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  1. Keechak

    Human Remains Detection

    Solo is doing well with his HRD training. Took him out today and hid some HR in the wood pile. Showed him his toy, and told him to "Seek" and he got right to work looking around, zero'ed in on the wood pile that was about 10 feet away from him and started sniffing around it. his nose made...
  2. Keechak

    Father and Son

    Solo is 9 months old already, he is looking part adult and part puppy and all in all a little fluffier.
  3. Keechak

    Lark's next litter

    Planing has started for Lark's next litter. At this time this is the top pick for the stud dog. Ch Diamond Aire Total Eclipse OTDdsc DNA-VP "Clipper" He has produced a few litters already with both related and outside bitches, All puppies he has produced have have good bites as well...
  4. Keechak

    Keechak Puppies are 6 months old!

    Time for an update on how all the puppies are looking! First here is Bess, her litter name was Wren. When she was 5 weeks old. And now "Keechak's Singing Wren" Any Here is Tyllie, her litter name was Owl. When she was 5 weeks old. And now "Keechak's Night Owl"
  5. Keechak

    Photo update, Solo's big!

    When did my little boy get so big?
  6. Keechak

    Team Keechak, Jolly Tournament!

    I picked up some super cheap Ruffwear Track Jackets ($3.99 each!) and when they came in the mail I, of course, put them on all of the dogs. I then stated that it looked like they were a sports team, we also bought a 14" hard jolly ball so the Photoshoot was destined!
  7. Keechak

    Just a quick Solo Update

    4.5 months old and starting to look pretty awkward
  8. Keechak

    Solo and Sister

    So Bess (aka Wren) came over to play today and I got a couple shots of her, then later this evening I went out to get some shots of Solo Bess "Keechak's Singing Wren" Solo "Keechak's Millennium Falcon"
  9. Keechak

    Herding Trial brags and photos

    Went out to stock trials this past weekend and we came away with brags! Hawkeye's breeder works him on cattle so I was able to take photos, so someone else had to take photos of the duck and sheep runs I did I'll post those if anyone sends them to me. First on Friday, Hawkeye qualified in...
  10. Keechak

    My Little Aussie Family

    Got some new shots today
  11. Keechak

    Solo in the Fog

    My Little One from today
  12. Keechak

    Solo at 10 weeks!

    Just a quick shot of Solo at 10 weeks old and a video of him playing and me in my PJ's lol I love this puppy! FsqS9hgT838
  13. Keechak

    May the 4th be with you!

    (Han) Solo "Keechak's Millennium Falcon" and I celebrating May the 4th (national Star Wars day) with our Star Wars swag, his storm trooper and I with my Yoda shirt. Solo taking down a Storm Trooper My little smuggler thinks he's top dog! My Scruffy looking, Nerf herder...
  14. Keechak

    Hawk and Lark

    Took Hawk and Lark out for some photos. THROW THE BALL! You heard him! THROW THE BALL! Anything in that muscular little belly there Lark? All I am feeling right now is abs. I step on the ball and he tries to tug it out from under me, it's a fun game we have...
  15. Keechak

    Puppies @Keechak Aussies

    Well yesterday Lark went into season, Merry Christmas! I submitted an appointment request with our vet to get their brucellosis testing done, and we will go from there.
  16. Keechak

    Building my First PC

    Because my laptop is a total piece of crap I decided to start building my own computer. I have been buying parts for about a month now and here is where I am at. Case, AZZA Solano 1000 Power Supply EVGA 750 G2 80+Gold Rated 750watts Mother Board MSI z97 Gaming 5 Solid State Drive...
  17. Keechak

    Big Snow Aussies

    Got about three inches on snow last night, the dogs love it. She recently learned "shake" and she offered it to me to encourage me to throw her frisbee.
  18. Keechak

    I Designed a Couple of T-shirts!

    I spent all day yesterday sketching out, scanning, and then with just a mouse(because apparently my old Wacom 4 graphire tablet is not windows 8 compatible grrrr) and Photoshop Elements 12 I made up these two designs. I hope to use the money from the sales to buy a new Wacom drawing tablet...
  19. Keechak

    English and Australian Shepherds, when did they diverge?

    Thru my years of Studying Aussies I have seen many of the same antique photographs of collie type shepherds being claimed by both the Aussie and English communities. It is my personal belief that for a long time these two breeds shared the same bloodlines, and were the same dogs. Although...
  20. Keechak

    Hawkeye's new Collar

    So the plastic snap on Hawkeye's old collar broke off and what better excuse than that to buy him a fancy new collar. This is 'The All Star" from Karma Collars. Its tricky to photograph a collar on a hairy dog.