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  1. Oko

    Feist's Secret Santa!

    Thank you so much to Ashley, Talon, and Art!! Lovely picking, Feist was soooo happy with everything. <3 Feist, with her glorious box Not sure what this is about, but ripping boxes is always fun! Oooh, there's stuffs in here?! this... OH MY GOSH IT IS (her eyes...
  2. Oko

    So who owns this shindig anyway?

    Me and some other highly prestiged members were talking and realized we have no idea who's the head of this forum. Can anyone shed light on the owner?
  3. Oko

    Secret Santa?

    Is Secret Santa happening this year?? I just realized that the sign ups began around this time for last year's! :popcorn:
  4. Oko

    And now, for something entirely different...

    Okay, not really, but Feist's gotcha day!! Thus a beautiful post commemorating it. First it was small. Now it is tall (and psychotic) it learned tricks and found sticks and made friends and I love it a lot /end :cool:
  5. Oko

    Feist is one year old!

    I've been pretty sporadic in activity on here as of late, but Feist turned one year old on the 17th! It's absolutely crazy that it's been a year since I got an email telling me that my puppy was born, how much has changed. I am so totally in love with this dog to a ridiculous degree. She is so...
  6. Oko

    How lightly does your dog sleep?

    Just curious. Feist is such a light sleeper, even at night. If I twitch she is awake and up and ready to go. Wesley on the other hand, sleeps like the dead. What about your guys? :)
  7. Oko

    Golden Retriever Breeders?

    Hey there, I'm looking for suggestions for Golden Retriever breeders for my Mom. She had a female GR from the time she was 17 up into her late 20s/early 30s, and she's looking at getting another in a couple of years, now that almost all of us kids are grown and gone. She prefers darker/red ones...
  8. Oko

    Ms. Feistburger

    Some recent photos of the lovely lady! She gets called Burger so much she responds to that as well as she does to Feist... She takes her bird watching very super seriously And she adored this turtle stuffed animal and carried it everywhere, until temptation grew to be too much and she...
  9. Oko

    We too can take a family photo

    Sing Together - 17/52 par Feistea, sur Flickr ;)
  10. Oko

    Hilarious dog impersonation video

    v-FNOvU_wdQ :rofl1:
  11. Oko

    Feisty is 8 months old!

    ...well tomorrow. Yes, I have no idea how she got so old or where my itty bitty puppy went. She is an absolute blast, and the sweetest thing ever. And sleeping loose in my bedroom like a little angel?! Love the burger. Pretty girl with her giant tongue on the first hot day we had With my...
  12. Oko

    Let's See Your Best Derp!

    Feist'll get this party started: Now share your best derp photos! :cool:
  13. Oko

    To all the people with border collies puppies...

    I figured I'd give you an idea of what to expect in say, four months. ;) By the time your border collie is six months old, hopefully you will have taught it to lie down. If not, you should probably get on that. We worked on that today. ;) It will also have done so many horrible, death...
  14. Oko

    Small kibbles?

    Hey, we're almost out of that giant batch of food we bought of go! And I was wondering if anybody knew of some good food that had smaller kibbles? Just for ease of training with. It could be grain free or with grains, just as long as it's good quality and not outrageously expensive. Thanks :)
  15. Oko

    Feist is feeling 22!

    Well, Feist is 22 weeks old now and I cannot come up with picture topic titles, so TSwiftie reference tiem. Anyhow. Some of these might have a watermark because I totally know how to use lightroom correctly, meaning I was playing around with the watermark, forgot to turn it off, too lazy to...
  16. Oko

    What's your dog like around food?

    Just curious. Wesley is constantly up in your face whining pitifully if you eat in front of him, and he's the biggest counter surfing / food stealing opportunist I have ever seen. He's like a crocodile hahaha. Feist on the other hand, could not care less about people when they're eating and will...
  17. Oko

    What's your dog's grooming routine like?

    Hey, y'all said I must post a topic if I think of it! This came to me as I was attempting to tame Feist's wild cowlicks on her butt last night, I was just curious as to what kind of upkeep people do for nails/fur? I am pretty pathetically disturbed by shedding, and I hadn't even brushed...
  18. Oko

    In an attempt to be more active...

    Wooo, look, I made a thread! Now have a video of Feist being her adorable self (sent to me while I was away, hahaha): NdwHALH2llA But wait, there's more, here's a picture! That's all, thanks for looking ahaha.
  19. Oko

    Secret Santa Arrived!

    We got our secret santa package in the mail today, Allie was an awesome SS, seriously, we were/are over the moon. :p Not too many pictures I'm afraid, a lot were low quality iphone photos that only made it to FB, because it was so darn dark and Feist is black, it does not make for good...
  20. Oko

    Teething/Chewing suggestions?

    I'm pretty confident Feist has started teething, considering she's begun hardcore chewing on her toys and making sad monkey noises whilst doing so. Does anyone have any suggestions for good things to give her to help the ouchiness?