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    A seriously hard hit
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    Raptor update- working video

    Very nice and balanced pup.
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    At the top of the list of things I don't need...

    New wood floors but I have been told that we need them.
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    Agility training

    I always wondered why do the handlers run and scream in agility, can the dog be directed from a stationery position?
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    Eagle's Nest Open Space Hike.

    Colorado is gods country, I firmly believe. A 7mm mag works very well in the open range there.
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    Your Food Weaknesses

    Meat cooked with minimum ingredients, bread and alcohol to go with it followed by a great desert and a smoke.
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    The Good News thread

    My good news is us (Gnash n I) getting invited to join a PSA club. I wanted to get experience in a different venue after we achieved out Schutzhund goals. Tried out at our only PSA club within a few hundred miles and Gnash had a blast on full body suit, the training director invited us to join...
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    Healthy lunch, protein shakes etc?

    A freshly grilled beef burger with cheese and tater tots is one hell of a lunch. Indian food buffet is another but I keep it limited to once or twice a week. A shake afterwards settles things down.
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    To breed or not to breed

    My older male became the male gigolo, people pay me to breed to him. He's got 2 breedings lined up this winter, what am I to do?
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    Gnash relaxing after some hard work

    Hot and humid today even at sunrise, gave the dogs a nice cool down swim after tracking, OB and bitework. They are sound asleep right now, tomorrow is another hard working day for them. Some water fetch games Just goofing around...
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    Do you threaten your dog?

    Very interesting and funny thread, I love the threats. In reality though we should never threaten the dog as it is a gray area. Dogs like clear communication so praise/reward they understand, a correction they understand (if taught properly), threats they might ignore or not understand so they...
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    Does your dog like the vet's office?

    Both of mine love it, I made it a game from day one and now they actually get all excited/happy to go in there and jump up on the exam table!
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    Raising children, how do you do it?

    I find that keeping them busy by giving em a job works wonders. Here is my son working, Cleaning up the mess he created Learned to catch his own food!
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    What makes your dog bark?

    This was posted by an imposter! BAN HIM.
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    Reason for banning?

    Yee, thanks mods I can login as bitme. Now everyone stand back and do not push any buttons (for a bit) :D
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    How far do you/would travel...

    30-40 minutes each way, 3-5 times a week. It's a blast:cool:
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    Attention all Schutzhund/working dog owners.

    I'd recommend to tie her tug toy on a rope or 6 foot line, this way you are connected to her when she tugs and with simple wrist movement you can keep the toy "alive" and keep her interest. First just side to side movement full 6 feet away. Build her drive and trust this way (distance from you...
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    Music that makes you instantly in a good mood

    Studio 7 (the 10 is now available!!!)
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    Got Engaged - Wedding Cruises?

    I think about stuff too when Gnash behaves in a similar fashion, Gnash reads my mind and gives me the one paw salute from far away :rofl1: Big congrats again, we need to setup a PARTY with hookah n stuff soon (like next w-end!)
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    Got Engaged - Wedding Cruises?

    Huge congrats, you 2 make the perfect couple. Gotta hand it to Jason, pretty nifty move there with the sketch and all! I'd recommend Cabo San Lucas, fly in, get married at a resort (Hilton is super), book a day charter for Marlin fishing, go kayaking another day, dive another.