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    Louise (& my black GSD)

    After a 12 hour round trip Louise is home and settled in Lou and Nika Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its gonna get me! Nika kisses Louise Looking bewdiful What say you??
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    New pup

    I am picking up my new German shep pup tomorrow. I am excited. Her name is VomSS Louise, a lovely sable girl! Pics onces shes home and settled!
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    2.5ft Kribensis tank

    :) Home to a male and 2 new female kribs (1 female is colouring up beautifully, once they pair up the other female will be removed), 4 platy females and some cherry shrimp
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    Goldie tank

    FTS The fantail is quick and i cannot get a clear individual pic of it (need better lighting) The 2 ryukin
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    Betta tank

    I pick up my new betta boy tomorrow. This is where he is going to live. There are some cherry shrimp in there currently, he will either leave alone or have some yummy snackage *L*
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    5ft cichlid tank

    My display cichlid tank Currently housing Maingano breeding colony 2 Clown loaches 1 female BN (she will be moving out once i catch her *L*) Adding tomorrow 3 Clown loaches 1 male BN
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    4ft planted

    1 of my planted display tanks Currently stocked with 1 RTBS 1 platy 1 neon 1 rummynose Tomorrow to be added 2 male Kribensis 1 Blue Gourami 5 Pearl Gouramis (breeding pair and fry) 4 Rosy Barbs 3-4 Glowlight Tetras 2 male Common Bristlenose 5 Zebra Danios (spawned...
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    2.5ft planted tank

    I decided to setup another tank, done 11th Dec 2011. It is still a bit cloudy from setup as filtration hasnt been added as yet, canister should be on it today (adding media from another filter to give it a kickstart) Still a work in progress, so will develop some more yet. Feel free to...
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    4ft planted fishtank

    I hope its ok to post this here. I have a few fishtanks, anyone else? 4ft - setup in Oct 2011
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    A Sunrise & some Sunsets

    Yesterdays Sunrise..... Sunsets These were taken out the window of a car doing 100klm, so a bit of blur
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    My Shepherd

    My gorgeous Nika, she is a purebred black longcoat GSD :)
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    New member

    Hiya from Australia :) I currently have the 1 dog, Nika, a black longcoat GSD. She is my baby girl and i love her to bits. Looking forward to getting to know people around here :)