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  1. skittledoo

    Goodbye my boy

    I know I rarely post on the actual forum anymore now that we have the Chaz Facebook group. For those that aren't friends with me on FB or in the FB group... I lost my sweet young Xolo boy, Itztli, on December 17. He was only a year and a half. According to the vet his kidneys were under...
  2. skittledoo

    Itztli photo dump

    I took Itztli to the park yesterday to try to get some pics and wear him out. Enjoy! (action shots aren't in great focus because I suck at action) 1 by Amber Oertle, on Flickr 2 by Amber Oertle, on Flickr 3 by Amber Oertle, on Flickr 4 by Amber Oertle, on Flickr 5 by Amber...
  3. skittledoo

    Just 2 of the old man Bamm

    He needs to stop aging bamm1 by Amber Oertle, on Flickr mebamm by Amber Oertle, on Flickr
  4. skittledoo

    The Xolo at 15 months

    Ok I literally haven't been on here in FOREVER! That's the curse of only really using my phone for internet these days I guess. Anyways, I need to post updated photos of all my dogs eventually, but here's a few headshots and a stacked photo of Itztli. For those of you newer to the forum...
  5. skittledoo

    Early morning panoramic--- I HAVE to print this!

    I'm SOOOO proud of this photo. I really want to print and frame this. I woke up a few mornings ago and we had a really pretty early morning fog thing going on. Everything was tinted a blueish tinge and I absolutely HAD to get out and take some photos. I decided to shoot enough images to make...
  6. skittledoo

    INSANE Winter photo dump

    Ok... I know I'm terrible about posting photos. I'm terrible about posting in general. I pretty much can only get on Chaz from my phone these days because I don't have internet at home. I'm at work on the work computer though so I figured I'd post some photos. Bear with me... there are a ton and...
  7. skittledoo

    Rabies Vaccine for puppies- when to vaccinate...

    I went to the vet today because Itztli has been coughing and hacking pretty badly since last night. It's my fault. I have been using a fan the past couple nights that apparently hasn't been used in 2 years and I failed to think to clean it out before using it. It ended up blowing dust at both...
  8. skittledoo

    Itztli- The coated Xolo thread

    I figure Itztli needs his own thread for pics of him growing up, etc. He's a standard size coated Xoloitzcuintli also known by some as the Mexican Hairless. These first sets of pics are from when he was 7 weeks old. I drove out to the breeder's house to meet with her and help socialize...
  9. skittledoo


    Does anyone here watch InkMaster? I LOVE tattoos, but I'm not a big fan of tattoo shows. I will be tuning in to watch this upcoming season that starts on Tuesday though because my cousin is one of the tattooers and I want to show my support. He goes by Ryan Eternal (not his birth name but for...
  10. skittledoo

    VA/MD/DC meetup??? Let's plan one.

    Anyone from this area interested? Hog Dog is having a lure course practice day on sept 13 I believe in Maryland. I'm planning to go with Cricket and going to bring the puppy for socialization. They also have a dock diving pool and might have that open for practicing as well but I'm not 100%...
  11. skittledoo

    Blue Seal Dog Food

    What do you guys know about this food? I'm especially more curious about this one in particular This is what the breeder has been feeding my puppy. Well, she's been mixing it with California Natural puppy lamb and a little bit of...
  12. skittledoo

    Bunches of photos of my xolo puppy... because cute.

    I got around to finally uploading a bunch more pics of my new little guy onto my flickr. I get to pick him up end of this month. These pics were taken at 7 weeks old. He's a standard size. 1 by Yadalanh Dogs, on Flickr 2 by Yadalanh Dogs, on Flickr 3 by Yadalanh Dogs, on Flickr 4 by...
  13. skittledoo

    double post

    double post
  14. skittledoo

    Bunches of photos of my xolo puppy... because cute.

    double post omg chaz this sucks... posted my thread three times
  15. skittledoo

    Puppy training log examples?

    Does anyone on here have examples of training logs they've done with their puppies? Heck even adult training logs would be fine. I'm trying to write up a log for my new puppy so we can stay on track with his socialization and training, but for some reason I'm drawing a blank and would like to...
  16. skittledoo

    Having trouble naming my new xolo boy

    I'm picking up the little dude in a few weeks and I'm hoping to agree on a name by then. I've gotten a few options to consider, but open to more suggestions. I know everyone seems to want me to name him Han Xolo lol. I just would end up calling him Han for short and I don't like Han that...
  17. skittledoo

    First drawing attempt with my tablet- Ibizan

    I guess I had a little fun with this :) It's a chazzer dog... take a guess... Drawing of Vanna by Yadalanh Dogs, on Flickr
  18. skittledoo

    Cyra turned a year old (photos)

    My hog island boa turned a year old on July 7th. I decided to take her outside for a few quick pics. She has been WONDERFUL. She can be a little quick to startle sometimes and once in a blue moon she will hiss when you try to take her out of her tub, but she has gotten so much better and...
  19. skittledoo

    Cricket photo dump with some new collars

    Decided to take some photos of Cricket yesterday because she got these new collars from a Mexican collar maker that quite a few people wanted to see photos of. I may add a couple other pictures later, but this is what I've edited so far. First off... the collars bo2 by Yadalanh Dogs, on...
  20. skittledoo

    Service dogs that are also show dogs?

    This question has been on my mind for a little while now and figured I would ask here. Josh and I are planning to add another dog once we are settled in NM. The hope is that if everything pans out right, this dog will hopefully end up being my service dog. We are set on a breed already...