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  1. nikkiluvsu15

    Someone had a birthday!

    I haven't posted in quite a while, so not sure if anyone will even remember us. Been super busy with work and life at the moment. But guys. HARLEIGH IS SIX YEARS OLD! Her birthday was actually Thursday and I was planning on taking her to the park and then to PetSmart to pick out a toy...
  2. nikkiluvsu15

    Backyard fun

    Harleigh got a new pool a couple weeks ago and she finally got to use it today. She loved it, of course :D IMG_4181 by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr Because water + slobber is the way to go... IMG_4199 by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr IMG_4207 by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on...
  3. nikkiluvsu15

    Recipe ideas

    I'm in charge of dinners 1-2 times a week and I need some yummy recipes! I really want to make some homemade stir fry one night, so if anyone has a good recipe for that I'll definitely take it :D Along with any other recipes you like or want to try:p AND GO!
  4. nikkiluvsu15

    Spring is upon us

    It's been raining a ton here lately, which means that flowers are starting to bloom :D So today when I got off of work I took Harleigh to model in them. They didn't turn out as good as I had hoped, but it was about to rain again so they will do for now haha As a warning: the pictures...
  5. nikkiluvsu15

    A field and a ball.

    We have this huge field right beside our property that is absolutely gorgeous. There is a little bit of woods, then it's just nothing but a field until the next house over. For some reason (maybe because we don't own it... lol), we've never ventured over there before. But today I decided to be a...
  6. nikkiluvsu15

    What could this be?

    For the past few weeks (maybe month?) I've had this dull pain/ache on my right side just under my rib cage. Sometimes it feels more like it towards my back, but other times it's directly on my side. It comes and goes. It's also not super painful, at all. Sometimes it causes a sharp pain, but...
  7. nikkiluvsu15

    In honor of her 5th birthday...

    Yes, yes you read that right. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Harleigh's 5TH birthday! I cannot believe she will be 5 already... blows my mind. She was in her Diva form tonight and thought she was too good for the camera, so no smiles from her:rolleyes: She's still cute though! IMG_3842 by...
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    blah wrong forum!
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    I'm sorry, I thought I lived in Florida...

    Not the flippin' artic:p Florida by hammock_nikki, on Flickr what? by hammock_nikki, on Flickr In case you are having trouble reading that... it says lows in the 20's and a wind chilld of 5 to 15 degrees. WHAT?! Not to mention that tomorrow, I'll be in the stadium for a soccer...
  10. nikkiluvsu15


    Me and my mom have been casually looking at rescues for a Great Dane. My dad told us no more animals, but my mom has wanted another Dane for years now (she had a couple when she was growing up). Look at this girl. -1 by nikki.hammock, on Flickr -2 by nikki.hammock, on Flickr -3 by...
  11. nikkiluvsu15

    Harleigh roasting by an open fire...

    photo 1 by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr photo 2 by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr It's a little too chilly for her liking, I guess ;)
  12. nikkiluvsu15

    What's a lab to do on a rainy day?

    Well at first she was so very sad that it was raining.... IMG_3564 by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr But then we decided it would be okay to play in it :P IMG_3612 by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr IMG_3655 by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr IMG_3587 by AdventuresOfACrazyLab...
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    Lately Harleigh has been in a very cuddly mood! Maybe it's because the weather is getting cooler and she just want to get warm, LOL. Whatever it is, I love my little cuddle bug :D Anyways, just thought I'd share some pictures that my mom has snapped over the past few days! IMG_3443 by...
  14. nikkiluvsu15

    Makes me smile.

    This picture brings back some good memories. I miss that crazy Phoebe so much<3 IMG_6712 by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr The house just isn't the same without her. She was one of most challenging cats ever, but she made life interesting that is for sure! :D
  15. nikkiluvsu15

    The house got a bit of a makeover.

    To make a long story shorter: My mom has ADHD and one day she was on the front porch looking for our missing spare key. She noticed that one of the rails was messed up and it needed to be fixed. She decided to take down the entire railing (pretty much anyways). So with that being done, she...
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    Okay, so everyone has seen Despicable Me, right? RIGHT?! If not, everyone needs to go right now and watch it. It is seriously the cutest movie I've ever seen! I can never watch it too many times :p Anyways, my Pastor's wife made this minion hat for me! Is it not the cutest thing ever?! I...
  17. nikkiluvsu15

    The cuteness kills me!

    She's just so cute. She reminds me of such a puppy in these moments. I'm so glad she still has that spunk... and probably will continue to have it as she gets older (hopefully!). CbcwLFm71uc Playing in the mud was fun! But then this happened and she was sad, LOL
  18. nikkiluvsu15

    So sweet.

    This doesn't happen very often in this house between these two. Usually they are at odds because Harleigh wants to play and Tigger is just a grump:rofl1: But they are cute nonetheless. photo by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr
  19. nikkiluvsu15

    How often do you get paid?

    Weekly? Biweekly? Monthly? And are you on salary or hourly wage? I get paid monthly. The last weekday of each month to be exact. I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30am to 3:00pm. I get paid hourly, so generally I can calculate what my paycheck is going to be... which is...
  20. nikkiluvsu15

    Costa Rica

    Wow. What an absolutely amazing experience. Got back to town around 1:30 Sunday morning (after over 20 hours of traveling!). It was a long and tiring week, but so worth it! We weren't able to finish the school, but we all worked extremely hard and all had the experience of our lives. The...