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    What is the worst name you've ever heard?

    Afriend named her dog Ugly. Which is the honestly a good fit as the dog is just that. hahah
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    Your Dog(s) and Hugs

    Animal loves hugs from EVERYONE. Dash is pretty neutral about hugs..he'll accept one but he could live without. Blue is neutral as well.
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    Do your dogs provide security?

    And I, you! I was shocked at how many people are on here.
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    Do your dogs provide security?

    YES. BCs are useless but my Mal...well, he's my Mal and I feel 110% safe with him.
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    Talk me off the puppy ledge!

    I am not one to talk anyone off the puppy ledge...I'm usually the one who leads others to it! :) When I'm feeling the pull, I usually tell the breeder about my plans and that I would like to be on the list. With all my dogs I have felt connection with them upon seeing photos. It's not based...
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    Shows That Make You Geek Out

    Outlander and Game of Thrones. I've read GoT so I know what happens but somehow the show still seems to capture me and leave me with that "What's happening next?!" feeling.
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    Official 2015 Fitness Challenge

    Hi! 2015 was my year to make my fitness goals a reality. Instead of trying to lose weight, I have been working on gaining weight. I work with a trainer 4x a week and so far (8wks in) I have gained 8lbs of muscle. I lift heavy weights and track my macros on MFP. It's been life changing and...
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    Bra question for the ladies

    I have big breasts and I always wear pasties. :)
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    How much would you spend?

    Knowing what i know now, I wouldn't pay much more than $50. I took that class and continued onto CGC with my BC as he needed the socialization. But he really didn't get much out of it and neither did I.
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    Training classes

    You should have several things that you would like the class to accomplish by the end, but also know that each person will progress at a different level. I've been to several (Agility) classes that are so cookie cutter it just drives me insane. Like the poster above said, you should know how...
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    Would you or wouldn't you?

    Like others have said, I'd go and watch a class first before making any decisions. :)
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    Dont put your puppy in a cargo hold!!!

    I've flown 3 different pups via cargo and all were perfectly fine. Each was 8wks old and honestly, not a single one wet/defecated in their crate. All came out of their crate tugging and just happy as can be.
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    Do your dogs hang out outside alone?

    One of my BCs and our old Lab like to hang out outside by themselves. They generally just sunbathe.
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    New Member

    Hi All! My name is Brit and I've been a lurker for some months now. I do recognize some of you from the agility world. ;) I live in California with my pack. I have several BCs, a Mal and a Lab. My BCs are working dogs and help out on the ranch. Several also compete in agility. My Mal is...