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  1. PWCorgi

    Let's talk skills!

    What is one skill that your dog has that you love? What one skill do you wish they did better? Frodo: -He can ride crated in the car now!! He used to not even be able to ride in the car period unless someone was holding him. Now he can ride in a crate quietly! -I really wish he could...
  2. PWCorgi

    What is something that you did awesome at when you got your dog/puppy?

    Essentially the opposite to the "What is something you wish you had done (or done differently) with your dog(s)?" thread. What did you do that you are really proud of?
  3. PWCorgi

    Rates charged for rescue dogs.

    How do you feel about charging higher rates for purebred dogs in rescue than for mixed breeds in rescue? What about more for puppies than adults? Should dogs being placed with behavioral issues be less money, since that person now has to pay for training to work on said behavioral issues...
  4. PWCorgi

    Are your dogs allowed on the furniture?

    Pretty much what the title says, and anything you want to add (rules, why you choose what you choose, etc.) as well. And go!
  5. PWCorgi


    These threads are always my favorite, and since we are making ALL the threads, lets make another one! Pretty self explanatory... Do you know what your next dog will be? Where is it coming from? When? Plans/goals for it? etc etc. aaaaand go!
  6. PWCorgi

    Oct Part 2 - Bi-Weekly Training Goals

    I'm making this a thing. I'm doing it, you should too. Post one or two training goals, that you think can be accomplished in two weeks. If you get there in a day, great! But the idea is that the goal can be reasonably accomplished within a two week timespan, because then there will be another...
  7. PWCorgi

    The cutest dogs around...

    Siri does her best bully impression... Pitbull impression by laurenscoombs, on Flickr She's only mostly evil now... Only mostly evin by laurenscoombs, on Flickr ...but can still be super cute. Siri1 by laurenscoombs, on Flickr And her ball is still her best friend in the whole...
  8. PWCorgi

    Silly/Stupid things you and your SO disagree about?

    Ryan and I disagree on very few things, and we're both pretty easygoing people in general, but ugh, our biggest disagreements right now are over.... ....wait for it... ....waaaaaaaaait for it... A freaking babygate. Megan let us use hers for separation purposes during the...
  9. PWCorgi

    Hey rat owners!

    I'm wondering what bedding/litter you use? I feel like I've tried everything, and they are still stinky. I know that males are smellier than girls, but I'd like to do what I can to keep the smell to a minimum, especially since they are in my small living area and we have people over a lot...
  10. PWCorgi

    Life Jackets

    I'm considering getting a life-jacket for Siri to see if it will make her more confident with swimming. She hasn't been around water yet this summer (other than at the Purina Farms pool, which she wasn't into, literally or figuratively), so I want to see if she will go in a lake before I buy...
  11. PWCorgi

    Giant Schnauzers

    We had one in the rally class that Frodo and I just finished. She seemed like a really cool dog. Experiences with them? How much of an actual guarding instinct do they tend to have? The one that I knew didn't have much at all. Not that I was going in his house uninvited or anything, but he...
  12. PWCorgi

    Kennel name HALP.

    I want Frodo to have a kennel name. Not something super fancy or anything, but Siri has Ado, and Marnie (if she stays) will have ARLP (her rescue), and it's going to bug me to no end if Frodo doesn't have one. I have no idea what I want it to be in reference to, or anything like that. But...
  13. PWCorgi

    The Marnie Thread

    Marnie is the dog that is going to come live with us, if (and only if) it is a good fit for her, a good fit for my dogs, and a good fit for Ryan and I. I wasn't looking for another dog. I'm still not sure that I want another dog. She's been with her foster (a friend of mine) for many months...
  14. PWCorgi

    Siri vs. Housetraining Halp.

    So, for those of you who are not FB friends with me, here's the deal. Siri is 18 months old, and will regularly poop in the house (whenever she can!), and infrequently urinate in the house. She is super sneaky about it, and only does it when we can't see her (if we are in the living room she...
  15. PWCorgi

    Foster Rats <3

    Meet Ratatouille. DSC_8133_edited-1 by laurenscoombs, on Flickr DSC_8139_edited-1 by laurenscoombs, on Flickr Meet Track. DSC_8132_edited-1 by laurenscoombs, on Flickr DSC_8130_edited-1 by laurenscoombs, on Flickr And meet Garfield. DSC_8116_edited-1.JPG by laurenscoombs, on...
  16. PWCorgi

    The day that Frodo turned 8. was about 5 months ago, but I just found the pictures I took from that night :p First off, you know that he is the cutest corgi you know. And he loves noms. noms. noms? noms! *garglebargle* Thanks for looking :)
  17. PWCorgi

    Another pick the breed!

    Just for funsies since I will not be getting a dog for MANY MANY years! And if my next dog is from a breeder, it will be a Borzoi. But because I'm bored at work.... -Between 30-80 lbs -No dwarf breeds/no brachy breeds -Active! -Short, single coat preferred -No breeds that tend to be...
  18. PWCorgi

    Pick a state/city for 6 months :D

    If you could pick a state/city to go live in for 6 months, what would it be? Like a trial state! Influenced by the recent moving threads and the fact that the students in my program get sent all over the US for their internships. So if you could live anywhere for 6 months, where would it...
  19. PWCorgi

    How often do you bathe your dogs (again)

    I know we do this every couple months, but we also have new people here so...suck it up and play. Anyway, Frodo probably gets bathed every 2 months? Siri has had 3 baths in the year since she came home. It's extremely noticeable when Frodo gets a bath, he gets poofy and super soft, and I...
  20. PWCorgi

    Elrohwen and krissy!

    Um, I need pictures of your bunnies, STAT! Thanks :)