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  1. CaliTerp07

    More shedding than usual?

    Lucy's always had the most amazing coat. She'd shed dust bunny clumps in the corners, and i could brush out excess fluff, but it never came off in your hand when you pet her or on you clothes when she sat in your lap. The past couple months though, her coat has changed. She is shedding like...
  2. CaliTerp07

    Lucy the ballerina (AKA Secret Santa!)

    Fran, you are amazing! Lucy loved it all and I had a grand old time playing with it all with her! First off, Lucy haaaaaaaates the mail man. Like, turns into Cujo when he comes by. I happened to be taking her out for a walk when he came by today, and he tries to hand me this package while...
  3. CaliTerp07

    Forced air dryers?

    Any groomers in the house who can weigh in on a good one? (Not a gazillion dollars, just good for the price?)
  4. CaliTerp07

    Lucy visits the corn maze!

    We found a corn maze about an hour from the house that allows leashed pets on the farm. So, despite it being nearly 90* today, we set out to explore, Lucy in tow! Posing on top of the giant hay bale pumpkin! Corn mazes are quite interesting when you allow the dog to choose which path...
  5. CaliTerp07

    Organizing food delivery

    My best friend has been diagnosed with melanoma :( She is having surgery the end of the month to remove the infected area and lymph nodes to see how far it has spread. It's a pretty invasive surgery, so she is going to be out of work for a significant period of time (months). I want to...
  6. CaliTerp07

    Breed guesses?

    Found this girl on petfinder and busted up laughing. How cute is this monster??? What do you think she is?
  7. CaliTerp07

    Barn Hunt question

    Friend and I are going to a Barn Hunt intro thing tomorrow (mostly so her old man terrier gets to play something!) What do I bring? Do I need treats? Slip lead or collar or doesn't matter? Anything else?
  8. CaliTerp07

    Signature request?

    I'm going to the dark side. Would anyone with a creative gene be willing to create a signature for me? Looking for something classic--no sparkles or animations, just pictures of my goober :) Images: Thank you!!!
  9. CaliTerp07

    Tips for visiting shelters

    My co-teacher and I are on the hunt to find her a dog. We are heading out to some rural shelters tomorrow because she is interested in hounds and they are flooded with them. Any suggestions? Things to look for or be on the look out for in a shelter environment? Basic tests I can do? Is it...
  10. CaliTerp07

    Lucy and the red chair (and a few others!)

    A friend is taking a photography class, and asked if Lucy would be willing to model for her. Uh, YES PLEASE! Here are the rewards we reaped after a couple hours at the park! She lugged this giant red chair into the woods for Lucy to pose on. It was glorious. Then we found purple...
  11. CaliTerp07

    CPE Question

    Okay, I know nothing about CPE, but a friend asked me to go to a trial with her to support her baby dog, so I figured I'd enter Lucy. Question is, what level do I enter her at (apparently you can start at 1-3?) We are currently Q-ing regularly in novice NADAC courses (almost have our 10 Q's...
  12. CaliTerp07

    Double door plastic crate (google challenge)

    Can anyone find this crate (or another similarly styled 2 door plastic crate) for less than $123 shipped? The crate is $70, but shipping is $50+. UGH. (Such a psychological thing...if it had been $110 crate and $10 shipping, I probably would have purchased it, but Amazon has made me hate...
  13. CaliTerp07

    Dog friendly vehicles

    Okay, so I know we've had threads like this before but I failed at the search function and anyway, it's 2013 so maybe there are new cars available? :p The criteria: Under $20k (or very close to it) out the door Room for two medium sized dog crates and trial gear (ez up, bags, etc) Way to...
  14. CaliTerp07

    Hypothetical question about living at home

    Heard this on the radio today. I had an immediate reaction, but wondering what everyone else thought. Married couple in their mid-20's lives in her parents' basement. They pay (below market) rent in order to save money. After filing their taxes, they get a fairly hefty refund. Couple...
  15. CaliTerp07

    Jump height question

    Lucy is 16.25" tall. She's always jumped 16" in every venue (or we'll drop her to skilled/whatever the name is to make it 16"). She is now 8 or 9 years old (our best guess). This weekend for the first time, I entered her as a veteran, which drops her jump height to 12" in NADAC. Apparently...
  16. CaliTerp07

    USDAA people: Explain "snooker" please?

    I have read the USDAA site and sort of understand, but then I looked at the sample course posted for snooker. What would your suggested path for this course be? A friend is putting on a USDAA intro trial next month, so we are entered to support her.
  17. CaliTerp07

    Best intro book/dvd to clicker training?

    Friends of ours purchased a french bulldog puppy a couple months ago, and are ready to start training it (YAY!!!!) They are clueless about the clicker though, and don't have schedules that lend themselves to a class. Does anyone have a recommendation on a novice book or dvd to teach them the...
  18. CaliTerp07

    Lucy plays "farm dog" for the weekend

    My good friend's cousin owns 250 acres just outside Charlottesville, VA. We had a three day weekend, they were heading to Florida, we volunteered to house sit. Hence, Lucy got to experience farm doggy life! Gorgeous, 250 year old house. <table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a...
  19. CaliTerp07

    How involved is your SO in dog stuff?

    Zach goes to agility trials to support me (and he's really good at doing that!), but not for one second do I think he's there because he enjoys it or that he would have ever gotten involved if not for me. I feel bad because the last few weekends have been trial weekends which means he either...
  20. CaliTerp07

    I found boy Lucy!

    I came home all ready to ask Zach if we could foster boy Lucy, and found that girl Lucy had thrown up all over the it was a bad day to ask for a foster doggie. Oh my gosh though, the resemblance is so striking!!! Someone foster boy Lucy please :(...