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  1. Baxter'smybaby

    The battle for the fireplace seat

    Not a ton of action...but check out the faces and eyes--they say it all! so I was relaxing by the's cold out there you know! I mean...I was reeeeaaallllly relaxed.... when I realized something was not right.... huh...I should have known what it was....Wilson! Can...
  2. Baxter'smybaby

    Good thoughts for Wilson

    please? My big guy has something going on--it may be a broken tooth/infection, something in that realm near as I can tell. Have to get him in to the vet to assess things--but he is breaking my heart since he is not his big bold self. Send a good thought his way if you can. Thanks.
  3. Baxter'smybaby


    It's Friday....What are your plans for the weekend? :popcorn:
  4. Baxter'smybaby

    Are you a saver or a tosser?

    I have spent my entire day cleaning out my cedar chest--which is full of items from my kids school days, birthday cards, etc. 3 kids--the youngest one is 20--so you do the math! I have cleaned through and tossed about half of it--but did decide to hang onto some of their artwork, report cards...
  5. Baxter'smybaby

    Attention all spammers

    If you insist on continuing your barrage of posting, please confine it to this thread. It would be a vast improvement, and would be much appreciated. Thank you.--The management. :mad::cool::rolleyes:
  6. Baxter'smybaby

    hound dog rumble

    Wilson trying to tell me he wants to play but he soon chooses another victim the victim tries to sweet talk his way out of it but Wilson says nooooo he antagonizes his putting his mouth around the victims nose! the victim attempts to engage the...
  7. Baxter'smybaby

    A day to romp

    A nice fall day, day off from why not let the dogs get a good romp in? They seemed to enjoy the day! and they're neck and neck.... but's Baxter by a nose! (ok--more than a nose) aaaand Wilson is off....with his nose.... the following pics are what I refer...
  8. Baxter'smybaby

    Our Vet appointment today

    for annual checkups for the hounds--the vet comments about Wilson's muscular legs, and nicely trimmed toe nails. Then she checks Baxter out--comments on his good condition as well, and his heart murmur is a little more pronounced. HEART MURMUR? I did not know he had a heart murmur! Then...
  9. Baxter'smybaby

    Goofy Hounds

    Just pure hilarity to watch Wilson running... Baxter is not exactly graceful either... Together? LMAO! *a few more*
  10. Baxter'smybaby


    Well, the hound brothers got hold of a bag of un-popped popcorn and apparently ate it all. I assume they both got some--all that was left was paper bag and plastic wrap. Any ideas on how harmful this may or may not be? I have not fed them dinner as of yet--not sure what to do on this. They...
  11. Baxter'smybaby


    This is what is making Wilson crazy.... the suspect... eyeing the prize... closer... got it! the getaway... these darned squirrels have stripped my apple tree of the gazillion apples that were growing! :mad:
  12. Baxter'smybaby

    a few days late

    it has been four years now...unbelievable...four years since the big lug-head named Wilson became a part of our family. Still can't believe that this dog, who I really knew nothing about, fit in our family so readily. It hasn't been without hiccups, mind you--getting to figure out his quirks and...
  13. Baxter'smybaby

    Fun afternoon run

    here I come...... What? You're running at me? body slam yeah--that didn't hurt chase me just plain funny meanwhile...tra la la Baxter... aaaaan one two three kick.. ahhhhh hover craft Baxter.. That's it--thanks for looking.
  14. Baxter'smybaby

    My Cat from Hell

    On Animal planet--has anyone seen it? LOL--I somehow recorded it (never even knew it existed--but my recording mistake made me aware of it.) I am watching it now--and having a laugh for the moment. Haven't seen the whole episode yet--but just find myself amused that people live with cats that...
  15. Baxter'smybaby

    thought I'd add my flower pics.

    bleeding heart close up Azeala Columbine close up and my favorite--Forget me not's close up I have major clean up to do for the rest of my front garden--they are mostly summer they will be blossoming later.
  16. Baxter'smybaby

    double derp hounds

    singular derp ear flaps up prepare for take off both ears engaged up up and awaaaay *more--if you can stand it*
  17. Baxter'smybaby

    6 years

    Since I brought Baxter home. <3. Love this little guy. :o
  18. Baxter'smybaby

    A few of the hounds from he!!

    ok--maybe not he!! --these show their sweet side. ;) the "rare" Baxter derp Aaaand his handsome look.... Big Wil--who fools you into thinking he is sweet--but underneath those adorable eyes, a food thief, brother humping, howling maniac.... and the two together--...
  19. Baxter'smybaby

    Wilson says....

    he wants to show you all what a miserable life he has..... yes, yes...the abuse is horrific.....cover your eyes..... they MAKE me lay these uncomfortable positions please, someone save me my little legs can't get me out of here seriously...I need help...
  20. Baxter'smybaby

    run dogs run

    what would you do if you saw these faces charging at you? LOL! running double derp run the other way! SPROING! hover dog full speed ahead! such style, such grace! just LOL sooo happy! *a few more*