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    Breeders and Registered Names

    Sometime this coming spring, I'm going to be getting a new show puppy. In a Facebook group I'm in, I posted asking for suggestions on registered names to go along with the call name Banjo. This will be the second dog I'm getting from this particular breeder and the only breeder I've even gotten...
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    Bald Spot/Thin Hair

    Last year Pirate got this bald spot on his head. I put NuStock on it and the hair grew back, no problem. Found out his littermate brother also had this issue but his breed thought it was because he scraped his head on his dog house. His brother's spot hasn't come back. This picture is from...
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    No Name Puppy

    No Name puppy came home yesterday. She's almost 4 months old. She wasn't really planned. I was looking for a standard poodle. A woman going through cancer treatment had her and realized that she was sicker than she thought and just couldn't take care of the puppy anymore. She's had her since she...
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    Lyra and the Puppies

    It's been a long time since I've made my way to this site. I had an email notification from an old thread pop up and decided to come snoop around. lol I want to introduce my foster dog Lyra. On November 7, she had six little babies. They'll be 7 weeks old this coming Friday. Mom looks like a...
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    The Dog Rescuer

    Has anyone ever heard of or dealt with The Dog Rescuer located in Antwerp, OH? They have a dog that I'm interested in listed on Petfinder. I put in an application for her (despite the fact that I'm not really looking for another dog) but it just seems weird. Their application listed on petfinder...
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    CAT Pics & Some Others

    I took Bayleigh to her first CAT June 21 and she earned her first leg toward her CA title. I was so proud of her. She didn't do to bad being that it was her first time seeing the lure. However, she only passed the first of three runs. She was getting distracted and not liking being so far from...
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    Luxating Patella

    I'm concerned that Penny may have a luxating patella. For those who don't know, she's a 1 year old Yorkshire Terrier. We'll be heading to the vet in a couple weeks for HW tests and I'll have the vet check her then. In the meantime, if she does have them, or at least one (left rear), what...
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    Coursing Ability Tests

    I registered Bayleigh with Canine Partners for the sole purpose of doing coursing ability tests. There is an event April 11, pre-registering ends on April 4, no day of event registering. I'm so torn. I know she will love it BUT the course is not fenced in. That makes me nervous. I heard that...
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    Penny's PAL Name

    If all goes well, I'll be making my way to a few coursing ability tests in the coming months. I've already registered Bayleigh but Penny will be about two weeks to young to try the one in April, so I've waited on her. I found an event in OH a couple weeks later that I'd like to take both dogs to...
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    Any Computer Smart People? Help!?

    My computer will not load Facebook anymore. I've tried to open it with IE and Chrome. Sometimes it will load the first half of the page and then freeze. I can't get the mouse to click on anything either. Facebook works fine on the mobile version on the computer and my phone. The FB app on my...
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    Thank you Plottmom! SS Pictures

    "For us?" Penny had so much fun! They were tugging with this little wubba before I could even get it out of the package! Videos of this destruction to come. Having sooooo much fun! Also having loads of fun! *more*
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    I think this is the correct section to post this. If not, sorry, feel free to move. Pirate has never pottied in the house. Even as a puppy, he was magically house trained when I got him at 9 weeks old. He just turned 18 months old and he's started marking things in the house. I've been...
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    Em's Mother, Sadie

    I found out tonight that Em's mother died a few days ago. She was approx 13 years old. My uncle had her euthanized because she had cancer. I don't know what kind, I didn't even know she had it. He's having a really tough time. Sadie was my favorite of Em's parents. I offered to take her many...
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    Are You My Mother?

    Penny met her real mother today. :rofl1: Ok, I'm kidding but she's obsessed with this mop! She's been laying on it since it's been sitting there.
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    The other day, Penny was spayed. While at the vet, I asked how much a microchip would cost me. I was quoted a crazy high price. I'm used to paying no more than $18 for microchips and I've paid as low as $10 including registration before. So, I started researching local shelters and vets to...
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    Fall Photos - A couple of everyone.

    I just wanted to share some photos from the last few days. We've been having a lot of fun! The pups enjoyed destroying poor Jack. lol Miss Destiny May. 12 years old now. I cannot believe it! My baby Possum! Possum the Border Kitty. lol A friend on Facebook gave him...
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    AADR Nationals

    This past weekend we drove up to Chelsea, MI for the AADR nationals. It was our first AADR event and I wasn't sure what to expect. I heard that it would be a lot more laid back than what I was used to in ADBA with a lot less politics. What I found was just that. There wasn't a huge turnout but...
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    Puppy's first Photo Shoot

    Took the baby on her first real photo shoot. She did so well! She's still nameless but we've been calling her a mix of Pepper, Leia, and Penny. We just can't decide.
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    Puppy Name Ideas

    I posted a couple pictures of her in the 2013 puppy thread. I've been looking on and off for a Yorkie puppy for a long time now. I originally wanted to go the rescue/shelter route but couldn't find anything I liked and when I did, they wouldn't adopt to me because I own an intact dog. I...
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    Before and After

    Everyone say it together, "Aww!" lol I cannot look at this without squealing. I have some cute puppies!