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    Bad breath solution for dogs? Any suggestions?

    Weekly tooth-brushing helped alleviate my dog's bad breath, I think that is the best way to go. I haven't used a spray however.
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    Hi! I put my dog on Trifexis yesterday after not having success against fleas with Frontline. Has anyone used this product for their dog? If so did you notice the fleas being reduced or any side effects to your dog? Thanks for the help!
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    Riley earned his 3rd leg

    Looks like a speedster! Very cool pics!
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    Small lump/bump

    I would say it's probably a calcium or fat deposit. My dog has gotten those as he's aged. He's got some small ones and a couple larger lumps mostly on his side and underbelly. The vet said that all of them were fine and that it wouldn't affect him.
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    WARNING! Zinc poisoning in dogs!

    Thanks for the info! I'll keep the spare change away from my dog now!
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    Tick SUCK

    I use Advantix, but it hasn't really worked for me. Every time we take our dog hiking he seems to get ticks for days after and they are still alive. Thankfully our dog has short, tan hair so its not too hard to spot the ticks
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    Dangers of Ordering Pet Meds Online

    I recently called our vet to have them verify to 1-800-petmeds that our dog was up to date on his examinations in order to purchase heartworm and frontline medications from We were told by our veterinarian that they no longer verify that information for online pet medication...
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    toxic plants

    Thanks for the information, I'll keep an eye out so my dog doesn't get into anything toxic