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    The rest of the gang

    Love your crew! You have the best dachshunds!
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    Annie's 18th :)

    Happy birthday girl! I've always loved her!
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    Christmas card exchange!

    Well, as of today, all of my cards are out.
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    Christmas card exchange!

    I just made out all of my Christmas cards!!! I'll wait a little bit longer before I send them out but they're all done! :D
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    Christmas card exchange!

    Yay! I was going to order my cards soon so I was hoping to get a list for a card count. :)
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    Breeders and Registered Names

    I love coming up with registered names. I have a small list that I'd like to use for future dogs. Sadly, nothing really goes with the call name Banjo. And that's where this whole conversation started. lol If I do end up with a male instead of a female, little dog is going to end up being called...
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    Christmas card exchange!

    Yesssss!!! I've been waiting for this post.
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    Breeders and Registered Names

    Kennel name is required in my case. Did I forgot to post that? Sorry! But yes, kennel name and then what ever you want to name the dog. Breeder sends in papers so I guess they approve the name ultimately.
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    Breeders and Registered Names

    I'm glad I am not the only one who just found out about this. It literally took me by surprise that it was even brought up. It must just be a Doberman thing... Landshark! That's already on my list! Lol Or at least the shortened, Mountain Music. I like the mountain theme.
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    How many chazzers have you met?

    I have met Moth during a puppy transport.
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    Breeders and Registered Names

    Sometime this coming spring, I'm going to be getting a new show puppy. In a Facebook group I'm in, I posted asking for suggestions on registered names to go along with the call name Banjo. This will be the second dog I'm getting from this particular breeder and the only breeder I've even gotten...
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    What's your ideal number of dogs?

    I used to think it was 4. 3 permanent and one foster. That turned into 4 permanent, then 5, and now #6 will be coming home in a few months... So, this isn't a good question for me. :p
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    Here we are again, TWD, season 6! (possible spoilers)

    I was pretty confused at first. I didn't care for the black and white either. After it got going, it was over pretty quickly and I got more into it. I probably should have watched the encore so that I understood everything more clearly but meh..
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    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Looks like I might be able to participate in Chaz Puppies of 2016. :)
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    Photo update, Solo's big!

    He's the perfect combo of mom and dad! Cute family!
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    What are your future dog names/breeds?

    I used to not post in these kinds of threads for fear people would steal my names. I've come to the conclusion that you can steal them all you want because I'm going to use them anyway. ;) Siren or Scarlett will be the name of my next female APBT. Likely will be my next dog in a year or two...
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    Is neutering a senior dog a good idea?

    I had two dogs neutered at 8 years old. I was pressured into getting DJ done by my colleagues in the rescue community. I very much regret doing it. He went his whole life without producing a litter and he was perfectly healthy. I ended up having to euthanize him a year later due to...
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    Endless, pointless licking.

    My Yorkie girls do this too. Bayleigh is the worst! She'll start out by licking her legs but then branch out to other things. The couch, floor, bed, doesn't matter. I think it's an obsessive behavior but I can't seem to break it. My vet thinks it's related to allergies and gave us some...
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    Do you have a favorite?

    I used to think Bayleigh was my heart dog, my favorite. More and more, my bond is growing stronger with Pirate. I like the way someone put it once. Bayleigh might very well be my heart dog but Pirate is my soul dog. Together, they are perfect. I couldn't ask for anything more than these two. A...
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    Official "Flea Market" thread

    Ella's Lead Collar a couple posts above - $45 OBO Shipping included in prices. Ella's Lead - $15 - 4' leash, heavy bull snap, well used Collar Mania Collars - $20 each Purple and Green - 1.5", Crypton Martingale, opens to 22" Leopard Minky - 1.5", No buckle slide, opens to 20"...