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    Attention Breed Experts

    I know this might sound crazy since you said you didn't want hair, but you might consider a Belgian Tervuren. In my brief experience, (the past year) Niko has had one major coat blow that was handled very well by a professional grooming/ blow out. Otherwise than that brief period, he hardly...
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    What happened?

    I am in the same boat Hi Doberluv We were active on this forum around the same time and also wandered back around the same time LOL I also had no idea how to find the facebook group and I am very glad I now no what it is called. I miss how active this forum was too but still like to...
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    Preparing for my first shedding apocalypse. Advice? Experiences?

    Hi! Thanks for the response. :) Living with a Terv has been great. I haven't raised a puppy in 20 years and being involved with Niko's breeder before he was even conceived and seeing him develop every step of the way was so cool. I lucked out with a great breeder who is so supportive and was...
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    Preparing for my first shedding apocalypse. Advice? Experiences?

    Hi Everyone I think my 10 month old Belgian Tervuren, Niko, is about to begin his supposed once a year coat blow. I really expected lot of regular shedding from this coated breed and I have lived with a Shiba Inu and a husky as a child as well as labs, and corgi's so I definitely know what...
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    Please send good vibes :(

    Sending good vibes and I hope you figure out what is going on soon. It is so scary and frustrating when pups are sick. Please keep us posted !
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    Kennel Cough Duration?

    Hi Everyone The other day my almost 8 month old pup started occasionally coughing like he was trying to clear his throat and then would retch up a bit of clear phlegm. At first I though he had something bothering his throat but checked it out as best I could and saw no issues. I researched...
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    Hero's Thread

    Very cute! Congrats and lots of luck with him :)
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    The Poodle Pop-in

    They are adorable! It has been a long time since I have popped in here and it is so nice to see how everyone is doing :)
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    Our Two Brindle Mutts

    Adorable! Brindle is one of my favorite coloration :)
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    Introducing my Tervuren pup

    Thanks :) We have completed puppy class and are currently in puppy agility. Of course everything is just ground work to protect puppy joints but it is fun and I think he really likes it (He is a tunnel maniac LOL). I am so excited to do agility when he is mature. I have always wanted to be...
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    Introducing my Tervuren pup

    Thanks so much! I must admit I have gone a little camera crazy from the cuteness LOL ;) About 10 weeks old here with his party hat ears :)
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    Introducing my Tervuren pup

    Hello all I also just reintroduced myself in the new members thread. just can't resist posting some more pics of my Terv puppy Niko :) He just turned 7 months Candid shot from the other night A Tired puppy is a good puppy :D He was about 3.5 months in this pic with our...
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    Reintroduction from NJ

    Hello all I have been away from here for several years now although I have always mostly been a lurker :) It is so nice to still see lots of familiar names and of course lots of new ones! I still live in New Jersey but got remarried a few years ago and moved from extreme South Jersey to...
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    Another Hair/Shampoo Thread

    I almost never jump in on these types of threads but I got to say I can't believe the difference WEN hair care non lathering shampoo made with my hair the past 2 1/2 weeks. It takes some getting used to and I'm not sure how to describe it, but it has just made my hair much easier to style, and...
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    Toy Breeds?

    I'm a little late to the thread, but someone a few pages back said they would like some info on Toy Manchester Terriers, so here it goes! My only experience with them is the 4 plus years I've had Zippy and he was 9 months old when I got him as a pet placement from his breeder who has many of...
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    Miniature Poodles? Boston Terriers? Schipperkes? Small dog people!

    You also might want to consider Manchester Terriers. The Toy variety are 12lbs or under and the Standards variety are not supposed to top 22lbs. They are sleek, quick, very intelligent and a some are really making their mark in agility. Some are barkers--it varies a lot in the breed. House...
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    Training a spoiled, 7 year old, male shih tzu.

    Hi Doberluv --you know I hardly ever post --but I just wanted to clarify --I think the two posts about moving are referencing the OP not you. Don't leave! you know your advice is appreciated here !
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    Zippy chest hair growth with melatonin

    Yeah, actually I believe it was Sizzledog who told me about it --I believe she used it on her Dobes. I also think Dekka tried it as a calming agent for her dog. I have to say, I don't think it has had any type of calming influence on Zippy LOL! I also like that its really inexpensive and since...
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    Zippy chest hair growth with melatonin

    Thanks! I know I need to get out of lurkdom more often LOL! Its difficult with lighting etc to see the real difference in the photos. I also have not been very scientific about it since I started the Nupro and melatonin at the same time --improvement could be from either one --but either way...
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    Zippy chest hair growth with melatonin

    Hi, I mostly lurk, but last winter I posted a thread asking about using melatonin for increasing hair on the chest of very thin coated dogs like my Manchester Terrier, Zippy. Here is the original thread Well I just wanted to post my results. I...