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    Adopting a rescue...question!

    Hi all! Been a long time since I've posted... I am looking to adopt a rescue, and came across a pit bull that was cross posted from Houston (I am in Seattle). I am nervous about adopting a dog that I haven't met, but she sounds PERFECT. She is 3 years old, and the rescue says she is a total...
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    Majorly mixed feelings....

    Whoaaaa, how on earth did this thread get brought back up!!???? Wrote this over 10 years ago!!!!!
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    Dogs, beds & babies...

    Hiiiiiii!!! Me again! This time, I'm preggers and trying to think ahead, as I do plan on co-sleeping with the baby. Oakley sleeps in bed with us, and ultimately, space isn't an issue (we have a king), but I'm worried about how Oakley is even going to react to a baby in the first place...
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    Train a dog to poop in one spot?

    Hi all! Been awhile.... Oakley has been doing really well! As he is aging, he has mellowed and is even getting along(sorta) with my little niece and nephews! And is doing fantastic health wise... Ppl still think he is a puppy despite being 11! Anyways...we are moving into our...
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    Menstrual cups

    OMG, sorry, but I just laughed so hard!!!
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    Cute and comfy black flats?

    most flats have a narrow toe box which just isn't good for your feet. I'm in love with my 'Mr. Softees' by Aerosoles. They feel like you are wearing slippers! They aren't supportive at all, but are pretty cushiony. I have extra inserts in mine (although a big orthotic likely would not fit).
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    Menstrual cups

    yep, i have the Diva cup, and while I love it, I have the same issue sometimes. 1st, make sure the little holes are all cleared out...if they are clogged, it usually won't open right. I just fold one side in, and (i don;t know how to describe this....), rather than put the entire thing all...
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    Does Your Dog Invent Rules?

    Ah!! This is like Oakley!!! He has his chin on the bed & is whining & barking wanting to get up...yet WILL. NOT. GET. IN. There are times where I have to give him treats to persuade him to get in the bed (like at 3am when he is just whining & won't stop!!) Drives me bonkers... And other...
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    Itchy itchy Oakley :(

    thanks for the tips!! I re-looked today, and he is getting a few 'mild' (if you can call them that) hot spots. I JUST realized we switched his food (DUH!!!), but am not sure how quickly that could cause a reaction... we ran out of his "I and Love and You" raw turkey dehydrated food while...
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    Itchy itchy Oakley :(

    So as you may have seen, we just moved across the country with Oakley. Since we've been here, he has been super itchy. I've visually checked for fleas, and haven't seen any. He seems to be kinda itchy all over (but mainly is biting at his butt, above his tail, and then scratching his...
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    Cross Country doggy road trip!

    haha, don't think I have posted since I;ve gotten married :) Good news, Oaks loves the hubby! It's actually pretty hilarious, sometimes I think he has an internal struggle of whom he likes better...especially if we aren't in the same room. here are some pics from our wedding -...
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    Cross Country doggy road trip!

    Hi All, Been awhile since I've last posted!!! Hubby & I are moving across the country to Seattle, WA at the end of May, and of course, Oakley is coming with us. Would love to hear any tips anyone may have... Oakley does fine in the car from the few times I have taken him on day trips...
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    doggy nausea?

    Thanks for the thoughts. It really doesn't seem to be consistent with meal times (or certain times after meals). If anything, it is more delayed/related to stress. I'm really hesitant to give an acid-reducer -- in humans, acid is not produced when a dog is stressed, so these are crazily...
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    doggy nausea?

    Ok, so I kinda posted about this before, thinking that spreading feedings would help..but I just don't think that is it. He has thrown up here or there just an hour or two after eating. Or will exhibit other nausea signs. I talked to the vet/vet behavioralist & she was not exactly helpful...
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    So we saw the Vet Behavioralist...

    I had made the appointment back in March, but she was so backed up that we just finally had it ~ 2 wks ago. $645 later, can't say I'm entirely thrilled...but hoping you guys can help fill in some gaps. Here were the big takeaways: 1) She says he is likely nauseous a lot, which is why he...
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    Moving with Oakley - tips?

    Thanks, that is super helpful to hear about your successes when you moved! We also discussed making Oakley's schedule MUCH more strict. Because of my crazy work hours before (and my mom's when Oakley lived with my parent's), he has NEVER had a consistent schedule. He has always seemed to do...
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    TMJ sufferers - some questions

    TMJ issues are often because of upper cervical issues (this creates tension at the jaw musculature & can pull at the joint, affecting it's placement). You definitely want to avoid any sort of dental intervention if your bite is good until you've had your neck cleared by a physical therapist...
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    Crazy greyhound is crazy!

    Oh, goodness!!! SO adorable! She looks like she is having a BLAST! those are some great action shots!
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    Moving with Oakley - tips?

    Thanks, Yah...when we try to take privileges away, Oakley just incessently barks/whines/gets super aggressive (to the point of dangerous)...and with roommates, it is tough to work through. Will be easier without, but we also don't want to get ourselves kicked out!
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    Moving with Oakley - tips?

    Alright, so as a sort of update to this thread: We've been doing the mat training from the book, but have gotten a bit stuck with the it is really hard to grade them (he doesn't react to a doorbell on...