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  1. MandyPug

    If anyone could help us - An update on me and the Pups

    Hey guys, I know this is going to come off as a bit douchey but I'm running out of options. The dogs and I have recently relocated to a city 2 hours away. I needed to get out of my hometown and further my career experience. I had originally anticipated my boyfriend moving to this city with...
  2. MandyPug

    The Cutest Terrier Ever

    Spent the day with the puppy again. Have a job interview soon so fingers cross that i'll get hired and then I can get the moving process going!!! He's almost 5 months and his first show that's worth points is going to be in November! So excited :) I'm not showing...
  3. MandyPug

    The Culinary Canine

    So he's mine. He will be staying with the breeder until I move and he can officially come home but until then he comes and plays with me occasionally and spends time on roadtrips such as the week long roadtrip to AAC agility nationals! Anyway, here's a photo dump of the Parson Russell...
  4. MandyPug

    The Big One

    Decided to go to a trial this weekend on a whim. My man was going to both days, first day was starters/advanced and the sunday was all masters. So i entered Iz in a couple of masters runs, steeplechase, team and the ever elusive gamble. It was hot though, 35-38C hot. This was the map...
  5. MandyPug

    2015 AAC Alberta/NWT Regionals

    Izzie and Ice and I competed this past weekend at our regional event. Izzie pulled off 477 point qualifying score and 2nd place (2nd only to a dog who got over 700 points! I'm more than okay with this haha) and Ice and I narrowly missed qualifying by 3 points and earned 8th place (not bad for a...
  6. MandyPug

    We were in you, 'Murica...

    I live about an hour or so away from the Montana border so lately when i get a chance and the mood strikes me, I take a trip down to Shelby to see friends. This time though the man came with me and we ended up near Choteau, MT at Teton Pass ski hill (lewis and clarke national forest). Met up...
  7. MandyPug

    Back in the saddle... Or rather camera strap I guess!

    I haven't picked up my camera much lately, just no desire to. But i brought it along today when I went to run the Kelpie. We had some fun! *few more!*
  8. MandyPug

    My work is delicious AKA: This is why i will never be skinny

    Ran the first night of my second ever three course menu last night, on my birthday. It went fabulously. Here's the menu again in case you didn't see it in the musing thread. I always have a great time in the kitchen. It's stressful and hot and at times sticky and/or greasy, but it's home...
  9. MandyPug

    Weekend fun!

    Spent the weekend with the boyfriend and two of his dogs. Hydro (merle) and Zero (B/W) the Coolies :) Love these guys. We explored the Writing On Stone Provincial Park and climbed on all the hoodoos. We got chased by a t-rex And just hung out at home. Only iPhone...
  10. MandyPug

    Lactose Intolerance

    So I'm lactose intolerant and with the population of this forum I feel like there ought to be more than just me. I've tried the pills once and didn't find them terribly effective. Now, I also get respiratory issues (i don't know what else to call mucus and stuffy nose stuff plus sinus grossness...
  11. MandyPug

    What are you currently playing?

    I have no idea if this is already a topic but lately I've been getting back into gaming a bit thanks to a coworker and because it helps me relax and escape reality for a while. Plus there's some really awesome stuff out now and being released! So what is everyone playing these days? What's...
  12. MandyPug

    Why I am doing what I'm doing...

    So deciding to pursue the penniless career of professional cooking was a huge leap for me. I will never be rich, or likely never be famous, but I love what I do. That all came together tonight at my first three course weekend. My work has all their chefs create a three course menu to serve for...
  13. MandyPug

    Dangerous Dog Law Thoughts?
  14. MandyPug

    Happy 6th Birthday Izzie!

    Izzie turned SIX on July 31! Where have the years gone. We had ice cream and some fun times with a few of her bestest friends. _MG_6635 by Mandyshig Photography, on Flickr _MG_6640 by Mandyshig Photography, on Flickr _MG_6646 by Mandyshig Photography, on Flickr _MG_6659 by...
  15. MandyPug

    Agility Fun!

    My instructor and I headed out to the field yesterday to work the dogs so I decided to drag my camera along. Got some cute shots if i do say so myself! Crazy white terrier is Fitzgerald, you've all seen him in previous photos I'm sure. I'm proud of these as I don't tend to do so well at action...
  16. MandyPug

    A Few from Golden Hour

    I was down today after work so I decided to have some fun with Iz and the camera. Enjoy! Skeptical Pug by Mandyshig Photography, on Flickr Prairie Dog by Mandyshig Photography, on Flickr In the Field by Mandyshig Photography, on Flickr Flower Power by Mandyshig Photography...
  17. MandyPug

    Alberta AAC Regionals!

    I'm exhausted. Our group ran the event and it poured all day yesterday. BUT! We had a ton of fun and she ran very well even in the downpours. Not many photos yet, i'm too tired to look at everything lol. I'll post course maps in the next couple days too. Maybe some video too eventually haha...
  18. MandyPug

    Photos? Anyone? No?

    Took the Pug and the borrowed Kelpie out for some fun today. Started off with some pretty posing and ended it by taking a dip in the river! SO nice today, like 20C out! *More*
  19. MandyPug

    Roo Roo! (And Puglet too!)

    Just a few from our walk today. I'll be walking Roo during the week while his mum is at work. He's such a good boy and LOVES Iz. I'm going to try and get rid of the grass in photoshop when i have time... **** grass. Fin!
  20. MandyPug

    We moved!

    Izzie and I now live in a basement suite, just us. How it should be. I love it. So quiet and lovely and just no one bothering us which is the best part. Iz loves being the only dog :) Anyway what would a thread be without photos so here you go!