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  1. Annabell

    Let's See Your Dogs in the Snow!

    Post your favorite photos of your dogs in the snow! It actually snowed in Portland on Sunday, so I got really excited and took a bunch of pictures of my girls. It all melted on Monday, but we certainly enjoyed it while it was here. IMG_1315 by fablethecattledog, on Flickr DSC_0092 by...
  2. Annabell

    New Year, New Dog

    So I adopted a new dog today. I've had her for a week as a foster, but we signed the paperwork this morning to make everything official. She was the first adoption of 2016 at the rescue I volunteer at. She is a 9 month-old tiny heeler-type-thing that weighs about 23 pounds. Her and Fable get...
  3. Annabell

    Differences Between Male/Female Dogs

    What differences do you guys notice between male/female dogs? Which do you prefer and why? I'm just curious because I hear a lot of people say that male dogs are a certain way and females are completely different, and they prefer one over the other for xxx reasons. But I feel like a lot of...
  4. Annabell

    Vote for Fable?

    I would be eternally grateful if you guys would like this photo of Fable on FB...
  5. Annabell

    Atlas the Foster Puppy!

    Atlas came home with me on Friday, and he has been an angel so far. Sleeps through the night in his crate without a peep or an accident, goes potty right when I put him outside, and plays wonderfully with Fable. I started teaching him sit, down, and shake, and he is learning the commands pretty...
  6. Annabell

    What's Your Walking Setup?

    What gear do you use to walk your dogs and why? What have you used before that has failed or that your dog has escaped from? For regular walks, I put a flat collar (because pretty) with her ID tags attached on her, but I attach the leash to a thinner martingale from Earth Dog. Fable has the...
  7. Annabell

    Leather Collars

    What are your guys' favorite leather collars? I have an obsession with nice, beautiful leather collars. I just think they look so great and it's always fun to find one that matches your dog's personality. I absolutely love Karma Collars, and have been floored by their outstanding customer...
  8. Annabell

    How does Your Dog do Around Fireworks?

    With the 4th coming up next weekend, I thought this would be an appropriate topic. Also if your dog despises fireworks, what do you do about it? I've only been through one 4th before with Fable, but she didn't really care about the fireworks. She was more interested in the treats I was...
  9. Annabell

    Fable at the Park

    I took some photos at the park this morning since we had the whole thing to ourselves. Fable is such a patient model and is awesome at posing for the pictures. She did some sitting (or slouching?) DSC_1037 by fablethecattledog, on Flickr And I tried to model this leash on her to send a...
  10. Annabell

    Favorite Backpacks

    What are your guys' favorite backpacks for backpacking? I've gotten really into backpacking this past year and have just been borrowing my school's old North Face Terra 65. I really like that pack, but want to explore all of my options (there are so many!) before I make a purchase. I'm looking...
  11. Annabell

    Does your Dog like Kids?

    Just like the title says! Fable absolutely ADORES kids. It is the sweetest thing ever. And even though she can be pretty shy/aloof with new people (especially men), she will always solicit attention from little kids. There was a little girl at the park a few days ago that loved Fable, and...
  12. Annabell


    These are just some pictures from the last week or so. I've been having so much fun with Fable, especially since I'm able to take her to the dog park now. She really is an awesome dog and it's so much fun to be able to take her anywhere with me. She's getting so good at perching on pretty much...
  13. Annabell

    Building Toy Drive

    How have you guys built toy drive in your dogs? I know some dogs are more inclined to play with toys than others, but just in general. Fable enjoys a game of ball or tug every now and then, but she is never really really into toys like some dogs are. I would absolutely love it if some day I...
  14. Annabell

    Puppy Meet Up!

    We had such a great time this evening with Fable's puppies. Four of them were able to make it (one more than we expected!), 2 of which I had never met and Fable hadn't seen since they were adopted. One of them is super fluffy and has a curly tail and one of them is "full-sized", meaning he...
  15. Annabell

    Happy Gotcha Day, Fable!

    Well today marks exactly one year since I adopted my perfect little ACD mutt. I can't believe it's been this long already- the time really does fly when you're having fun. During our time together, Fable and I have gone on many an adventure and she has really come out of her shell and become the...
  16. Annabell


    So Fable took off on me today after a rabbit, and ended up almost getting hit by a car. We were at the dog park, and she has never done that there before. The thing is is her prey drive is so strong that if she does see a squirrel/cat/mouse/rabbit, she's just gone. If no small animal is in...
  17. Annabell

    Vegetarian Cooking

    Anybody have any good vegetarian recipes that you love? I love cooking, but I'm fresh out of ideas for what to make for dinner. I'm game for anything, but the more cheese the better. :D
  18. Annabell

    Clumping Kitty Litter Suggestions

    Do any of you guys know of a clumping (doesn't have to be clay) litter that masks the cat feces/urine scent well? I would prefer if it is not scented, or at least not heavily scented. Jazmin's litter box smells horrendous, and I am attributing it to the most recent bag of litter I purchased...
  19. Annabell

    Your Dog's Favorite Thing in the World. EVER.

    What makes your dogs go crazy? Is it a toy or a certain treat? Or do they love doing something so much their brains melt? And what do they despise and wish to never see/do again?
  20. Annabell

    Instagram for Dogs and Pet Store Discount Code

    Super exciting news, guys! I was contacted by Great Lakes Pet Shop through Instagram to become partners with them. GLPS is a small Michigan-based company that sells handmade collars, leashes, harnesses, gentle leaders, cat collars, bandanas, and ID tags. They are able to do custom orders and...