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    LH Whippet vs Silken vs Borderwhippet

    I've read some old threads and learned Silken Windhounds are small Borzoi, and Long Haired Whippets are... long haired Whippets. :eek: How do they compare to a Borderwhippet? I find them all extremely attractive dogs, and I've met a couple Whippets over the years that were just really cool dogs...
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    Eureka Raw Food

    Anyone heard of it? Fat content seems crazy high. But it would be easy to feed and I might be able to get it locally.
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    Best Foods at Petco

    What are the best foods at Petco? I'm looking right now at Merrick, Blue Buffalo, and Castor & Pollux. Feeding one 40 pound moderately active dog. Currently on Acana, he's been on TOTW in the past. He was on Native in the past but it trashed his coat. No known sensitivities. I'd prefer...
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    Joining Video Files

    I have several video files I want to merge into one file, one right after the other. They're all from the same source, so same framerate, resolution, all that is the same. Apparently this is a super hard task, I've googled pretty thoroughly and can't find an easy, reputable answer. I've done it...
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    Vibram Bad Oder

    Maybe this is an indelicate question, but this is where most of the Vibram wearers I know are! Do any of you that wear Vibrams, do your shoes ever get just an ungodly oder? I had to throw mine out it got so bad. I wore Komodo Sports as my every day shoe and they got wet a lot. That's kind of...
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    Kayce Cover's Bridge and Target

    Anyone have any experience with it? I've got a book about it I'm just getting around to reading. It's a little ~woo~ for me, but I'm kind of intrigued. The idea of two-way communication is very intriguing.
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    Horse Training & Dogs

    I'm looking for basic, normal, non-gimmicky horse training. English, I guess, if that makes a difference? Free on the internet is a definite plus. Okay, it's a requirement. I'm not buying anything when I don't actually own a horse. Secondary, if you've trained a horse(s) AND you also clicker...
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    Bigger Dogs Doing Handstands

    I've done the first steps of teaching Marsh to do a handstand. He'll look for things to put his back feet on (this looks -really- funny when there's nothing there), and it would be pretty straightforward to get him on a wall and wean off the wall. He's about 40 pounds though. I'm concerned he's...
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    Shade Whitesel

    I am 90% sure I am going to the Shade Whitesel seminar at Posidog at the end of the month. Is anyone else?
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    DIY Training Platforms

    I want to build some platforms because I haven't found anything that meets my needs and isn't prohibitively expensive. I'm a little unsure about how to go about it and was hoping you all could help me brainstorm. Here's what I need: - aprox 18" x 24" x 3" - won't slide on variable surfaces...
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    Online Field Foundation Class

    Marsh and I are officially signed up for Thomas Stokke's online field trial foundations class! I can't wait a whole month until we start. :) Maybe Wisconsin will have a geography crisis in the meantime and take all the snow away so I feel...
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    Collar Color for Duck Toller

    Marsh needs a tagless collar. I've bought from Gun Dog Supply before, and they'll give a free id plate with the collar. Plus, they're cheap. :p I'm open to suggestions, my only requirements are that it be waterproof and be able to put id info on the collar, no tags. Orange is the front...
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    When did you go from 6 to 12 weave poles?

    Marsh is weaving 6 weave poles on a competition base pretty solidly. Solidly enough that I feel comfortable raising criteria to 2 sets of six poles (we are training via the 2x2 method). I have two agility trials planned for this year: One in two weeks at our home club where he practices every...
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    Two Hours to First Agility Trial

    ... and surprisingly, I'm not really nervous. We have one run in NADAC Tunnelers, depending on how tonight goes we might go back on Sunday for another go at Tunnelers and Jumpers. Are we ready? Not even a little bit. Do I desperately want to qualify and come home with all of the ribbons...
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    Contacts and Names

    Marsh and I had our first private agility lesson and it was fantastic! :hail::hail::hail: I have homework to do and when Marsh has 6 weave poles and a solid contact behavior I'm going to schedule another one. I loved working with her, she's an AKC judge and was recommended to me from a friend...
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    From Lure to Offered Behavior

    I've built myself a lure trap... I have been teaching Marsh to sit up and beg ("stick 'em up!") and if I have a treat in my hand he can sit up and nibble at it for a couple of seconds, if I just use a hand signal he can sit up for a second, but if I don't use a hand signal at all he can't...
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    The AKC Ruins Breeds

    Zoom, I hope you don't mind that I quoted this, I don't mean to call you out or anything. But it's illustrative of thinking I hear fairly often, and I'm curious about the details behind it. It's certainly not news that many breeds, upon recognition by the AKC, change. Often there is a loss of...
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    Dog Stuff to Build

    I picked up some trash wood from school today (they're remodeling the cafeteria) with the intention of building something but now I'm at a bit of a loss as to what. I know I will be making a sit box for sure, and probably a practice contact plank, but I shoved kind of a lot of it in my car...
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    Agility Run Throughs

    My club offers agility practice runs in the summer, and tonight I'm taking Marsh! I've been through agility classes with Gatsby, and Marsh has apparently had at least some work done with him because he knows to take jumps in his path. But with me he's had nothing except a little work with 2x2...
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    Obstacle Height

    When introducing obstacles, the classes I've been in have always started with them lower than full trial height. How fast or slowly do you raise them? Lower is safer, obviously, and is also lower criteria. But I'm wondering if getting them up to full height quicker (as long as the dog can...