Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers Day!!! to all of you out there. Human mom's and furry mommies too. Hope you all have a nice one.
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    Need to get this off my chest.

    I know you guys have been here a long time and have probably been over and over this topic. But being new at this and having just came across it, i have learned a lot in a short time. I have to say, thank you chazhound for this forum so i, and many others could learn. And thank you for all the...
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    Cas chambers!!! I am appalled!!!!

    I never knew they did this kind of thing..I am so sad to call myself human. Hello. My name is "Lost Soul" and I'm a stray mutt mix who was found by an animal control officer when I was trying to find food in somebody's garbage can. I'm starving, skinny and scared. I'm 3 years old, and my...
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    Just had to share this pic.

    This is my 10 mo. old grandson Chandler.. The weather was great so we took him out into the yard so he could walk on the grass bare-foot for the first time. And he spots his first flower(weed) lol...So he goes to pick it. Just had to share it . It was so cute.
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    Timmy's Story

    Hi my name is Timmy, I want to tell you that I had a very good life. I was just a little pup when I went to live with my first mommy. She was young herself,so we got along very well.We would run and play games like fetch and just roll in the grass.We would stay up late at night and talk on the...
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    Putting pic'c in your signature..Help!

    Ok i think i have it we will see when this post goes up.
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    Black nose Pink nose???

    WE noticed the other day that our white shepered's nose was a pinkish white color. This looked kind of strange to us. Her nose has always been black. Is this a warning that something may be wrong?? Please help if you know!
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    four new members here!

    Good evening, Have been looking around a lot in the past two days. Thought it was time to introduce ourselves. In the pic above is (black dog) Odo Onyx/JRT (saddle color) Sir otis/JRT, we call him Odie. In the profile pic. you will see the white shepard. Her name is Shenzie. She is really my...