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  1. noodlerubyallie

    Rocket's ideal Saturday afternoon

    Cuddlin' with some bitches in the man cave....
  2. noodlerubyallie

    For those of you who have pets with allergies

    Did you get the blood test or the skin test? My regular vet is a "wait and see what happens" kind of guy. I think he's been doing this so long that he's gotten complacent, because he sees so many dogs. At the beginning of spring, I took Allie in twice in one month for horrible hot spots and...
  3. noodlerubyallie

    Sometimes when you really want a chair....

    you don't care who's already curled up in it. She must have been desperate.
  4. noodlerubyallie

    Jayne's Guide to Water Crossings

    Sizzle and I went to Ledges State Park today, and took the silly boys with us. The photos below are Jayne's instructional guide to crossing raging rivers while remaining cute. And keeping your feet as dry as possible. First "Raging River" Ever. Keep your butt low and put off going...
  5. noodlerubyallie

    New title!

    Check out the signature. :D :banana:
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    First Paco!

    I can finally share a few pics! My computer's been busted the last few weeks. I love this collar - it's so sturdy and easy to take care of. Makes a perfect handle when I have to keep him close. Definitely worth the investment - I'm getting one for each of the girls later in the year!
  7. noodlerubyallie

    What is this? (pics)

    These may be a little hard to see, but it was as close as I could get. Both "things" are raised, with holes at the top with scabs. This one is on his front leg, and it's brand new - just opened up Saturday night: This one is on his back. It's more raised, and when the scab falls off...
  8. noodlerubyallie

    Noodle, and cats making immoral choices.

    She is one very crazy dog. Our bed is her playground, where most of her antics happen. Ready? When she gets really wound up, the game moves to the floor with a stuffie to kill. Sumfin in mah teef? All done. Be prepared. This could be a disturbing image...
  9. noodlerubyallie

    Cross your fingers......hopefully the trend continues!

    My dog is EATING. Like, eating every meal for the last week and a half. From start to finish, no wandering, no refusal. I've even upped his food - he's eaten everything I've given him and he hasn't gotten sick. FINALLY.....I may have found the answer. I just hope this isn't the calm...
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    Cousin Hank is going to look gaawwggeeauss in this collar!

    Looky! I love this collar. If I had a gray or dark brown dog, I would've bought it for myself...... Chocolate and Turquoise Brocade Martingale Collar - 1.5 Inch It's going to look awesome on Hank: I've LOVING this one for Rocket. Gold and Black Martingale Collar 2 Inch by...
  11. noodlerubyallie

    Looking for all the wrong places

    They're both speutered, so we won't have any cat/bear crosses.
  12. noodlerubyallie

    Ruby has found her best friend for the winter. **ick warning**

    I know how close winter is moving in when Ruby finds her first best friend for the winter. It's really disgusting, so I'm warning you now, don't read any further if you don't want to be grossed out. My dog loves frozen poop. She will carry it around like a prize until she...
  13. noodlerubyallie

    Anyone's Firefox not working??

    I can't get my Firefox browser to work and it's driving me nuts...IE is so freaking slow. Also, Firefox has all of my passwords saved for my bills and now I can't remember my IDs.... :mad::confused: I keep getting "Firefox can't establish a connection..." My firewall is allowing the...
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    Tennis Ball = Love (and a random Noodle)

    We can keep Allie and Rocket entertained for hours with a single tennis investment ever! **More**
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    There was a one-eyed, 33 lb Pug at the vet.

    I have NEVER had to sit and listen to a dog grunt and snort so loud, for so long...just to BREATHE. His owner kept making fat kid jokes. "He's on a weight gain diet." "He was a big boned puppy." The dog is NINE! Another customer asked the guy what happened to the dog's eye....guy said...
  16. noodlerubyallie

    Vacation! (Buffalo inside!)

    My parents, my brother and his girlfriend, and myself and my husband took family vacation to the Black Hills in South Dakota over the 4th of July weekend and the following week. We had a fabulous time, I love going there, if you haven't, you need to! It's gorgeous! Requisite photographs...
  17. noodlerubyallie

    Holy Flying Squirrel Batman!

    Is that my flirt pole mom?? Flirt pole is serious business... Or is it?? Pounce! The shadow in this one made me laugh. Ruby - you're in the way. How I caught this one, I don't know. But holy moly. This one is extra hilarious if you look down at his feet. I...
  18. noodlerubyallie

    Mr. Fairy Feet. (pics inside.)

    Rocket has what I affectionately call a "Fairy Foot." When he thinks he's being extra smart and snappy during training that day, he sits with one foot in the air. He's always been a prancer, but I think I know now that he may just in fact be a soft mushy fairy in a Doberman outfit. We've...
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    Noodle, defender of World Peace. (and other randomness)

    Introducing......the little one I never get pictures of! (and her koala. :)) Koala is mine. MINE I SAY. You can see the dedication of her "domination" over the koala. Notice the perfected "Alpha Roll" and "Scruff" techniques. OH NOES! KOALA STRIKES BACK!! She slowly...
  20. noodlerubyallie

    You guys haven't seen us for awhile....(pics!)

    This is our normal routine. It starts with a few stare downs. Then it erupts into a complex game of stupid boy vs stubborn girl... The race is on! They always lose Allie on the corners. **more**