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  1. Lilavati

    Rabid Raccoon

    Hi everyone. I know I've not been around for a while. Things have been crazy at work for a long time, and, worse, the web filter there is convinced this site is about marijuana. So whoever is smoking weed . . . knock it off . . .you're getting the forum blocked so I can't read it at lunch! :D...
  2. Lilavati

    130 dogs need sponsors/help at Devore Animal Shelter

    Yes, hi, I've not been around. On my honeymoon right now :D Not sure if anyone has posted this yet. However, there are dogs rescued from a bogus animal sanctuary that are in desperate need of help and sponsorship at the Devore animal shelter in California...
  3. Lilavati

    Jet Skier Punished for Useless Security Because, god forbid, you reveal that their multi-million dollar security system doesn't work.
  4. Lilavati

    I know exactly how this kid feels . . .
  5. Lilavati

    Good Dog! Dog saves baby in Ghana
  6. Lilavati

    Sign me up for the death ray funeral

    Someone actually builds this, I am SO reserving a place when I die.
  7. Lilavati

    Personal Update

    Because what is happening to my employer (Dewey & LeBoeuf) is so public, I thought I'd give an update. For those of of us in the DC office, May 15th will be the last day of operations, and our employment will terminate as of that date. We are having a final gathering tonight to say goodbye...
  8. Lilavati

    Its all worth it . . .

    Things continue to disintegrate at my law firm. It is simply a matter of time. It turns out that they may not have paid our health insurance and that it has been retroactively cancelled as of April 1. There are people measuring the rugs in the hallways . . . rumor has it they are coming to...
  9. Lilavati

    Fox tries to make his acquaintance with a dog

    Watch the body language . . .
  10. Lilavati

    About those Vibes

    Sorry I've not been around much. Last time I posted, it was to ask for something that wasn't quite vibes . . . but it looks like I'm going to need them. It seems highly likely that I, and many of my colleagues, will shortly be unemployed. To make a long story short, I work for this...
  11. Lilavati

    R.I.P. Blue

    Blue, the dog belonging to my mother's neighbors that I posted about last week was put to sleep on Friday. Although he was recovering his strength, the constant pressure on his legs, combined with his age and possibly the contents of the sinkhole, had resulted in the skin on his legs beginning...
  12. Lilavati

    Not exactly vibes . . .

    It's not that serious, yet, I hope. Just wish me some good luck and opportunities. I may be needing them, as may many of my friends and colleagues. :( Thanks
  13. Lilavati

    I can believe I escaped Arizona with my sanity intact

    I can't believe I escaped Arizona with my sanity intact I lived there for 3.5 years . . . before a wave of insanity rolled through the state, turning a large portion of its residents into lunatics...
  14. Lilavati

    What Freudian Slips Actually Mean

    Probably nothing: Interesting, considering some of the stories in the press recently. Especially the one mentioned. I'm no fan of Mr. Santorum, but I also had...
  15. Lilavati

    Vibes for Blue

    I've never actually met Blue, but he is my parent's neighbor's 12 year old standard poodle (they got him after I moved out). But I've been paying close attention to his disappearence, both because I just care about dogs and because my mom become emotionally involved (having a dog recently, and...
  16. Lilavati

    I am amused

  17. Lilavati

    Child Gets on Wrong Bus . . . Every Parent's Nightmare?

    Really? Wouldn't that, say, something bad actually happening to the kid? Something like this happened to me as a child. I was most upset. So were my parents. It didn't make the papers. It was just the sort of...
  18. Lilavati

    What the *$!*#! Honestly, have these people NOTHING better to do that police use of the F-word (in...
  19. Lilavati

    Things that made me smile today
  20. Lilavati

    Simultanously Incredibly Cool, Deeply Creepy, and the End of Civilization

    Bring on the TACOCOPTERS!!